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50 + Wedding Gift Ideas – The Ultimate List

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Weddings are important events that get remembered and talked about for years to come. It’s a one in a lifetime gathering of friends and family and it’s understandable that any bride and groom would want it to be special. But weddings are not only for the happy couple to stand out as guests have their own important role to play. Imagine the newlyweds opening your gift after getting home and being overwhelmed by joy and gratitude.

Cake stand

This list of 50+ wedding gift ideas has the purpose of helping you choose the best gift and get remembered as that one friend who always stands out.

1. Picnic Backpack

It`s perfect for those long romantic getaways in the countryside, sitting on a blanket and sipping wine.

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2. Romantic Candles

Candles are a perfect gift for almost any occasion. This 12-set candle box is sure to keep the couple company during their evenings or family dinners.

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3. Designer Cupcake and High Tea Stand

This is a great and stylish stand to any cozy home, especially suitable for tea lovers.

Antho is our lace high tea stand in a pretty metal design with two glass elevations in turtledove cream colour adorned with our delicate Vivace pattern.

AnnaVasily Luxury High Tea Stands / / CC BY

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4. Doormat

Every home needs to have a classy doormat. Help the newlyweds greet their guests in style.

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5. Champagne Glasses

No home is complete without having at least one set of beautiful champagne glasses.

Gold champagne flutes to toast at your NYE party.

Champagne Flutes for NYE – The Gaby Set

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6. Matching Camping Mugs

A perfect gift for a couple that likes to go camping, drinking hot coffee or tea by a campfire.

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7. Slow Cooker

Not the most romantic gift, but definitely a very practical and convenient one.

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8. Kettle

A perfect addition to the kitchen supplies, especially if the family is moving into a new home.

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9. Ice Tea Maker

An item that is sure to be of use in the hot summer days.

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10. 2-Compartment Laundry Basket

This is perhaps one of the most usable gifts when you start living together with another person.

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11. White Goose Feather Blanket

This hypoallergenic blanket is sure to stimulate a cuddling effect and make getting out of bed extremely difficult.

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12. Minimalistic Coffee Table

It`s a great addition to any home, especially for people who love Scandinavian minimalism.

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13. Bluetooth Vinyl Player

Perfect for any couple that loves listening to music – this vinyl player is an instant mood enhancer.

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14. Puzzle Coasters

It`s a great way for the couple to show how well they fit together, no pun intended.

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15. Rolling Pin

Has a dual use, for when the bride feels like making pizza, or for when her husband irritates her.

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16. Three Piece Suitcase Set

There is a suitcase for every travel occasion, from a honeymoon to a weekend getaway.

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17. Minimalistic Dining Table

Not an easy present to pack, but certainly a very useful one.

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18. Matching Robes

Matching items always make for great wedding presents.

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19. Customized Wedding Clock

A great reminder of the happy day that the couple are sure to look at every day.

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20. Wooden Wine Carrier

Even when it`s not being used according to purpose it makes for a great decorative piece.

*empty line*

21. Wine Tool Kit

The young family will be prepared for any wine-related occasion.

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22. Triple Picture Frame

Help the family eternalize its happy memories. The double sided triple frame is perfect for holding more than one photo from the same occasion.

*empty line*

23. Fluffy Bath Towels

The newlyweds will think of you every time they use this soft and luxurious towel.

*empty line*

24. Luxurious Bed Sheets

These Egyptian cotton sheets with satin elements will transform any bed into slumber heaven.

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25. Elaborate Chess Set

What happens when the family has a disagreement? They solve it with a game of chess of course.

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26. Velvet Armchair

The perfect gift for when you want to outshine the other guests. Imagine it standing next to the other presents.

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27. Cocktail Party Set

Ideal for when the highlife guests come. Or just for classing the place up.

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28. Night Lamp

Looks great on a nightstand but it’s also perfect for any couple that likes to read before going to sleep.

*empty line*

29. Yacht Trip

Don’t limit your gift options to items only. A classy yacht trip can be an unforgettable experience.

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30. SPA Voucher

What better way to cure the hangover of the wedding than with a nice day at the spa?

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31. Wireless Headphones

Sometimes couples have differences when it comes to choosing what to watch or listen to. With these wireless headphones both can do their own thing.

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32. Sophisticated Globe

Help the young family keep track of its travels around the world in style.

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33. Matching Set of Vases

It’s certainly great for holding all the flowers after the wedding, but also convenient for further use.

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34. Charcoal Grill

Grilling and barbecue are great ways to stimulate a fun family gathering and make loads of great memories together.

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35. Chopping Kitchen Robot

Be a good friend and spare the couple the pain of cutting onions with a knife.

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36. State-of-the-art Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is an extremely useful addition to any kitchen and makes cooking so easy.

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37. Automated Coffee Brewer

Starting the day together with a cup of hot coffee is one of the cornerstones of a happy family.

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38. Cooking Course Voucher

An intro course to cooking can be both a helpful and entertaining activity.

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39. Recipe Book

Anything related to preparing food is always well received, especially if the young bride needs some guidance in the kitchen.

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40. Electric Kettle

If not you then some other guest would surely choose tea cups as a gift, and this is the perfect addition.

*empty line*

41. Instant Camera

The perfect device for making those happy family times last an eternity.

*empty line*

42. Kitchen Utensils Set

A must have for any new family.

*empty line*

43. Board Games

Board games can be extremely fun to play with your spouse.

*empty line*

44. Double Hammock

What’s better than relaxing with your significant other in a nice comfy hammock? Just make sure that they have enough room for it.

*empty line*

45. Candleholder

Sometimes the simplest present can be the most suitable one.

white charger plates - mismatched dinner set- christmas in july

white charger plates – mismatched dinner set- christmas in july

*empty line*

46. Wifey and Hubby Sweaters

Who doesn’t love a cute couple with matching outfits.

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47. A Console Game

For those relaxing nights when there is nothing good on TV.

*empty line*

48. Waffle Maker

Puffy waffles for a nice breakfast in bed.

*empty line*

49. Toaster and Oven Combo

It`s another great addition to the breakfast arsenal.

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50. Casper Mattress

Give the newlyweds the gift of comfortable sleep, they’re certain to thank you later.

*empty line*

51. Porch Swing

This is the perfect centerpiece of any dream home patio.

*empty line*

52. Spice Rack

It`s a must-have for any aspiring housewife.

*empty line*

53. An Airline Gift Card

Set the newlyweds to their next adventure.

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Gifts, Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts!

We hope that you’ve found the list helpful and found the idea you`ve been looking for. Hopefully you’re now prepared with gift ideas for many weddings to come and can even share your knowledge with others. Please feel free to leave us a comment and share your opinions and ideas.

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