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A Donut Display For A Girls Donut Day Party!

Donut display on cake stands for donut day party

All you really need in life is love, friendship, donuts and a donut display! Enjoy a sophisticated and mesmerizing atmosphere in the company of your best girlfriends on Donut Day, while surrounded by an elegant dessert display. Explore the breathtaking selection of platters, plates and cake stands which will help you create a stunning atmosphere within your home on Donut Day! Enjoy a day filled with unforgettable memories and delicious donuts with tons of sprinkles. Donut worry, just be happy!

Donut display on Heme - the white round donut platter for donut day
Pistachio donut display on blue tray Selen for donut day.
Donut display on a glass tray with bronze handles with strawberry donuts.
Donut display on Diana glass tray with bronze handle for donut day.
Donut display on the white Kelly dinner plate.
Donut display of chocolate donuts on Harmo white cake stand for donut day,

Donut Display on Sophisticated Platters

Donut Day is coming up and there is nothing better than freshly made donuts which are shared with friends. Become an amazing Donut Day party hostess with a selection of platters for a mesmerizing donut display! Heme, Selen and Diana are the perfect choices to display your scrumptious donuts in an exciting and unforgettable way.

Heme is a lovely serving platter which is 39 cm in diameter and comes in a gentle cream colour with our charming Vivace pattern. In the middle of Heme you can find a small bowl which can be used for jams or Nutella, for the perfect addition to your donut party!

Selen is a breathtaking round ribbed serving platter which comes in a deep night blue colour with a hole in the middle. This gorgeous plate is 35 cm in diameter and is adorned with our signature Vivace pattern.

Diana is a stylish pearly white platter with a bronze handle in the middle, adorned with our royal Filigree pattern. This mesmerizing platter is 35.5 cm in diameter and is absolutely perfect for any food presentation including desserts, cheeses and appetizers. Leave your girlfriends speechless with an elegant donut presentation on Donut Day and enjoy catching up in the midst of your incredible tableware!

A Lovely Serving Tray for an Unforgettable Donut Day With Friends

When hosting an unforgettable Donut Day you will surely need some sprinkles. Let Sali be the sprinkles to your donuts with its charming and sophisticated nature. Sali is an astonishing large serving tray which comes in a cream colour and our floral Chrysanthemum pattern. This amazing serving tray is adorned with bronze hand-polished handles and is 43 cm in diameter. Add a sense of chic and poise to your next gathering and enjoy a day filled with laughter, donuts and cherished memories!

A Touch of Poise With Elegant Dinner Plates To Display Colourful  Donuts

There is nothing better than catching up with old friends! Leave a stunning impression and be a gracious host by presenting tasty donuts on the lovely dinner plate, Kelly. Kelly is a large round plate with a gently raised rim which comes in our Venetian Filigree pattern in pearly white! This breathtaking plate is 29 cm in diameter and will create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere within your home on Donut Day!


Mesmerizing Donut Presentation With a Unique Cake Stand

Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need! Make your life a little sweeter and transform into a Donut Day party hostess with Harmo, a unique donut display cake stand. Harmo is a cake stand in pearly white and our signature Venetian Filigree pattern on a hand-polished bronze pedestal. This lovely cake stand is 35 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height. Show your exquisite taste and enjoy your amazing party with the help of Harmo.


Enjoy a lovely Donut Day party in the company of your best girlfriends while surrounded by sophisticated tableware and charming donut displays.

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