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Help and FAQ


Who is Anna

15 years ago, Anna started MyGlassStudio, a company that collaborated with a heaven of the fine dining industry stars (such as Gordon Ramsay and Alain Ducasse) earning her experience and reputation in the art of fashioning a bespoke “gift box” for the meal. In the Food and Beverage industry, her company stands out as a leader in bespoke dinnerware design and has adorned some of most unique hotels and restaurants around the world. Hotels such as the Ritz in Paris, the Savoy in London or the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, have all staged memorable experiences with her objects allowing their customers to cherish, protect and adore their restaurants. Learn More Anna is now launching a home accessory collection under her name: AnnaVasily. Made with love, her objects create those magic touches that make a house, a home: we call it “Magic in the Making”.

At AnnaVasily we take pleasure in the magic of creating unique home accessories for your most memorable events! We want to turn your dinner party or girlfriend gathering into an unforgettable celebration to be treasured and hushed over for a long time. Your gifts will be gifts that keep on giving. Your dinnerware will make special guests feel truly special. Your high tea stand will be a temple for desserts worthy of worship. AnnaVasily will revamp your castle, inspire your guests; show them how much you care. It’s going to be your little secret. It’s a secret because AnnaVasily is only available online.

How many ways to shop?

Shop by Inspiration! Get inspired by our editorials on table decoration for unique occasions and events! Adorn the moments with creativity and style. Shop by Mood! Browse through your favourite colour tones and shop till you drop! Shop by Category. Find sophisticated table accessories that perfectly fit your style! Make a gift that keeps on giving, a gift that will last a lifetime.

What is Your LoveList?

Your LoveList is your wish list where your personalised objects of desire live, your personal space, your private, exclusive boutique.

  • Visit your LoveList to browse the assortment we have singled out for you based on the result of your Style Quiz, while you were signed in.
  • Visit your Lovelist to review accessories you have hand-picked from the shop and gathered them in your Lovelist.

Who is your stylist?

Your stylist will show you the ABC’s of what fits your personality best and you will get to pick what you wish. Her style tips will keep you refined with what’s the darling in dinnerware and home accessories, so that you can plate them with sophistication and for any occasion.

Do you charge an “entrance” fee?

Browsing and shopping at AnnaVasily is free of any fees. Just create an account and get all the privileges.

Can I cancel my account?

Of course, but before you kiss your account goodbye, remember that you are never required to buy anything. If you see fit to close your account, you may do so at any time and there is no cancellation fee. Please call our Client Services team at 1-300-475-178 Monday-Friday 11am-11pm EST, excluding official holidays.

I’m unable to login in my account.

Most probably you have either forgotten your password or your username. Both will be sent to your email if you click on the “Forgot my Password” link.

I want to receive emails with the latest from AnnaVasily.

We’re happy to deliver! Simply go to My Account>Account Details>Email Preferences and click Subscribe and you’re all set! You can change your email preferences at any time.

How can I unsubscribe from Emails?

Just go to My Account>Account Details>Email Preferences and update your email preferences. But be careful! You are going to be missing the magic if we cannot notify you about our latest special offers and editorials.

How do I update my email or my phone number?

Just go to My Account>Account Details>Shipping & Billing and update your email or phone number. Remember, a valid mobile phone number is necessary in order to inform you about your order processing through SMS.

Can I access AnnaVasily from my phone?

Yes! We have an easy-to-use mobile site that is compatible to iPhone and Android handsets, so you can stay tunned. To access your mobile showroom, simply visit from your handset—if you’re using an iPhone or Android device.


Are the products offered exclusive?

Yes! All home accessories we place at your disposal are exclusively found on our website and a few carefully selected ones.

What collections do you carry?

AnnaVasily home accessory collection is crafted from the heart. We are able to maintain world-class quality and spoil you with charming ideas that will help you host awesome parties. Besides, our collections vary from season to season, based on upcoming events, what our guests love most and which is the vogue in colour coordination and food presentations. Now you can kiss your boring dinnerware goodbye!

Quality superbness?

We make sure our products meet incontestable standards of quality. Anna’s 15 years of experience in global fine dining and her cooperation with the most famous and demanding luxury hotels and restaurants around the world is our testimony of quality: 15 years of delivering Instruments for Professional Use.

How do I take care of my AnnaVasily accessories?

Welcome to our world and enjoy your new unique AnnaVasily experience!
AnnaVasily is here to add some sparkle to your home events! We handcraft all of our home accessories with so much love, to make your home a little kingdom to enjoy! With our team of stylists and our quality expertise, we aim at offering you exceptional designs to be used with delight, every single moment of the day!
Professionals all over the world have experienced our unique dinnerware. All AnnaVasily home accessories are made by hand, fashioned with a spark of creativity and a score in excellence.
These are the Do’s and Don’ts of taking care of your AnnaVasily accessories.

Washing and Cleaning of dinnerware

At AnnaVasily, colours are certified for a minimum of 1000 dish-washing sessions. AnnaVasily dinnerware can be washed in dishwashers at a temperature up to 203F(95C). Nevertheless, you can extend the life and the vitality of colours by selecting dishwasher cycles of max 140F (60C). Please be aware however, that the result also depends on the rinsing programs, type of dishwashing detergents and water quality.

Bonded accessories (accessories that are made up from bonding glass to metal or glass to glass) should be cared for in a tender manner. Such products come with a sticker “hand-wash only”. AnnaVasily bonded accessories should only be hand-washed in combination with mild detergents and in lukewarm water. Please note that we recommend cleaning your champagne glasses by hand as well.

Metal parts (AnnaVasily accessory parts that are purely made of metal and are not bonded to another part) should not be immersed in water. To clean them, please use a damp cloth in combination with mild detergents.

Acid Resistance of dinnerware

All AnnaVasily accessories’ colours are acid resistant. That is, colours are resistant to attacks by acids that contain up to 4% citric acid. Such acids are naturally contained in your recipes through nutrients such as lemon, vinegar, passion fruit etc.

Scratch resistance of dinnerware

Silverware will not harm AnnaVasily dinnerware.

Stainless steel cutlery contains carbon in order to increase the hardness of the metal. Depending on the manufacturer, this hardness falls between 40% to 52% on the Rockwell Hardness scale (the carbon contained in Japanese cutting knives or kitchen knives is 52%) and some colours might be inscribed by it. In cases where the hardness of the metal exceeds that of the colour, it is possible that “pencil marks” appear on the surface of your plate. To remove them, rub the marks with alcohol.

Preheating of dinnerware

When preheating your plates, it is preferable to do so without food. Warm up your plate at 158F (70C), plate your dish and present it to your guests holding it with a cloth napkin.

Warming food with our dinnerware

AnnaVasily dinnerware can be heated in a microwave oven and kept in it at maximum 800W, up to 10 minutes. Accessories with metallic colours (such as Dark Doe Brown) make an exception to this rule and we recommend not to use them in microwave ovens. Never use our dinnerware in grills. Direct contact with fire will cause breakage.

Taking Care of Metal parts

Although all of our high tea and cake stands on a metal base are created especially to fit your afternoon tea table, they may have some features that need to be paid closer attention to. Be careful when dragging your AnnaVasily metal accessory on a wooden surface, as this may result in an undesired surface scratching.

Which is the ABC’s of our Accessories?

Our home accessories are made by hand. Therefore, final creation may result in minor differences in size, form or colour from the sample or photo.

Measurements and Weight

Measurements of the products are spelt out in the Product page (Description, Specifications). There, you can check the external measurements of the product (diameter if round, external length and width if not round, height and weight). Keep in mind, however, that because our objects are handmade, we have a +- 2 millimetres allowance in the external dimension and a +-2 centimetres in the height (with regards to products that are higher than 15cm – metal parts will not vary in dimensions).

In case you have trouble understanding measurements, we have also an image of the product together with a fork as a “measuring tool” (in the Product page), which can help you visualise sizes better. It is an image that compares your product to an average real size fork.


Products are sold in packages of multiple items or pieces. The number of items per package depends on the product and varies between 1 to 6 pieces. Prices are shown per package. Quantity is shown both in the product page and the cart. Quantity discounts may apply according to the quantity of packages purchased.


Our home accessories are made by hand. Therefore, our creation practice may result in minor differences in colour.
All colours are non-toxic (Lead and Cadmium free) and safe for use with food. Colours are fired and fused into the glass (they do not flake during dishwashing). They withstand scratches from steel cutlery 52% on the Rockwell Hardness scale or 6 on the Mohs scale (Cr/Ni plated cutlery). All colours are acid resistant and will not blur or fade when in contact with food ingredients that contain citric acid below 4% (vinegar, lemon etc).

Which are the discounts and perks available?

  • Get ready to walk on air with our sensational perks and discounts!
  • You can take advantage of our quantity discount scheme especially if you are planning an event. The more you buy, the more discount you get! Just look at your quantity drop-down list on the Product page
  • Discover our rewards loyalty points because each time you redeem points you pay even less on top of every other discount! Learn More


What are loyalty points and how do I use them?

Think of your points as your personal home accessory fund. Cash your points in any given month, or save them for later and let them accumulate. Your points roll over if unspent, and do not expire.

How do I earn Points?

Gather loyalty points through a variety of ways:

  • Earn loyalty points for every invited friend who joins AnnaVasily! Use our “Invite a Friend” option and you will earn 2,000 points every time each of your friends create an account. At the same time, your friend will earn 1,000 points. You can send invitations to your friends through email or Facebook by using our special link. Be attentive however because the link will expire 15 days after you send it! Spread the news!
  • You earn points every time you shop. You can view the amount of points each accessory grants you in the Product page below the pricing of the product, as well as in the Cart page where the amount of points gathered are shown at the Subtotal area of the cart (pieces bought x points per piece).
  •  You gather 50 points per day, every day you log in!
  • Loyalty points may also be gathered through limited-time promotions of which we will notify you by email.

How can I pay with my points?

Loyalty points may be cashed at checkout on top of any other discount you might have earned (for instance, quantity discounts) and can be split over multiple orders. Just click on the button “Cash points” on your cart page before checkout. Once you cash your points, any remaining points will be automatically credited back to your account viewed at the “Points History” section. You can trade in 500 loyalty points for AUD$1, excluding shipping and handling charges, sales tax and restocking fees on refunded items. The minimum points for redeeming is 500.

Where can I review my points?

Your points total, available for you to cash, are shown in the Order Total of your cart. Furthermore, it is shown in the “Point History” page, in the “Membership Information” page of Your Account.

Do points expire?

Once your loyalty points are added to your account, they will remain there until you spend them. The loyalty points do not expire.

Other loyalty points characteristics?

Loyalty points can be redeemed (cashed) on all purchases excluding select promotions, and may not be applied to shipping, processing fees and taxes. Unused points may be forfeited if you choose to cancel your AnnaVasily account. Loyalty points are non-transferable and they are not refundable or redeemable for cash.



How much does shipping cost?

We’ve given our best shot to make our shipping policy as simple as possible! Two types of shipping (Standard and Express) that form our Shipping policy.

Standard Shipping (3-7 days) - AustraliaAUD $10
Express Shipping (2-3 days) - AustraliaAUD $40
Standard Shipping (10-20 days) - InternationalAUD $20
Express Shipping (7-15 days) - InternationalAUD $40
Standard Shipping

Enjoy a flat rate of AUD$10 for ground shipping on all orders in Australia and a flat rate of AUD$20 for International shipping.

Express shipping

Express Shipping costs AUD$40 per order.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Standard Shipping: Estimated shipping time is 3-7 business days for deliveries in Australia and 10-20 business days for International deliveries.

Express Shipping: Estimated shipping time for Express shipping is 2-3 business days for Australia, 7-15 business days for International destinations.

You can view our Estimated Delivery Day in the subtotal area of the Cart page starting from the first full business day after our confirmation email. There may be a delay of 1-2 business days for shipping to rural ZIP Codes and during peak shipping periods or promotional events.

Occasionally, there may be delays due to peak shipping periods, but we’ll try our best to get your orders out, as soon as possible.
If you haven’t received your order after 4 weeks, please call Client Services at Monday-Friday 11am-11pm EST, for assistance. The customer is responsible for any duties or taxes on the value of the goods purchased, which may be imposed by each government.

Can I change my order once it is placed?

Once your order is placed, we are unable to accommodate order changes or address corrections. Please review your shipping information carefully before finalising your order. We are not responsible for incorrectly submitted addresses in orders.

Can I track my order?

We will inform you via SMS on the processing of your order. Further, you may track your order (or return) by going to Order History under the My Account Details tab. There, you will see the status of your order (or return), a link to track your package, and a link to reprint the return packing slip or label.

What types of payment do you accept?

AnnaVasily accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payments. We do not accept personal checks or money orders.

When will I be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time you confirm your order.

Do you charge sales tax?

For Australia, customer prices are all inclsive (including GST). For International customers tax rates vary by country and will be calculated and paid extra during import.


How should I unpack my package safely?

We are absolutely sure that you are impatient to hold your new AnnaVasily accessory that has just arrived home! Please wait! There is one more thing to do before opening your package!

Please, take a soft cloth and place it on a stable tabletop, having enough space for unpacking. Place the box carefully on the cloth and use a cutter or scissors to open the box. As you unpack, watch out for the fabric inside the box, as it contains your new AnnaVasily product.
Important note: Some of AnnaVasily products come dismantled. For instance, our high tea stands usually consist of a metal part along with two or more glass tiles. You will receive these parts separately in the packaging.
For assembly, place the glass tile with its metal “feet” facing down, between the two-rod connectors of the metal base. Your high tea stand is complete!

What happens if my accessory arrives broken?

If the box is damaged upon delivery, please take a snapshot of the box, before opening it. Immediately after opening and if there are broken pieces, take a snapshot the interior of the box as well as your damaged items. Do not destroy or throw away neither the outer packaging nor the broken items. Follow the instructions on how to initiate a return.

How many days can I claim to return an item?

Returns can be initiated within 20 days from the date that the order was dispatched from our warehouse.

How should I return my purchased item?

Please, note that returns can be accepted within 20 days from their shipment date, in its original unused condition, with no signs of wear, cracking or chipping, with all original pieces included, in their original packaging and with original tags and stickers attached in new, unused and resalable condition. Any return should be sent back in the original, undamaged box and packaging, plus any accessories or extras that may have been included with the shipment. If you select to be refunded with points we will reward you for this choice with extra points on top of those of the actual value of the product.

Which are the conditions for us to be able to accept a return?

We are able to accept a return for the following reasons:

  • Packaging (the item was received broken and you have uploaded snapshots of the item as well as of its original packaging in the refund link).
  • Order processing error (you received a different item other than the one you have ordered) or you have received different quantity from the one ordered.
  • Colour (where the colour did not match the description i.e. you received a red item rather than the blue one which was ordered). However, you agree that the colour of the product may not be an exact match of the colour displayed on your monitor and that variations in colour due to monitor variations will not be grounds for an exchange or refund.

A return will only be accepted in the above circumstances if it is received by AnnaVasily within 30 days from the shipment date in the condition delivered (no additional damage) with all original pieces included in their original packaging and with original tags and barcodes attached.

Returns must be sent back to the address designated by AnnaVasily with any accessories or extras that may have been included with the shipment.

Which are the conditions for us not to accept a return?

Apologies, but we cannot accept returns for the following reasons:

  1. Time (where we missed the customer’s deadline but fulfilled our Estimated Delivery Date – as shown in your order).
  2. If the products were bought from the Homeware Sale section of our website.
  3. If a product with wrong dimensions was ordered by mistake.
  4. Occasion (accessory is not suitable for occasion ordered for).
  5. The functionality of the product was not as planned: item is too heavy. In the product page, we try to provide all the necessary information concerning weight, colours, dimensions etc.
  6. Colour (where the colour did not match what was stipulated). It can be really tricky to establish colour matches online for a number of reasons:
    • Colour is applied handcrafted and some minor differences occur between products.
    • Light (colour) acts differently when being reflected off a material than when emitted from a screen.
    • It is very difficult to ensure consistent representation of colours across screens. Every computer or device screen represents colours differently, and that representation will keep changing over time as well, as the screen ages. The resulting differences can be quite significant.
  7. We are constantly working towards improving the way we create and represent imagery of our accessories, including efforts to ensure more consistent capturing and rendering of colours.
  8. Where a product is broken during use or while unpacking;
  9. Dislike of product (the product was not aesthetically “as imagined” or stipulated), provided that the product meets the description on the Site
  10. Any bespoke or customised product.

How do I initiate a Return?

Returns can be initiated within 20 days from the date that the order was dispatched from our warehouse. To initiate a return please follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to Order History in your personal account.
  2. On the Order History page, click on the order number associated with the item you want to return.
  3. On the Order Details page, click on the “Refund & Return” link associated with the item you want to return. In the form that appears, simply follow the steps:a) fill in the quantity b) choose one of the three options to be refunded: i) Return in exchange for points (get up to 15% extra) ii) Replace the broken product or iii) Cash refund c) write your comments explaining the reason for asking to return the item back or asking for a refund, and d) upload the photos: a)select the product and fill in the quantity, b) upload the photos and c) write your comment explaining the reason for asking a return.
  4. Once you click on the “Send Request” button, you will be directed to the return authorisation process. We will contact you within 4 working days to inform you on whether your request has been approved. If approved, we will send you back a link with a Return label and/or a Packing slip, to generate a return label and packing slip.
  5. Print return label and return packing slip.
  6. Carefully package the products to be returned and stick the return label on the return packing slip.
  7. Please, do not return packages to self-serve drop boxes. Shipping charges are not refundable. If packing slip or return label are missing, processing time will be severely delayed.

Returns must be dropped at an Australian Post location using the e-parcel service within a week from the date of our acceptance.

How many days return shipping takes?

Return shipping usually takes 5-15 business days, depending on distance. Returns must be dropped at an Australian Post location using e-parcel service and get the tracking number to send to us. Once your return is received and inspected by our warehouse staff (usually within 3 business days after receipt), we will inform you by email on whether we will be able to accept the return. If you would like a money refund for your return, it may take up to 25 business days to post to your account depending on your credit or debit card company.

How do I track my returns or reprint my return packing label?

You may track your return by going to Order History in Account Details under the My Account tab. There, you will see the status of your return, a link to track your return package, and a link to reprint the return packing slip or label.

If you accepted my return, how will I get refunded?

Once your return is received and inspected by our warehouse staff (usually within 3 business days after receipt), we will inform you by email on whether we will be able to accept the return.
If accepted, we can refund your return in one of the following ways:

  1. Refund through points. This form of refund is immediate and does not have any delays with the credit card company. To make it even more appealing to you we will reward you for this choice with extra points on top of those of the actual value of the product
  2. Replacement of the purchased item immediately upon the receipt of the return. Return shipping usually takes 5-15 business days, depending on distance.
  3. Refund in the original form of payment. This may take up to 25 business days to pass to your account depending on your credit or debit card company.

If I used loyalty points to buy an item which I would like to return, what happens to my points?

Loyalty points, used to pay for an order will be returned to your account and will not be eligible for a refund to credit card. If your order was partially paid with points, the same amount of points will be returned to your account and the rest of the refund amount will be credited back to your card.

How long will my refund take?

As different banks have different policies and timelines, the length of time it will take for your refund to reflect in your account varies. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.

My original form of payment has been cancelled. How do I get my refund?

A refund can only be made to the original form of payment. Please note that if the credit card used to purchase an item is no longer on file or expired by the time the refund is ready to be processed we will refund you with loyalty points equal to the dollar amount you have spent to buy the particular product excluding shipping costs, taxes and restocking fees. Also, note that any points used to pay for an order will be returned as points and will not be eligible for a refund to credit card.



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