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Wedding Trends for 2018

Table Settings

2018 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends 2018 with a wedding pretzel station and AnnaVasily dinnerware

This is the year for sweet and simple weddings according to the Pinterest 2018 Wedding Trends research, and that’s great news for everyone! Keep your eye on our Dream Wedding Tableware Ideas Pinterest Board for everything you need to inspire you with the latest trends in weddings.

Wedding Trends in Food

Wedding Food is getting a makeover and it’s super easy and delicious! With wedding pizza searches up 120% it’s not just the kids who are going to enjoy your wedding meal. Think long, wooden grazing tables with native flower decor artfully arranged throughout and with every type of traditional pizza option imaginable over different height serving trays and stands…

Galentine's Day Party Inspiration - Ideas for pink table setting with modern dinnerware.

Galentine’s Day Party Table Setting

Begin the perfect table with a mix of organicly-shaped, warm toned canape plates and don’t forget any added topping extra options in AnnaVasily Chara Serving Bowls and you’ll have a wedding full of guests who will be raving about your food for years to come!

Brides are also making a lot more allowances for those with dietary restrictions with a huge increase in vegan wedding food options trending, so expect lots of delicious plant-based meals and grazing plates to tuck into! Our serving suggestion for plant-based canapes are the Zen Teardrop Canape Spoons which work perfectly to bring out the natural goodness of any vegan meal option!

You’ll see that wedding snacks are also a trend worth keeping your eye on, after all it was reported that the new Duke & Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and Harry, served midnight snacks in the form of sliders and popcorn to guests during their reception, and with many 2018 weddings being planned to last for a whole day or even over a weekend your guests need to be well fed.

To ensure nobody starts to fade why not try a glamorous twist on the pretzel bar trend by serving your pretzels with sweet and savoury dipping options on AnnaVasily Elena Canape dishes, so your guests can munch and dip to their hearts content giving them the boost they need for another dance before the sun rises.

Wedding Cake Trends

Stylish Father's day tablescapes with a 3 tier cake stand with a bronze pedestal with cinnamon rolls.

Father’s Day Tablescapes – 3 Tier Cake Stand Musi by Anna Vasily

With the new trend for simplicity comes cakes that are more organic and natural and no royal icing in sight! Brides are choosing elegant yet relaxed cakes with trends focusing on fruit with fig cakes becoming a massive focus for the bride looking for something totally unique. Rustic cakes need no fancy servingware, but rather elegant and simple plates such as the Cass mini dessert plates or the romantic and sweet Amy heart plates.

Elegant flat cake plates for high tea and afternoon tea parties featuring the blue cake stand Pauli by Anna Vasily.

Flat Cake Plates – Featured Product: Pauli by Anna Vasily

Depending on the size of your cake the choice of a tall, footed stand to bring height to your display or a larger, pedestal stand to let your cake shine are just a few of the many options you can chose at AnnaVasily. Take a look at our huge range of unique Cake Stands that will bring a little something special to your dessert table and remind you of that special cake cutting moment for years to come.

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