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50 Gift Ideas for the 50th Wedding Anniversary

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The 50th wedding anniversary is a great accomplishment and should be celebrated in style. Reaching such a milestone with a loved person deserves a memorable present – one that will encompass and reflect the shared love and memories. And this counts not only for the “love birds” that have travelled this long journey together, but for any guests of the celebration. Sometimes, however, it might be challenging to choose the right present – one that truly captures the warm memories of the couple and serves as a reminder of their life together. That’s why we’ve prepared the ultimate list of 50th anniversary gift ideas – to make things easier.

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50 Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Couple’s’ Life


1. Heart-Shaped Dinner Sets

These marvellously intricate luxurious dinner sets are certain to impress any couple and make their dinners a lot more romantic.

A small romantic heart plate, Aela is a mesmerizing combination of light dawn blue with splashes of cream highlights.

AnnaVasily Luxury Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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2. Woodstock coasters – cherish the memories

You may remember Woodstock ’69 like it was yesterday…or your hazy recollections may have puff puff passed you by. Either way, those three glorious days will always be a part of you. In honor of the 50th anniversary of that famous concert, we created an exclusive set of six laser-cut coasters.

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3. Personalized 50th Anniversary Solid Gold Brass Plate

50 years of marriage deserves an extraordinarily special gift, like this 50th Wedding Anniversary Solid Gold Brass Plate. Each 11 3/4″ brass plate includes a clear easel stand. Personalized with the couple’s names, wedding date, and a special message or quote, the plate symbolizes the golden anniversary and will be forever cherished!

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4. Blue Glass Dancing Angels Figurine

This gentle statue is another great way to help the couple remember their special bond and decorate their home at the same time.

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5. Customized Wind Chime

Is it the doorbell? No, it’s just this wind chime reminding of a great 50th wedding anniversary.

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6. Then and Now Photo

In celebration of the youngest years of the couple as well as the present, marking the long road they`ve walked together.

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7. Personalized Lunar Phase of Love

Stop the cosmic clock to remember the moment just as it was the first time you met, when he proposed, or the night you drove your newest bundle home from the hospital.

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8. Matching Custom Shirts

A great present for letting everyone around you know just how much you`re in synch with your significant other, it’s especially adorable on elders.

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9. Cake Stand or High Tea Stand

A great present to display your cakes!

Round blue high tea stand, Sym small glass 2 tier cake stand by Anna Vasily for high tea parties.

Round Blue High Tea Stand Sym, Small 2 Tier Cake Stand by Anna Vasily

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10. Cotton Throw Rug

The perfect way to tell your story after 50 happy years of being together and create a cozy vibe at home.

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11. Designer Champagne Glasses

So the couple can recreate the magic moment of their first wedding toast.

Janet is a remarkable designer champagne glass on a hand polished bronze stem, studded with a decorative glass gem in deep night blue colour.

AnnaVasily Tableware / www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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12. Personalized Anniversary Book

Invite friends and family of that special couple to contribute letters online and turn them into a beautiful personalised anniversary book.

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unique and personalized anniversary gift: From a Birdie memory book. Let FromABirdie gather letters of congratulations from your friends and family and create a beautifully bound collection for the two sweethearts to cherish forever.

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13. Personalized love scrable

It`s stylish, original and simple, certain to make the couple smile. Moreover, board games are a great way to enjoy a fun night with the family.

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14. Personalized Our Story Timeline

Don’t let the couple forget what they`ve managed to achieve so far –  a beautifully design timeline will mark all important events, places and people that have been a part of their 50 shred years.

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15. Infinity Necklace with Couple Name

This piece of jewelry will warm any woman’s heart – it might be tiny and discrete, but carries the charge of a great bond between two people.

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16. Happy Anniversary Puzzle

These photo puzzles offer a unique personalized gift that the recipient will treasure for years to come!

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17. Customized Ring

It’s the one true ring to celebrate them all.

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18. 100 Pictures family photo heart collage

Because parents’ greatest love and joy are always their children.

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19. 50th anniversary family tree kit with gray plaque and blue birds

This 3-dimentional piece offers a fun and unusual way to picture the whole family – looking back into the 50 years together will hopefully include a number of kids and  grandkids.

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20. Custom Doormat

Help the couple welcome their guests while also letting them know how much they love each other.

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21. Tree of Life Mug

These mugs with a family tree print will warm the hearts of the elderly couple as they sip their tea together.

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22. Photo frames of the grandchildren

The children of our children – grandparents always appreciate memorabilia related to their beloved little ones.

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23. Grandparents’ print

This stylish print will help the couple look back on a life well lived, visualizing their key memories, roles and accomplishments. The possibility to customize anything from size to color to style makes this piece a wonderful addition to any home.

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24. Personalised Chopping Board – Our Life Together

It`s not how long you live, but how well you’ve spent that time and being together with the person you love is the most worthwhile thing to do.

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25. Personalised Couples Large Scented Jar Candle

When the flame of love has been burning for 50 years, it’s time to celebrate.

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26. Anniversary Quote Print

After all, family is the most important thing.

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27. 50th Wedding anniversary card

Sometimes the best present is the simplest one.

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28. Celebratory cake with 50th anniversary cake topper

A sweet couple deserves a sweet cake – there is one to match everyone’s taste out there. So grab a sweet treat and decorate it accordingly for the cherished occasion.

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29. 50th anniversary candy

A chocolate candy for each sweet year spent together.

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30. Wedding anniversary vase

It`s perfect for holding some of the flowers after the celebration. If you are looking for a glass vase however, look no further than here!

Modern violet vase on pedestal

Violet Vase On Pedestal Estel Pretty Vases Centrepieces on Bronze Pedestal by Anna Vasily

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31. Unique rose gold tea cup and saucer

A perfect gift for all the tea lovers out there.

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32. Spoons

A great anniversary present for a couple that has a shared love for food.

Handmade glass high tea spoons for afternoon tea parties by Anna Vasily.

High Tea Spoons Handmade From Glass by Anna Vasily

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33. Personalised Mr & Mrs anniversary pillow

It is a lovely item to remind of a special day – throw it on the couch, so that it greets you every morning.

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34. Matching ceramic cups

We all know who`s getting “the king and the queen” mug.

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35. A Gift Basket

It contains everything necessary for the couple to remember their picnics from when they were young and why not set on a new adventure?

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36. Coffee Table Book from the year of the Wedding

Help the couple delve into nostalgic memories from the year they got married. It probably feels like it was yesterday.

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37. Matching Watches

It`s a pricey but memorable gift for a really special occasion and couple.

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38. Table sculpture for dining table decor

People say that the love is the flower you’ve got to let grow. This piece of dining table decor is an artistic flower bouquet, echoing the blossoming love.

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39. Gift Hamper

Gourmet food selection and tasty Prosecco along with a champagne bucket are the perfect mix for celebrating any occasion.

Champagne accessories by Anna Vasily featuring the pink champagne bucket Elan.

Champagne Accessories – Featured Product: Elan by Anna Vasily

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40. Anniversary Hammer

If you want your present to be unique, this is the way to go. Plus, it might come in handy.

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41. Elderly Couple Keychain

For a couple that has a sense of humor and like laughing together.

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42. Heart shaped jewelry dish

“50 happy years together” and continuing to count. A long life together usually means many gift (and jewels) have been given – here is a place to keep the most cherished ones.

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43. Custom Book Art

Extremely unique and stylish, this book art will make anyone who opens it smile.

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44. Pink and gold high tea stand

The perfect gift that the entire family can enjoy when visiting. A marvelous high tea stand with 20 removable flower shaped petit glass plates with delicate ruffles.

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45. Anniversary Belgian Chocolates

A special selection of chocolates, for a special occasion.

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46. Custom Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey always tastes better when shared with a loved one.

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47. Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

It makes a sweet anniversary gift for the couple who knows fresh air makes any meal a memorable one.

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48. Personalized Champagne Bottle

Let the couple pop that champagne and celebrate. Add a set of unique champagne glasses as well!

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49. Family Timeline Plaque

A showcase of all the important events that led to this glorious day of celebration.

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50. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Map all of your adventures in wedded bliss with this beautiful keepsake. Personalized with your names and anniversary date.

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You now have the necessary information to shine at any 50th wedding anniversary celebration as the guest who had the perfect present. After that, it’s time for the fun part and enjoying the party.

Were our suggestions helpful or is there anything you`d like to add to the list? We`d love to hear your opinions and ideas in the comments section.

We invite you to browse through tons of Anniversary gifts ideas here. Continually updated lists to choose between traditional as well as contemporary anniversary themes.

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