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60+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – The Ultimate List

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Mothers are one of the things that make the world go round. Giving birth and raising a child is one of the most challenging feats that deserves both respect and appreciation. Mother`s day is that special day when we say our thanks and express gratitude towards the mothers that raised us. Naturally, such an occasion deserves a memorable and thoughtful gift that will be received with a smile.

How to Stand Out With Your Mother’s Day Gift

In case you`re having difficulties choosing the right gift for mother`s day, worry no more. This list is handcrafted to supply you with a wide range of great gift ideas for the holiday, so keep reading.

1. Personalized Necklace

So she can carry your message anywhere she goes.

2. Travel Mug

Does your mom like to drink a lot of tea or try a glass cup? This is perfect then.

3. One-of-a-kind Plates

Designer tableware and dinnerware sets are always going to be appreciated by any mom.

Brown elegant charger plate

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

4. Kitchen Mixer

If she loves to bake you won`t go wrong with this mixer.

5. Nice Perfume

A gift that any woman will love.

6. A Tablet

A modern mom deserves to have modern gadgets.

7. Garden Tools Basket

A great way for a mom who`s a gardener to store her tools.

8. Stylish Measuring Cups

Useful for cooking but even more dazzling in appearance.

9. Love… Lavender gift

What better way to show our love than with the perfect gift? Choose from a list of traditional to creative gift ideas, and of course, plenty of lavender! You’re sure to find something your mom will love here. If your lovely mom is as obsessed with lavender as we are, make sure to also get her this lavender gift travel pack, so she can carry her favourite scent everywhere she goes. 

10. Classy Fruit Bowl

It will make any fruit seem tastier.

Classy Fruit Bowl

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au/ / CC BY

11. Art Classes Voucher

Let her rediscover an old hobby and express herself.

12. Terrarium

This stylish glass terarrium will make her living room brighten up.

13. Jewel Soap

Smells incredible and looks just like a real jewel.

14. Travel Bag

So that she travels in style anywhere she goes.

15. Sophisticated Vase

Any bouquet will look outstanding in this vase.

sophisticated glass vase

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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16. Jewellery Box

Because there can never be sufficient space for storing jewellery.

Luxury Bento Box Harper by Anna Vasily

Luxury Bento Box, Harper Floral Patterned Glass Jewellery Organizer with Pearls – Anna Vasily

17. Sophisticated Plates

The incredibly classy finish is sure to make it her favorite plate set.


AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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18. Pop-Up Card

Make her feel special with a loving message.

19. Wine Ice Bucket

Wine ice buckets, perfect for keeping wine cold!

Luxury champagne bucket for an elegant NYE party.

Champagne Bucket for an NYE Party – The Sharmi Ice Bucket

20. Gold Bangle

A subtle and elegant bangle that holds a hidden message only mom can know about.

21. Polaroid Snap

So mom can create instant photo memories while having fun with her friends.

22. Heart Coasters

Wedding Coasters are Boring! Choose Heart Coasters by AnnaVasily - Set View

Wedding Coasters Handmade from Glass for the Loved and the Pretty

23. Kindle

Does your mom like to read a lot? She`ll be using this device for years to come.

24. Amazon Echo

Ideal for a mom who likes music

25. Oil Diffuser

Is she a candle lover? Then this diffuser will be a perfect addition to her aromatic collection.

26. Beautiful Orchid

Orchids are known for their pickiness but are definitely worth the effort.

Navy Blue Flower Vase Centrepiece with Gold Highlights Cynthi with Roses Held by Woman - Anna Vasily

Navy Blue Flower Vase Centrepiece with Gold Highlights Cynthi by Anna Vasily

27. Electric Kettle

The only brewing device your mom will need.

28. Champagne Glasses

Any classy mom should have a set of sophisticated champagne glasses at her disposal.


Elegant champagne glass

AnnaVasily Tableware / www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

29. Gold Corkscrew

Don`t leave her struggling when opening a nice bottle of wine. This corkscrew will do the trick.

30. Body and Hand Care Products

Treat her to a relaxing spa experience.

31. Herb Planter

Having fresh herbs within a hand`s reach is a blessing for anyone who likes cooking.

32. Portable Phone Charger

Is mom not replying to your messages? Maybe her phone battery died.

33. Thermal Bottle

It fits perfectly in the inventory of any modern lady.

34. A Silk Robe

A present which will make any mother feel like a queen.

35. Classy Watch

It`s the perfect blend of classiness and functionality.

36. Cake Stand

Perfect for serving cake when having her friends over.

Cake Stand

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

37. Activity Tracker

Help her stay fit and healthy.

38. Interior Design Book

Serves as decoration when placed on a shelf but also full of great design ideas that can inspire your mom.

39. Amazon Gift Card

Sometimes the best thing to do is let her choose her own gift.

40. Bath and Body Products

It`s the ideal present for a relaxing evening in the bathtub.

41. Multi-Tool

Because she is a strong mom, who can fix things on her own.

42. Ice Cream Machine

Let`s be honest, everyone needs one of those in the summer.

43. Pictures of her Children in a Frame

Give her a decorative piece of what she loves most, her children.

44. “Thank you” Book

You can never express enough gratitude for mom, but this book can help a little.

45. French Coffee Maker

For a tasty cup of coffee every morning

46. Plant Hanger

Does she like plants? Here is something that will make her garden area a bit more interesting.

47. Classy Purse

It`s an ideal match for her green outfits.

48. Suede Journal

For her brilliant ideas and important notes

49. Bottled Rose Bouquet

She`s sure to fall in love with the scent.

50. Cocoa Mask

Very revitalizing and beneficial for the skin

51. Meditation Pillow

A useful item even for a mom who`s not so much into yoga.

52. Foot Massager

Sometimes all she needs is a good foot massage.

53. Matching Fitness Gear

Stylish on the streets, stylish at the GYM

54. Family Tree in a Frame

A reminder that family is always the most important thing

55. Under-Eye Massager

So that she remains youthful and doesn`t have any under-eye bags.

56. Salad Recipe Book

With this book, she`ll never run out of ideas what salad to prepare.

57. Cardigan Pajamas

For a lady who likes to stay classy even under the sheets.

58. Wine Stopper

This fancy wine stopper will make any bottle of wine stand out.

59. Comfortable Slippers

Perfect addition to the silk robe we talked about earlier.

60. Cleaning Robot

Cleaning around the home will become a lot easier with the help of this clever device.

61. Alpaca Fiber Blanket

Ideal for napping, chilling, taking on a picnic and almost anything else you can think of.

62. Portable Fabric Steamer

It`s much faster and more efficient than a regular iron.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touch!

Now that you have plenty of ideas of what to buy for mother`s day it`s time to make the decision and order it. Don`t forget to present it in a nice looking wrap and add a card with a heartfelt message for your mom, she will appreciate the effort.

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