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60+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – The Ultimate List

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60+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – The Ultimate List

Mothers are one of the things that make the world go round. Giving birth and raising a child is one of the most challenging feats that deserves both respect and appreciation. Mother`s day is that special day when we say our thanks and express gratitude towards the mothers that raised us. Naturally, such an occasion deserves a memorable and thoughtful gift that will be received with a smile.

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How to Stand Out With Your Mother’s Day Gift

In case you`re having difficulties choosing the right gift for mother`s day, worry no more. This list is handcrafted to supply you with a wide range of great gift ideas for the holiday, so keep reading.

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1. Personalized Necklace

So she can carry your message anywhere she goes.

Price range: $24 – $50

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2. Travel Mug

Does your mom like to drink a lot of tea or coffee? This is perfect then.

Price range: $13 – $18

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3. One-of-a-kind Plates

Designer tableware and dinnerware sets are always going to be appreciated by any mom.

Price range: $220 – $310

Brown elegant charger plate

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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4. Kitchen Mixer

If she loves to bake you won`t go wrong with this mixer.

Price range: $276 – $300


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5. Nice Perfume

A gift that any woman will love.

Price range: $90 – $250

http://ghk.h-cdn.co / http://ghk.h-cdn.co / CC BY

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6. A Tablet

A modern mom deserves to have modern gadgets.

Price range: $300 – $800


http://ghk.h-cdn.co / http://ghk.h-cdn.co / CC BY

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7. Garden Tools Basket

A great way for a mom who`s a gardener to store her tools.

Price range: $40 – $45

garden tool basket

http://ghk.h-cdn.co / http://ghk.h-cdn.co / CC BY

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8. Stylish Measuring Cups

Useful for cooking but even more dazzling in appearance.

Price range: $48 – $60

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9. Love… Lavender gift

What better way to show our love than with the perfect gift? Choose from a list of traditional to creative gift ideas, and of course, plenty of lavender! You’re sure to find something your mom will love here.

Price range: $20 – $60

Mother's day gift ideas lavender hill farm basket with cookies

Lavender Hill Farm / https://lavenderhillfarm.com/ / CC BY

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10. Classy Fruit Bowl

It will make any fruit seem more tasty.

Price range: $150 – $350

Classy Fruit Bowl

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au/ / CC BY

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11. Art Classes Voucher

Let her rediscover an old hobby and express herself.

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12. Terrarium

This stylish glass terarrium will make her living room brighten up.

Price range: $29 – $35

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13. Jewel Soap

Smells incredibly and looks juist like a real jewel.

Price range: $12 – $16

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14. Travel Bag

So that she travels in style anywhere she goes.

Price range: $88 – $100

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15. Sophisticated Vase

Any bouquet will look outstanding in this vase.

Price range: $290 – $310

sophisticated glass vase

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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16. Jewelry Box

Because there can never be sufficient space for storing jewelry.

Price range: $26 – $30


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17. Sophisticated Plates

The incredibly classy finish is sure to make it her favorite plate set.

Price range: $200 – $350


AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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18. Pop-Up Card

Make her feel special with a loving message.

Price range: $5 – $10


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19. Hyper Chiller

This chiller is perfect for making ice coffee or just keeping wine cold.

Price range: $30 – $40

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20. Gold Bangle

A subtle and elegant bangle that holds a hidden message only mom can know about.

Price range: $32 – $45

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21. Polaroid Snap

So mom can create instant photo memories while having fun with her friends.

Price: $100 – $115

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22. Tile

“Tile” is a smart sticker that lets you track items with a smartphone. Perfect for a mom who always forgets where she left her keys.

Price range: $25 – $27


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23. Kindle

Does your mom like to read a lot? She`ll be using this device for years to come.

Price range: $79 – $85

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24. Amazon Echo

Ideal for a mom who likes music

Price range: $135 – $145


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25. Oil Diffuser

Is she a candle lover? Then this diffuser will be a perfect addition to her aromatic collection.

Price range: $29 – $35

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26. Beautiful Orchid

Orchids are known for their pickiness but are definitely worth the effort.

Price range: $30 – $35

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27. Electric Kettle

The only brewing device your mom will need.

Price range: $80 – $90

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28. Champagne Glasses

Any classy mom should have a set of sophisticated champagne glasses at her disposal.

Price range: $189 – $200


Elegant champagne glass

AnnaVasily Tableware / www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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29. Gold Corkscrew

Don`t leave her struggling when opening a nice bottle of wine. This corkscrew will do the trick.

Price range: $70 – $75

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30. Body and Hand Care Products

Treat her to a relaxing spa experience.

Price range: $55 – 70$

*empty line*

31. Herb Planter

Having fresh herbs within a hand`s reach is a blessing for anyone who likes cooking.

Price range: $59 – $65

*empty line*

32. Portable Phone Charger

Is mom not replying to your messages? Maybe her phone battery died.

Price range: $24 – $30

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33. Thermal Bottle

It fits perfectly in the inventory of any modern lady.

Price range: $40 – $45

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34. A Silk Robe

A present which will make any mother feel like e queen.

Price range: $250 – $300

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35. Classy Watch

It`s the perfect blend of classiness and functionality.

Price range: $125 – $150

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36. Cake Stand

Perfect for serving cake when having her friends over.

Price range: $180 – $350

Rica is a petit fours stand in cream color with our playful Venetian Filigree pattern.

AnnaVasily Tableware / https://www.annavasily.com.au / CC BY

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37. Activity Tracker

Help her stay fit and healthy.

Price range: $130 – $140

*empty line*

38. Interior Design Book

Serves as decoration when placed on a shelf but also full of great design ideas that can inspire your mom.

Price range: $60 – $65

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39. Amazon Gift Card

Sometimes the best thing to do is let her choose her own gift.

Price range: $50 – $100

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40. Bath and Body Products

It`s the ideal present for a relaxing evening in the bathtub.

Price range: $50 – $80

*empty line*

41. Multi-Tool

Because she is a strong mom, who can fix things on her own.

Price range: $40 – $60


*empty line*

42. Ice Cream Machine

Let`s be honest, everyone needs one of those in the summer.

Price range: $30 – $40

*empty line*

43. Silhouettes in a Frame

Give her a decorative piece of what she loves most, her children.

Price range: $5 – $10


*empty line*

44. “Thank you” Book

You can never express enough gratitude for mom, but this book can help a little.

Price range: $18 – $22

*empty line*

45. French Coffee Maker

For a tasty cup of coffee every morning

Price range: $50 – $70


*empty line*

46. Plant Hanger

Does she like plants? Here is something that will make her garden area a bit more interesting.

Price range: $39 – $45

Plant Hanger

http://timeincapp.com / http://timeincapp.com / CC BY

*empty line*

47. Classy Purse

It`s an ideal match for her green outfits.

Price range: $148 – $160

Classy Purse

http://ghk.h-cdn.co / http://ghk.h-cdn.co / CC BY

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48. Suede Journal

For her brilliant ideas and important notes

Price range: $20 – $30

Suede Journal

https://imagesvc.timeincapp.com / https://imagesvc.timeincapp.com / CC BY

*empty line*

49. Bottled Rose Bouquet

She`s sure to fall in love with the scent.

Price range: $240 – $280


*empty line*

50. Cocoa Mask

Very revitalizing and beneficial for the skin

Price range: $65 – $70

*empty line*

51. Meditation Pillow

A useful item even for a mom who`s not so much into yoga.

Price range: $50 – $55


*empty line*

52. Foot Massager

Sometimes all she needs is a good foot massage.

Price range: $38 – $45

*empty line*

53. Matching Fitness Gear

Stylish on the streets, stylish at the GYM

Price range: $44 – $50


*empty line*

54. Family Tree in a Frame

A reminder that family is always the most important thing

Price range: $45 – $50

*empty line*

55. Under-Eye Massager

So that she remains youthful and doesn`t have any under-eye bags.

Price range: $139 – $145

*empty line*

56. Salad Recipe Book

With this book, she`ll never run out of ideas what salad to prepare.

Price range: $15 – $20

*empty line*

57. Cardigan Pajamas

For a lady who likes to stay classy even under the sheets.

Price range: $170 – $200

*empty line*

58. Wine Stopper

This fancy wine stopper will make any bottle of wine stand out.

Price range: $24 – $27

*empty line*

59. Comfortable Slippers

Perfect addition to the silk robe we talked about earlier.

Price range: $143 – $165

*empty line*

60. Cleaning Robot

Cleaning around the home will become a lot easier with the help of this clever device.

Price range: $690 – $700

*empty line*

61. Alpaca Fiber Blanket

Ideal for napping, chilling, taking on a picnic and almost anything else you can think of.

Price range: $220 – $240


*empty line*

62. Portable Fabric Steamer

It`s much faster and more efficient than a regular iron.

Price range: $30 – $35

*empty line*


Now that you have plenty of ideas of what to buy for mother`s day it`s time to make the decision and order it. Don`t forget to present it in a nice looking wrap and add a card with a heartfelt message for your mom, she will appreciate the effort.

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