return policy

How should I unpack my package safely?

We are absolutely sure that you are impatient to hold your new AnnaVasily accessory that has just arrived home! Please wait! There is one more thing to do before opening your package!

Please, take a soft cloth and place it on a stable tabletop, having enough space for unpacking. Place the box carefully on the cloth and use a cutter or scissors to open the box. As you unpack, watch out for the fabric inside the box, as it contains your new AnnaVasily product.
Important note: Some of AnnaVasily products come dismantled. For instance, our high tea stands usually consist of a metal part along with two or more glass tiles. You will receive these parts separately in the packaging.
For assembly, place the glass tile with its metal “feet” facing down, between the two-rod connectors of the metal base. Your high tea stand is complete!

What happens if my accessory arrives broken?

If the box is damaged upon delivery, please take a snapshot of the box, before opening it. Immediately after opening and if there are broken pieces, take a snapshot the interior of the box as well as your damaged items. Do not destroy or throw away neither the outer packaging nor the broken items. Follow the instructions on how to initiate a return.

How many days can I claim to return an item?

Returns can be initiated within 20 days from the delivery date of the order to you.

How should I return my purchased item?

Please, note that returns can be accepted within 20 days from their delivery date of the order to you, in its original unused condition, with no signs of wear, cracking or chipping, with all original pieces included, in their original packaging and with original tags and stickers attached in new, unused and resalable condition. Any return should be sent back in the original, undamaged box and packaging, plus any accessories or extras that may have been included with the shipment. If you select to be refunded with points we will reward you for this choice with extra points on top of those of the actual value of the product.

Which are the conditions for us to be able to accept a return?

We are able to accept returns (a return for an exchange or refund) in the following circumstances ONLY:

  • Damage in transport (the item was received broken and you have uploaded snapshots of the item as well as of its original packaging in the refund link).
  • Order processing error (you received a different item other than the one you have ordered) or you have received different quantity from the one ordered.
  • Colour (where the colour did not match the description i.e. you received a red item rather than the blue one which was ordered). However, you agree that the colour of the product may not be an exact match of the colour displayed on your monitor and that variations in colour due to monitor variations will not be grounds for an exchange or refund.

A return will only be accepted in the above circumstances if it is received by AnnaVasily within 20 days from the delivery date in the condition delivered (no additional damage) with all original pieces included in their original packaging and with original tags and barcodes attached.

Returns must be sent back to the address designated by AnnaVasily with any accessories or extras that may have been included with the shipment.

Which are the conditions for us not to accept a return?

Apologies, but we cannot accept returns for the following reasons:

  1. Time (where we missed the customer’s deadline but fulfilled our Estimated Delivery Date – as shown in your order).
  2. If the products were bought from the Homeware Sale section of our website.
  3. If a product with wrong dimensions was ordered by mistake.
  4. Occasion (accessory is not suitable for occasion ordered for).
  5. The functionality of the product was not as planned: item is too heavy. In the product page, we try to provide all the necessary information concerning weight, colours, dimensions etc.
  6. Colour (where the colour did not match what was stipulated). It can be really tricky to establish colour matches online for a number of reasons:
    • Colour is applied handcrafted and some minor differences occur between products.
    • Light (colour) acts differently when being reflected off a material than when emitted from a screen.
    • It is very difficult to ensure consistent representation of colours across screens. Every computer or device screen represents colours differently, and that representation will keep changing over time as well, as the screen ages. The resulting differences can be quite significant. We are constantly working towards improving the way we create and represent imagery of our accessories, including efforts to ensure more consistent capturing and rendering of colours.
  7. Where a product is broken during use or while unpacking;
  8. Dislike of product (the product was not aesthetically “as imagined” or stipulated), provided that the product meets the description on the Site
  9. Any bespoke or customised product.

How do I initiate a Return?

Returns can be initiated within 20 days from the delivery date to you. To initiate a return please follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to Order History in your personal account.
  2. On the Order History page, click on the order number associated with the item you want to return.
  3. On the Order Details page, click on the “Refund & Return” link associated with the item you want to return. In the form that appears, simply follow the steps:a) fill in the quantity b) choose one of the three options to be refunded: i) Return in exchange for points (get up to 15% extra) ii) Replace the broken product or iii) Cash refund c) write your comments explaining the reason for asking to return the item back or asking for a refund, and d) upload the photos: a)select the product and fill in the quantity, b) upload the photos and c) write your comment explaining the reason for asking a return.
  4. Once you click on the “Send Request” button, you will be directed to the return authorisation process. We will contact you within 4 working days to inform you on whether your request has been approved. If approved, we will send you back a link with a Return label and/or a Packing slip, to generate a return label and packing slip.
  5. Print return label and return packing slip.
  6. Carefully package the products to be returned and stick the return label on the return packing slip.
  7. Please, do not return packages to self-serve drop boxes. Shipping charges are not refundable. If packing slip or return label are missing, processing time will be severely delayed.

Returns must be dropped at an Australian Post location using the e-parcel service within a week from the date of our acceptance.

How many days return shipping takes?

Return shipping usually takes 5-15 business days, depending on distance. Returns must be dropped at an Australian Post location using e-parcel service and get the tracking number to send to us. Once your return is received and inspected by our warehouse staff (usually within 3 business days after receipt), we will inform you by email on whether we will be able to accept the return. If you would like a money refund for your return, it may take up to 25 business days to post to your account depending on your credit or debit card company.

How do I track my returns or reprint my return packing label?

You may track your return by going to Order History in Account Details under the My Account tab. There, you will see the status of your return, a link to track your return package, and a link to reprint the return packing slip or label.