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15 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas to Stand Out

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Most weddings are once in a lifetime affairs. Of course, there will be many more special events that the future husband and wife will host together, but for many women, the wedding is the next-to-last grandest event. We know that the struggle to find the perfect wedding gift can be too real – but when it comes to the wedding shower one should focus on the bride-to-be. If you have been invited to a bridal shower, it is only natural to bring a gift. Some people even like to stick to a theme and pick a shower gift and wedding present that are related in some way.

Brides often ask that guests bring gifts that are tied to a central theme. A bride might want only lingerie gifts or items for her new kitchen. But what do you do when the happy bride hasn’t given a hint anywhere? What if you want to give her something unexpected? This is where our list starts. We’ve included ideas for classic gifts as well as a few surprise items.

Read below to get some amazing bridal shower gift ideas.

1. French press coffee maker

She and her guests can always get on board with a French press. If she is a coffee enthusiast this could be the perfect item to make her morning more pleasant.

2. Cake stand

Every woman loves to eat cake, cupcakes, pie and anything else dessert-related that her heart desires. A cake stand is always beautiful and never goes out of style gift.

3. Suitcases

From now on she’ll share many travels and adventures with her hubby. What better way to prepare them for their honeymoon then by gifting them this streamlined luggage that will keep their belonging safe and make their travels easy going.

4.Handcrafted vases

For the bride-to-be a set of handcrafted vases is always a good idea, so she can decorate and personalize her new home. And hopefully, her loved one will fill the vases with blooming flowers regardless of whether there is a special occasion or not.

5. Travel jewellery kit

Make sure your bestie can keep all her accessories safe from point A to point B with an easy-to-pack travel case whose little pockets make it perfect for all her necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings.

6. Beach bag with holiday essentials

A tote bag filled with a few essentials can be a perfect gift for her. Honeymoon accessories such as a towel, sunglasses and sarong will help the bride get packing before the big trip.

7. Pink themed bridal shower gift basket

Unique gift baskets ideas for the bride-to-be, creatively put together by Sarina from Joy in the commonplace.

8. Leisure land lace satin robe

One of the greatest additions to any woman’s wardrobe is the satin robe. This beautiful short robe is sexy, but still very classy. Make sure that the colors you pick are bridal-friendly like white, ivory, and champagne.

9. Champagne glasses

Champagne glasses—the ultimate wedding gift. Shower the couple in luxury with a set of these beautifully designed crystal flutes that are sure to be their celebratory glasses for anniversaries to come.

10. Scented candle

As we mentioned earlier, bridal showers are all about the bride and her new home. So, a gift like scented candles serves both purposes perfectly. This candle in a porcelain jar with a woman’s face and floral print is a perfect choice.

11. Bed linens

If she`s always dreamt of a flax bed cover that has casual, laid-back look but at the same time the feel of luxury, linen duvets are an excellent choice. Also, linen represents a fresh start and new beginning. At the end of the day, the point of a bridal shower is to present the bride with useful items for her new home.

12. Lingerie

Of course, bridal shower etiquette allows for sexy gifts like lingerie. Another option we love for a shower gift is negligees. They’re considered as luxury items and are very appropriate in a modern context. If you don’t know her size and taste, then you can always buy a voucher.

13. ‘Here comes the bride’ kit

If you want to get something special for your favorite bride-to-be, this lovely gift set is a perfect option. She will surely appreciate the travel-friendly soaps and moisturizers, plus a single dose micro delivery facial peel which she can use before the wedding and ensure that her skin looks amazing for the important moment.

14. Instant Camera

If she doesn’t have a professional Polaroid camera, this is the moment. Help her capture every special moment from her bridal shower to her new adventures as a married woman with a professional touch.

15.  Wine Ice Bucket

If she is a huge wine lover this piece is a unique bridal shower gift idea. This wine ice bucket can easily be used as a decorative piece or when it’s empty she can use it as a vase.

16. ‘Two in the Kitchen: A Cookbook for Newlyweds’

Preparing a dinner for two or more has never been easier thanks to this starter set. People say that cooking together with your beloved one helps create a strong lifetime bond. Whether the bride-to-be and her future husband are amazing cooks, or just need a little help in the kitchen, this special cookbook is a great gift idea.

It’s Not All About the Gifts

This beautiful moment of every woman’s life shouldn’t be underestimated. We know that choosing the perfect gift could be time consuming and also quite frustrating especially when the big day is approaching. We hope that you will find this list of 15 bridal shower gift ideas helpful and inspiring. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the magical moment with your best friend and impress her with your gift.


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