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Katrin Herz Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Katrin Herz

EAM The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

“I am a big MyGlassStudio fan. I love Anna’s personality and creativity! Glass Studio has a family company touch while always coming up with ideas!”

Mark Askew Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Mark Askew

Gordon Ramsay's Group Ex. Chef

“Anna offers creativity and a real flair for design. We have worked with them for many years and they never fail to deliver a fantastic product.”

Marcus Wareing Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Marcus Wareing

Petrus Restaurant, London

“Anna is able to interpret anyone’s ideas and then make them into a reality.”

Wolfgang Fischer Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Wolfgang Fischer

Ex. Chef, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

“I have worked with Anna in some of the world’s most demanding volume hotel operations… They are number one in the glass plate category!”

Peter Find Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Peter Find

Ex. Chef , The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

“Anna and her team appreciates our brand’s commitment on quality and refinement & have tailor-made design that suits our needs.”

Michel Jr Roux Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Michel Jr Roux

Le Gavroche restaurant, London

“Anna’s dinnerware enhance the presentation of the food in our restaurant, and have an underestimated beauty that I admire.”

Martin Jones Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Martin Jones

F&B Asia-Pacific, Starwood Hotels

“We are extremely thankful of their efforts to ensure we have the right fit for the right brand at the right price. We love doing business with them”

Abdul Baaghil Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Abdul Baaghil

MD, The Crystal Group

“At the Ritz Carlton Bahrain, our guests were wowed and, as a result, they kept on coming back and the restaurant turned into a cash machine.”

Bruno Menard Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Bruno Menard

L’ Osier restaurant, Tokyo

“They challenge themselves to be the very best in what they do. That’s their spirit.”

Heinrich Moederle Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Heinrich Moederle

Ex. Chef, W Hotel, Barcelona

•Great, passionate people •Supportive in finding tailor-made solutions specially for you •They go beyond the usual customer support

David Senia Dinnerware AnnaVasily

David Senia

Ex. Chef, The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

“Anna’s dinnerware plates are sooo…hot!”

Satoshi Nakata Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Satoshi Nakata

Raku Raku restaurant, Kyoto, Japan

“Anna’s objects makes me feel warm. How can I explain… I can feel the warmth of the personality who created them.”

Holger Jackisch Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Holger Jackisch

Ex. Chef at Kempinski Bahrain

“Anna and MyGlassStudio is the tool to use when do you want to put your imagination into reality.”

Bernhard Mayer Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Bernhard Mayer

Ex. Head Chef, The Savoy

“Anna’s attention to detail is second to none. I could not be happier with the relationship we have with this company; It is a delight.”

Guntram Merl Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Guntram Merl

E.A.M., The Ritz-Carlton

“I love your product but more I like your company’s attitude, service, flexibility and creativity. I have never heard “We don’t do that” it is always let’s see how we can make this.”

Dejan Popadic Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Dejan Popadic

E.A.M. F&B, The St. Regis Doha

“Not your ordinary supplier of bespoke dinnerware products, but a long-term business partner with passion and personal involvement beyond compare.”

Andre Jimenez Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Andrés Jiménez

Ex. Chef, The Ritz-Carlton

“The best thing about Anna’s MyGlassStudio is that they are as passionate for quality, perfection and integrity in their business as we are in ours.”

Hayato Nogaki Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Hayato Nogaki

Corporate Director of F&B

“Anna’s dedication to create the finest glass plates compliments our commitment to create the finest guest experience in our restaurants.”

Jean Basseau Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Jean Basseau

Ex. Chef, Paradis Hotel

“Anna and the Glass Studio team is quality by excellence. A very fine and glamorous product which will bring your food and creativity to the next level…”

Dorian Rommel Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Dorian Rommel

COO, St. Regis Singapore

“Anna’s team has the ability to get the job done. Their products are outstanding, with minimum breakage and impressive design.”

Kristoffer Luczak Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Kristoffer Luczak

VP F&B, COD, Macau

“MyGlassStudio’s ideas are among the most original that I have ever seen. Anna blends inspiration with craftsmanship in a unique way…”

Martin Heierling Dinnerware AnnaVasily

Martin Heierling

Sensi Restaurant, Bellagio, Las Vegas

“These plates are Sexy, Sexy, Sexy!!!”

David Moore Dinnerware AnnaVasily

David Moore

Pied à Terre Chef

“Anna’s attention to detail is second to none. I could not be happier with the relationship we have with this company; It is a delight.”



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