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The Magnificence of the Tiered Cake Stands

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A cake is perhaps the most festive and beautiful food you can put on your table. Since it is meant to stand out, it surely deserves to be put on a pedestal. However, we know that not every day is your birthday and we agree that not every occasion suggests a cake at the table. But one thing is certain – every day is a new chance for you to surround yourself with beauty. Since we strongly believe that, we made a list of 10 ideas to inspire you to spread some beauty around your home or make an impressive decoration for a party. You might be surprised to find out that every item can be used in various creative ways. One such item is the cake stand.

3 tier cake stand covered in various sweets

10 Ideas for using Tiered Cake Stands

1. Romantic mini garden

A cake stand can be a fancy and original decoration for any party, sometimes in unexpected ways. Arrange some succulent plants and add some candles to your composition for extra glamour. Now your small garden is ready to give your house party a nice romantic touch.

Create a waffle tower for an elegant Mother's Day party with mint green tableware.

Tea Stand as a Waffle Tower for a Mother’s Day Party

2. Small desserts

Happiness comes in small bites as long as they are many, of course. Compose sweets of different flavours and colours on a  cake stand. It is probably going to be the decoration your guests admire the most. Besides, small desserts are handy and not that ceremonial as a big cake.

3. Afternoon high tea party

An awesome high tea party requires not only tea and sweets but also proper tableware. Present your guests with delicious dessert bites in the most stylish way possible. To stand out, choose designer high tea stands with a unique, but comfortable design. For example, you can put a lot of sweets on the round tiered cake stand and it won’t take a lot of space on the table.

4. Jewellery holder

Why stow your jewellery in boxes, when you can use them to decorate your dressing table? Being placed on a cake stand, your jewellery will serve its purpose in the best possible way. Also, you will never forget where you put your favourite earrings since they will be always in your sight. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Fresh fruit stand

What are fruits, if not nature’s candy? They are delicious, healthy and pretty, so why don’t you put them on a pedestal, where they will remind you of themselves every time you crave something sweet.

Unique lilac cake stand with handles

Lilac Cake Stand With Handles Korr Rectangular Cute Cake Stand by Anna Vasily

6. Luxurious bathroom

We are used to thinking about cake stands as specifically festive gadgets. However, they can also be very practical when used around your home. Use a cake stand surface to hold everyday objects, such as soap and other cosmetics in your bathroom. That way you’ll protect them from getting wet and soggy, and you’ll save space at the same time.

7. Perfume holder

Does your dressing table contain more than it should? Imagine all the little glass bottles – some halfway full, some halfway empty (depends on how optimistic you are). And some of them maybe just present you got for your last birthday and didn’t even open. In that chaos, you may easily forget all the awesome bottled scents you possess. Guess what –a tiered cake stand has enough space for them all.

8. Kitchen arrangement

Order is always the last concern when you’re sleepy in the morning, so make sure everything is well organised and accessible at your home before going to bed. Here is an idea on how to organise your kitchen, so you won’t need to think about finding a proper cup for your coffee anymore – just tidy up everything around the tiers of your cake stand.

Designer glass cake stands, plates and tall pedestal cake stand by Anna Vasily with lamingtons and a Pavlova.

Glass Cake Stands & Plates by Anna Vasily

9. Organiser for your workshop

An awesome advantage of tiered cake stands is how easy it is to organise your items on them. If you are crafty and like to create stuff, you may also have noticed how easy it is to lose your needles, hooks, buttons, beads, etc. Well, pretty much everything has the remarkable ability to disappear right when you need it. This is where tiered cake stands come to help. Pack away the small parts in transparent boxes or jars and arrange them over the tiers.

10. Cake stand at the office

Put your professional name on a pedestal by using a cake stand for your business cards. You may also arrange some candy around them – after all cake stands are meant for sweetness.


Surprisingly,  tiered cake stand may be the best gift for someone’s home, since it could be transformed into anything according to the needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to put your massive white wedding cake or just a place to hold your cups – a cake stand will always stand by your side. After all, that’s its job. The only thing you need to turn a cake stand into your friend is just a pinch of imagination. Enjoy!

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