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Glass Cheese Platters for Tablescapes Even Gods Admire!

Beautiful table with fruits, cheese and crackers on glass cheese platters and cheese trays.

Demonstrate your taste for the divine while presenting your special selection of treats with glass cheese platters, handcrafted fruit bowls, and bread baskets.

Looking for the perfect centrepiece?

Choose a cheese platter with its matching dipping bowl to create the layered mouth-watering presentation or decide to go with a unique glass fruit bowl elegantly presenting your seasonal selection of fruits.

Go for a champagne colour and metallic brown with classy patterns to build a visual foundation for your table. Combining metal with glass would additionally give you an edge over the trends this season, proving you have your eye on the latest home decor movements.
Be brave and mix and match your cheese platters with bread baskets and fruit bowls to challenge not only your own sense of beauty, presenting luxury glass items, but also to show appreciation to your guests by assembling another memorable table setting!

Modern brown glass cheese
Beige glass bread basket with a metal brown loop handle with crackers .
Pink glass cheese platter with cheeses and fruit.
The Diana glass cheese platter with a bronze handle and different cheeses with crackers.
Decorative glass bowl Marc with fruits next to glass cheese platters with cheeses.
Round glass cheese platter with different cheeses, fruits and crackers for Cheese Day.
Beautiful table with fruits, cheese and crackers on elegant glass cheese platters and glass cheese trays.

When It Comes To Entertaining, Say “Cheers!”…errr…“Cheese With a Stunning Glass Cheese Platter!

A good hostess knows that cheese served on a stunning glass cheese platter, paired with your favourite wine, is a lovely way to entertain. Cheese comes in a wide range of flavours, textures and even forms. From goats, cows, sheep or buffalo milk, plain or with spices and fruit added. Arrange your cheese on a glass cheese platter accompanied with a gorgeous fruit bowl and watch your guests mingle around the table, enjoying a white or red wine, and lively conversations. As they slice a delicate portion of cheese from one of your stunning glass cheese platters from AnnaVasily, you’ll simply smile quietly to yourself.


Ensure Your Glass Cheese Platter Display Is As Stunning As It Is Delicious!

Make sure your cheese display is just as stunning as the cheese is delicious, with a unique display stand. With a length of 50cm and a width of 24cm, you can easily add an exotic touch to your presentation at your next party with the Chita display stand. Chita comes in a set of two displays and is made from metal in a brown colour and stands at 10cm high. Chita will help you to create a stylish atmosphere at your get-together where you can relax knowing your guests are suitably impressed!


Serve Slices Of Baguette or Crackers In a Separate Glass Bread Basket

Make an impression by adding the Candy glass bread basket to the table at your next cheese and wine event. Candy is a lovely turtledove cream coloured glass bread basket in our delicate Lace pattern with a comfortable handle. She is 21cm long, 11cm wide and sits at 20cm high. This piece allows for a beautiful arrangement of sliced bread or crackers to accompany your cheese and can be a great conversation starter as your guests pass Candy to one another around the table.


Adorn Your Party Table With the Fabulous Fruit Platters, Aisha and Diana

You just found the perfect way to adorn the party table! Charming Aisha is a round glass cheese or fruit platter in cameo rose with handmade bronze handles and decorated with our own delicate Vivace pattern. She is 35cm in diameter and although designed for desserts, Aisha is also great for arranging different cheeses or a selection of seasonal fruits for all your guests to enjoy and admire!


Alternatively, leave your guests speechless with your elegant taste and exceptionally sophisticated style with the Diana glass cheese platter! Diana is a round glass cheese platter, with a handle in a cute pearly white colour, adorned with our royal Filigree pattern. At 35.5cm in diameter, including the handle she is 11cm in height. Use Diana to serve a delectable cheese selection, canapes or finger food and observe your girlfriends’ fascination with your platting skills!


Seasonal Fruits In a Spectacular Fruit Bowl

Whole fresh fruits or dried fruits and nuts will look stunning when displayed in the Marc fruit bowl. Marc is a medium sized fruit bowl with a diameter of 26cm and a capacity of 1500mls. Marc comes in a tender cream colour decorated with our playful Perky Chrysanthemum design sitting on shiny handcrafted bronze supports. Adorn your table with this divine fruit bowl as a gorgeous centrepiece to remember!


A Fruit Platter With a Twist!

The delicate arrangement of freshly cut fruit or classy crispbread wafers for dipping will look incredible on this refined fruit platter. Elyn is a round fruit platter teamed with a small bowl. Both the fruit platter and the 100ml capacity bowl come in dark doe brown with our vivid Vivace pattern. Standing at a delicate 4cm, this out-of-the-ordinary set is the perfect fruit platter to take your breath away!


Surround Yourself With Elegance With These Glass Cheese Platters, Fruit Platters, Fruit Bowl and Glass Bread Basket.

With a stunning array of glass cheese platters, fruit platters, a glass fruit bowl and a glass bread basket in your collection, all you need is a little preparation and your guests to arrive. Prepare for an impressive event with an abundance of delicious food, fine wine and the best company.


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