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10 Wedding Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

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The wedding is one of the most important events in one’s lifetime and you probably also don’t want your memories of it to fade away with the time. Every bride and groom want their wedding to be as creative and memorable as possible. Here are some creative wedding ideas for the most unusual wedding you’ve ever seen. We promise you’ll have a perfectly personal celebration – a party you will never forget and you will love to tell your future grandchildren about.

wedding ideas - floral table setting, pastel plate, napkin ring

1. Indoor and outdoor wedding at once

An outdoor wedding is among the most romantic approach for your wedding ceremony. Feeling the grass under your feet, the sun on your cheeks and the breeze in the air.  You probably imagine how beautiful it will be, with the flowers blooming around the podium as you say “I do”. However, with an outdoor ceremony, there are also some risks. The breeze could also become a hurricane, the sun could hide behind dark clouds and your romantic outdoor wedding could become an absolute nightmare. What if we told you there is a way to have an “outdoor” wedding indoors? It is all about the theme. Lay grass down on top of the concrete, decorate the walls with flowers and you will avoid depending on nature.

2. Music performed by a friend

Music can give you goosebumps even when played on a bad MP3 record, but listening to it live doubles the pleasure and makes the moment more special and memorable. Now, imagine if the song is performed by someone close. Not everyone could be Bob Dylan, but there is nothing better than a bride walking down the aisle, accompanied by music from someone beloved. Such a meaningful gesture will make your wedding a fairy tale, and we all know that everyone remembers them quite well.

3. Cheesecake (Literally!)

Cheese and cake are among the best things you can put on a table, regardless of the occasion. However, when we speak about weddings, they are absolutely essential – delicious, sophisticated and various, they will charm every guest at your celebration. Combine those two and you’re going to have a classic, yet original menu. Surprise your guests by serving them an unusual wedding idea – a sour cake. Present it on a similarly unusual cake stand and delight your guests with that unforgettable experience for their taste buds.

Blue glass cake stands dome lid and cake plate with dome by Anna Vasily.

Cake Stands Dome Lid – Covered Cake Stands by Anna Vasily

4. One of a kind bouquet

Roses are red, violets are blue, and they are both beautiful, but equally boring and cliché. Flowers and floral motives are an important part of every wedding decoration and no one can argue with that. However, there is some room to improvise. For example, for a beautiful Mediterranean themed wedding, you can count on gentle olive branches for the maids’ bouquet, since they symbolize peace and serenity. For a perfect finish of the theme choose a unique table centerpiece in bronze and glass, it will give a more sophisticated look

5. Beer Menu

Mimosas are the ultimate welcome drink for every celebration, but they are already so popular that they have actually become a little annoying. You can come up with something more original. Make the drinks the main characters at your table. We consider beer to be one of the most charming drinks and if you are a beer lover too, you’ll probably love the idea of a whole beer menu for your guests – dark, ale, lager… and why not some fruit and spice mixes?

6. Cone juice at a summer wedding

If you plan your wedding to be on a hot summer day, consider having refreshing cold treats at the table. The only ingredients you need for sweet snow cones are ice and syrup. Crush the ice in until it becomes snow, put it in a nice cone and pour some syrup on top. If you add some gin or vodka, your snow cone gets extra party points, and so does your wedding! Serve the cones on a beautiful cocktail stand that will definitely grab your guests’ attention.

7. A creative lighting plan

When the sun is hiding behind dark clouds, we are gloomy. When the fog is blocking our view of the stars, we are sad. Just as the light in nature the wedding lighting will set the mood for your celebration. That’s why it is probably one of the most important parts of your wedding decoration. Hang light bulbs or lanterns over the party and transport your guests into an enchanted dimension, where everything is possible. Isn’t that love after all?

8. First dance sparklers

The first dance is just for the bride and the groom – their own wonderful moment under the stars. Let the guests be part of those stars by giving them sparklers during the most special dance of the evening. They will lighten the night and create the most romantic atmosphere you’ve ever seen. Just make sure that there is enough space, so you don’t set anything on fire.

9. Reception ideas

Every country and region has different wedding traditions. Some of them make sense – like the one where the bride and groom feed each other with cake, which is a cute metaphor for family life. Others are just for fun – like throwing the bouquet, which as you know doesn’t guarantee anyone marriage in the near future. In Pakistan, the bride’s relatives steal the groom’s shoes and in some Bulgarian villages, people dance while holding live chickens in their hands. What would you like to do at your wedding reception?

 10. A ceiling treatment over the dancefloor

Differentiate the space for dancing from the rest of the hall by using different light and design of the ceiling. Let the light over the dancefloor be dimmed, so there is а more intimate atmosphere. Also, dimmed light is going to allow everyone to be more confident when doing their sexy moves. Dance like no one’s watching!


The wedding is an unforgettable experience that marks the beginning of a whole new life – a happy time of love, support and creativity. That is why the wedding ceremony should not be underestimated. We hope that our unusual wedding ideas have brought you one step closer to achieving that perfect magical moment. Throw the best celebration of all times and create amazing memories for you and all your close people.

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