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50+ Baby Shower Gifts – Ideas for the Mother and Her Home

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Becoming a mother is one of the happiest occasions for celebration and of course, having a baby shower is obligatory. The event serves as a welcoming for the baby into the world but that’s not all there is to it because you, as a guest, have the opportunity to be of great help to the mother by choosing a gift that will be useful to her in the future. Choose a gift that will serve the new mother well and she will surely be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

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50+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Following is a list of more than 50 gift ideas that are ideal for the mother and her home decor, making sure that you stand out among the other guests. Choose a great gift and make the celebration memorable.

Gifts for New Mothers

1. Baby Onesie

Useful and also humorous.

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2. Soundwave Art

Great decorative pieces that use the baby`s heartbeat and turns it into soundwave art.

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3. Full Baby Outfit

Babies tend to get their clothes dirty a lot, so a mother can never have enough spares.

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4. Diapers, Blankets and Accessories shaped as a Jeep

Perhaps one of the most unique and useful gifts for the purpose.

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5. Champagne Glasses

Champagne flutes perfect for using at the shower.

champagne glasses / AnnaVasily / CC BY

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6. Printed Mini Jars

Ideal for holding with tasty treats or baby food.

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7. Designer Tableware and Dinnerware Sets

Although it`s a baby shower the mother deserves gifts as well. Make her feel like she`s in a luxurious restaurant with this great plate set. Pricey but memorable.

Designer tableware and dinnerware sets / AnnaVasily / CC BY

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8. Measuring Spoons

Every new mother needs a set of these, plus they`re cutely shaped as hearts.

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9. Personalized Baby Shower Coasters

The mother is sure to love the personalized message, but the coasters will also come in handy.

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10. Baby Toys

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11. Cute Sleeping Clothes

You will rest easy knowing your sweet baby will feel comforted and secure during their swaddle transition and beyond. 

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12. Soft toys

It is sure to become the baby`s favorite toy to snuggle with.

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13. High Tea Stand

This high tea stand is beautifully tinted in cream and the Mosaic pattern makes it instantly noticeable.

High Tea Stand / AnnaVasily / CC BY

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14. Peek-A-Boo Elmo Toy

The perfect substitute for when the mother is too busy to play peek-a-boo.

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15. Nightlight

A soft glowing nightlight so the baby sleeps perfectly.

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16. Kid Scrub`s

Ideal for the child to wear when just playing around.

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17. Personalized Wood Plaque

Great decorative piece for placing over the baby`s bed.

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18. Baby Bathrobe

Looks incredibly cute but it will be of great use to the mother when showering the baby.

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19. Lamb Blanket

A cozy huggable blanket that will keep the baby warm and cozy while sleeping.

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20. Mother and Baby Skincare Products

Pampering products like oils, balms and shampoo both for the mother and the baby.

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21. Hooded Towel

Made from extremely absorbable cotton fabric.

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22. Bedtime Story Books

A must-have item for every mom who wants to put her baby to sleep.

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23. Fetal Doppler

Baby Doppler products are a safe and effective way for expecting parents to feel secure and stress-free while listening to their baby’s heartbeat.

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24. Xylophone Toy

Musical instruments are always interesting to children. Perhaps you can add earplugs as an additional gift.

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25. Baby Bean Bag

Very light and easy for the mother to carry anywhere she needs it.

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26. Meal Voucher

Sometimes the best present for a mother is to have someone else prepare a meal for her.

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27. Baby Shusher

Calming the baby can be tiring, but this device does all the “shushing” work and lets the mother rest.

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28. 2 in 1 Baby Car Seat and Stroller

One of the most useful items for a mother.

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29. Baby – Parent Dancing Shoes

All kids love to do that.

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 30. HTML for babies

Prepare the baby for the world of tomorrow.

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31. High-Tech Baby Seat

An infant seat that does all the cradling by itself.

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32. Bowl with Gyroscope

The bowl that tackles the issue of babies spilling their food.

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33. Breastfeeding Cushion

Extremely useful for a mother who breastfeeds.

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34. Lollipop Stand

A great looking piece that can even be used as decoration in a baby girl`s room.

Lollipop Stand / AnnaVasily / CC BY

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35. Luxurious Treats Bundle

Make the soon-to-be mother feel special and treat herself to a fine selection of goodies.

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36. Attachable Stroller Bag

So the mother can carry everything she needs and access it with convenience.

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37. Luxurious Changing Mat

Changing diapers won`t feel so bad with this stylish and functional mat.

38. Bibby Mat

For a clean baby and clean table.

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39. Baby Carrier

Another vital item that every new mother needs to have.

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40. Ice Cream Bowl

Any child will love eating ice cream from this classy bowl.

Designer tableware and dinnerware sets glass bowl atop hand polished bronze stand / AnnaVasily / CC BY

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41. Stylish Diaper Bag

Carrying diapers around won`t be an issue with this bag.

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42. Baby Shower Soap

An actual soap for an actual baby shower.

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43. Prenatal In-Home Massage

Perfect for stress relief and relaxation.

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44. Baby-monitoring Camera

So the mother can relax or do her chores while still keeping an eye on her baby.

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45. “Mama” Gold Necklace

For every proud and stylish “mama”.

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46. Traveling Crib

Any mother will appreciate such a portable and functional crib.

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47. Safe Sippy

The ultimate spill-proof baby bottle.

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48. Portable Changing Mat

So the new mom is prepared for any diaper changing situation.

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49. Food and Bottle Warmer

So everything is always at the perfect temperature.

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50. Stroller Phone Holder

A must-have item for any contemporary mother.

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51. Handprints of Time

A clever canvas that lets the family collect its children`s handprints and remember all the happy memories.

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52. Personalized Make-Up Pouch

Becoming a mom doesn`t mean she has to stop using makeup.

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53. Bear Pajamas

So her baby sleeps tight while also being stylish.

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54. Pacifier Necklace

No more losing pacifiers under the table.

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55. Personalized Birth Certificate Holder

Birth certificates are important documents that should also be kept in a special place.

All Set for a Happy Celebration!

Did you get a good idea of what baby shower gift to get? We hope that this list has been helpful and remember that the most important thing when making a gift is to present it with joy and happy wishes.

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