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50+ Christmas Table Setting Ideas – The Ultimate List

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Christmas is one of the most important and celebrated holidays in the world. It`s a holiday surrounded by the sense of magic, had the ability to bring out the best in people and of course, gathers the whole family around the table. Preparations for the holiday usually start early on and require meticulous planning, both in terms of the meals that are served and the setting of the table.

christmas table setting Gala is a gorgeous blue wine ice bucket that sits on a bronze pedestal with handcasted and hand polished bronze handles. Gala is presented together with two handcrafted champagne glasses with the same colour glass jem as Gala.

Food and presents may play a big role creating the holiday spirit, but decoration should not be overlooked. A well-set table with charger plates can brighten up the atmosphere and transfer everyone into a land of magic festivities.

Here is a list of some great table setting ideas that will help you create the ultimate Christmas vibes and help you have a great celebration with the whole family.

The Ultimate List of Christmas Table Setting Ideas


1. Arranged Pinecones

These pine cones that light up just need to be placed in a simple vase or centrepiece and put on the table.

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2. Dark Colored Centerpiece

This lovely ice bucket goes perfectly with a pinecone and branch arrangement.

Gala is a gorgeous blue wine ice bucket that sits on a bronze pedestal with handcasted and hand polished bronze handles. / / CC BY

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3. DIY Christmas Trees

All you need is some green paper, glue and time. Simple yet very effective.

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4. Snowy Candleholders

Placing these candleholders on the table will bring some of that snowy atmosphere and coziness, especially when lit.

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5. Matching Plates and Napkins

Match the colors of the plates and napkins to create a unified look.

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6. Luxurious Dinner Sets

Build on top of the previous idea with some great looking luxurious dinner sets.

Luxurious Dinner Sets Kylie is a round dish in champagne colour with a splash of cameo rose. / / CC BY

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7. Elegant Silverware

Not everything has to be fancy looking. Simple but elegant silverware is perfect for making the rest of the table stand out.

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8. Tall Slender Candles

These tall candles are guaranteed to make any Christmas table look posh. Make sure to match the color to the plates and napkins.

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9. Unified Look

Most important of all, make sure that everything matches well together.

Brown and gold Christmas place settings with the Zin napkin rings decorated with Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Place Settings – The Gold Napkin Rings Zin in the Christmas Table Setting

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10. Wintery Natural Elements

The plain white colors of the vases go extremely well with tree branches, covered in light snow spray.

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11. Green and White Plates

These plates are perfect for matching with the abovementioned idea, bringing those wintery forest colors to life.

Green and White Plates Ruby is a classy small side plate with an elevated rim in a square form, coloured in pearl white with dazzling splashes of fine jade green. / / CC BY

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12. Ribbon Tied Napkins

Adding a stylish ribbon to the dinner napkins and placing them on a plate is extremely effective.

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13. Chandelier Garland

Place a garland on the chandelier in the dining room. Don’t forget to match the colors.

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14. Personalized Plate Cards

Make your guests feel special by labeling their seats with special cards.

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15. Platter with a Hole in the Middle

These platters are ideal for placing a candle in the middle. Break the stereotype.

Rita is a fabulous dark doe brown coloured platter in our own Venetian Filigree pattern, with a hole in the centre-perfect for adding a bowl with carefully placed sauce around the outside. / / CC BY

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16. Paper Scroll Cards

Bring a little bit of Victorian spirit with some vintage scroll cards.

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17. Styled Deer Figurines

A simple white deer figurine next to natural elements like pines and rosemary makes for a natural festive environment.

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18. Tartan Tablecloth

A well selected tablecloth ties the whole table together.

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19. Wooden Crate with Candles and Branches

A great and stylish alternative to using a simple vase.

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20. Scattered Star Elements

It`s the fine touches that really bring the table setting to life.

Brong and gold Christmas place settings with the Alice set as Christmas dinner plates.

Christmas Place Settings – The Alice Set as a Part of the Christmas Dinnerware

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21. DIY Christmas Napkins

Get some simple green napkins and turn them into an effective decorative piece.

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22. Stylish Plates

Match that napkin artwork with a great-looking set of plates.

Stylish Plates Kelly is a big round dinner plate with a gently raised rim, in magical pearly white with our playful Venetian Filigree pattern. / / CC BY

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23. Cheese and Meat Plate

Impress your guests with this festive twist of the classic cheese and meat plate.

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24. Snowflake Coasters

Stylish and space efficient, they’re sure to bring the winter cheer to any table.

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25. Selecting a Palette

For best results choose a unified color palette and stick to it.

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26. Angel Elements

Don’t forget that chairs can be decorated too.

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27. Fresh Flowers

Among all the great looking decorations, one can forget that adding fresh flowers to the table creates a vibrant atmosphere.

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28. Flowers on the Plates

Adding a bit of greenery and floral elements on top of the plates is a nice fine touch that your guests will appreciate. Here is a suggestion for some out-of-the-box plate options.

And here is what the idea looks like when applied:

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29. Wood Tone Centerpiece

Make a selection of wooden colored elements like pine cones, tree branches and unshelled nuts and put them in a nice looking transparent container. Bonus points for the wooden cake stand.

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30. Wintery Table Setting

You can go for the white table setting and recreate an atmosphere of a wintery landscape.

blue gold place setting - christmas in july - luxurious dinnerware

elegant blue gold place setting – christmas in july

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31. Minimalistic Red Elements

A very simple setting, using red striped tablecloth and red berries decoration.

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32. Farm Inspired Table

This is a simple and cozy looking setting, inspired by rustic elements and darker colors. Note the walnuts on each plate.

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33. Citrus Elements

Make everyone feel welcome by placing a basket filled with fresh and dried citrus.

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34. Aromatic Plate Selection

Make a selection of aromatic elements such as pines and oranges. You can get creative and embellish the oranges with cloves for a more detailed look.

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35. Jingle Bells

Jingle bells can be placed all around the plates and table to further foster the festive vibe.

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36. Unconventional Colors

Break away from the traditional colors pallets for a more contemporary take on the holiday.

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37. Stockings on the Wall

Don’t forget to add decorative elements around the table as well. White and gold stockings give a nice finish to a table setting that follows the same pattern.

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38. Gold Elements

Celebrate in style by crafting a gold-coloured table setting palette.

Luxurious dinner sets. Our Cary gold dinner plate is a unique and perfectly rounded plate in matte gold and decorated with our Perky Chrysanthemum pattern. / / CC BY

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39. Gold Ribbon Tied Plates

Build on top of the previous idea for an even fancier look.

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40. Wineglass Snow Dome and Candleholder

Any regular wineglass can be turned into a double serving decorative piece with this simple twist.

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41. Glittery Tapers

These majestic candles don’t even have to be lit.

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42. Colorful Place Cards

These DIY place cards are a perfect match for a table setting in the red, pink and white palette.

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43. Miniature Christmas Trees

Just add a small star to a pine tree branch and glue it on a log platform.

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44. Snowy Jar

You can turn any empty jar into a snowy fairytale. Just add sugar, a candle and some pinecones.

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45. Mix and Match Plates

Match main and side plates by pattern but make things more interesting by using different colors.

The Alexa gold dinner plate is shaped in an artistic style, in matte gold in our retro Sixties pattern. Adorn your table with Alexa gold dinner plate and enjoy the compliments from your friends and family! / / CC BY

The Alexa gold dinner plate is shaped in an artistic style, in matte gold in our retro Sixties pattern. Adorn your table with Alexa gold dinner plate and enjoy the compliments from your friends and family! / / CC BY

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46. Paper Figurines

Any piece of paper can be transformed into a festive figurine if you`re feeling crafty enough.

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47. DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree

Have some leftover Christmas lights lying around? Grab some pinecones and put those lights to good use.

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48. Hanging Decoration

The figurines hang beautifully as if they’re planets.

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49. Silverware in Christmas Socks

Keep the silverware nice and cozy while also achieving a great stylistic effect.

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50. Icy Chandelier

Embed icy snowflakes into the chandelier for a nice wintery setting.

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51. Stylish Placemats

You don’t always need a full tablecloth.

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52. Classy Gold Setting

If you want to make it classy why not go all the way?

Napkin in a napkin ring with 2 glass gems on top of a coral dinner set.

Coral Dinner Set for Christmas – Graci by AnnaVasily

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53. Bluish Overtones

A table setting that is reminiscent and icy landscapes and frosty mountains.

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Ready for Christmas?

Did you settle on a table setting or come up with your own alternative after getting inspired? Leave a comment and tell us all about your Christmas dinner, you can even show us a photo of the decoration.

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