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25 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas that Stand Out

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Choosing a proper wedding gift can prove to be very challenging. Usually there are so many guests that it seems impossible to pick something unique and leave a lasting impression. We’ve all heard nightmares of newlyweds getting so many similar items that most end up buried in a closet somewhere.

Champagne Glassses

That’s why a personalized gift is ideal for such occasions. Even after many years it still evokes warm memories from the happy occasion. Even if it`s a small item, the thought behind the present and the extra effort make it a lot more valuable.

Here are some great ideas for personalized wedding gifts that are sure to give you an edge over the other guests.

Stand Out With Those 25 Personalized Wedding Gifts

1. Photo Candle

Sometimes the simplest present can turn out to be the best one. Putting carefully selected photographs of you and the newlyweds on a stylish candle is a perfect way to show your appreciation and provide a long lasting memory.

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2. Labeled Bath Towels

A set of matching towels with the couple`s embroidered names is a very nice twist to a classic gift. Plus, they won’t have to wonder which one is whose.

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3. Custom Soap Bars

Getting soap bars customized with names is quite easy and can be done online in just a few minutes. You can also choose specific ingredients and smells to truly make the gift unique.

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4. Customized Perfumes

Many luxurious perfume stores offer the service of crafting a customized fragrance based on the customer’s input. Inquire about the bride and groom`s favorite fragrances and surprise them with this thoughtful gift.

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5. Engraved Wooden Box

Wood engravings always look stylish. Get a nice wooden box and send your wishes to the new family. Later the box can be used for storing jewelry while also reminding the new couple of your  wedding wish.

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6. Personalized Keychains

A personalized keychain is a simple yet useful present that will remind the couple of you each time they take them out of their pockets.

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7. Table Centerpieces and Decorations

For a more personal and luxurious gift approach, you can choose one of those beautifully crafted handmade table centrepieces, a gift that will be remembered and discussed each time it’s set on the table. Furthermore, the plates can be further personalized with a special message to the celebrating couple.

Pheni on white background. Pheni is a magnificent serving tray in soft shell pink with our minimal Perky Chrysanthemum pattern with bronze handles.

https://www.annavasily.com.au / / CC BY

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8. Photo Frame

Photo frames can be boring or interesting, depending on whether they’re customized with a message. Get creative and choose a unique quote or message for your friends.

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9. Custom Decorative Frame

Not every present has to be practical. Some things are just fun to look at. This is a great reminder of the first steps in the couple`s early wooing period.

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10. Wall Clock

Do you know what time it is? It`s time to remember your wedding and think about all those great memories from that special day.

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11. Couples Spa Procedure

A personalized gift doesn’t have to be limited to a nice looking or useful object, it just has to show your personal approach and deeper involvement. A nice spa therapy for the young family certainly does that.

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12. Personalized Champagne Bottle

Champagne is considered among the most romantic gifts, but a personal message makes it even better, especially when it’s printed on golden foil and features a great design. Add a set of champagne flutes as well.

Luxury champagne bucket for an elegant NYE party.

Champagne Bucket for an NYE Party – The Sharmi Ice Bucket

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13. A Vase

The groom and bride will need something to hold all the flowers in, so why not be the one to offer them the perfect solution. This nature-inspired vase is a perfect medium for your greetings and wishes.

Glass Bud Vases On Brass Base Mari by Anna Vasily

the Perfect Pink Small Vase

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14. Lookalike Lego Figurines

Get LEGO figurines and make them look like the newlyweds while achieving a super original present with minimum effort. Just write their names after that and you’re all set.

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15. Matching Passport Holders

These stylish passport holders are the ultimate gift for a husband and wife that love travel and exploring. And practically speaking, there’s probably a honeymoon coming right up.

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16. Name Print Glass Jar

Are the newlyweds avid garden party enthusiasts? These customized jars with the couple`s names on them can sure come in handy.

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17. Custom Celebratory Slate

Nothing is set in stone, except maybe your heartfelt wedding wishes and this customized gift.

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18. Wall Banner

With this personalized message that can be placed anywhere in the newlywed’s home, everyday can feel like a wedding celebration.

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19. Fancy Dinner Voucher

Presenting a dinner voucher for a nice restaurant is a great present for when the family doesn’t feel like cooking or eating at home. If you want to truly make it into a culinary adventure, you can make it a voucher for a number of dinners at different places.

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20. Custom Jewelry

If your budget is on the higher side you can get personalized matching gold bracelets or necklaces, with the bride`s and groom`s names written on them, they’re certain to love it.

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21. Events Map for the Couple

This can be a truly special and personal gift, especially if you’re very close to the couple. Give them a customized map of the most important events that led to their wedding.

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22. “First Night as a Family” Bundle

Help the newlyweds spend a relaxed and dzen first night as a family with a fine selection of romantic items such as candles, massage oil and bath salts.

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23. Wedding Slam Book

It is the effort you put in that makes a gift really personalized. Find a nice book and customize it with a photo of the newlyweds and collect quotes, autographs and photos from the wedding to really create something special that they can revisit and enjoy.

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24. Clock with a Caricature

Caricatures can make everything more interesting. Imagine the couple`s excitement and smiles when they see their own faces caricatured and placed on a clock.

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25. Custom Jenga Game

Did you know you can get the game of Jenga customized? Get the newlywed’s names printed on the box and provide them with an ideal entertainment for a lazy Friday night.

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Congratulate the Newlyweds from Us!

Hopefully you’re now more prepared to choose a wedding gift that will leave the groom and bride talking for years. We’ll be happy to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments, so please feel free to drop us a line. Don’t forget to let us know how the present was received.

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