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Love on a Cake Plate With a Dome

Elegant and romantic table setting including champane bucket, glass dome, champagne glass, cake stand a small glass bowl with a lot of flowers and a Sheakspeare sonnet written on the table cloth

We all have people we love and we hope they know we love them, but sometimes we get caught up in everyday problems and we don’t say those 3 words nearly as much as we should.  Take a moment to slow down on Love Note Day, write a Love Note to your special someone and put it on a cake plate with a glass dome from AnnaVasily. This is a lovely and original way to make your loved one feel special and they’re unlikely to forget it.

A love note is one of the most romantic ways to tell that special person how you feel about them. This year, give traditional romance a unique new twist and make love happen! Leave your memorable love note hidden under a glass dome with a plate.

Light blue serving platter with a glass dome with a love note under it on a table with a poem and roses
An irregular shaped blue charger plate with white roses on a table with a sonnet on the tablecloth.
Romantic beige ice cream bowl on a pedestal with a white rose in it, on a table with a poem and a light blue charger plate.
Elegant and romantic table setting including champane bucket, glass dome, champagne glass, cake stand a small glass bowl with a lot of flowers and a Sheakspeare sonnet written on the table cloth

Glass plate with a dome

The element of surprise is what makes a love note even better. We’re sure that special someone will be delighted to find your note under the dome, but perhaps it’s a good idea to have actual cake and appetisers ready just in case. So prepare a romantic feast, covering irresistible appetisers under the glass dome lid of Tari! Tari is a lovely light blue platter decorated with a delicate floral pattern. This handmade platter comes with an elegant glass dome that’s left with a textured interior and is accessorized with a uniquely shaped bronze handle.  Arrange delicious bites or fresh fruit on this mesmerising platter and serve with class, style and confidence!

Romantic charger plates

Delight your loved one with the gorgeous Liv dawn blue charger plate with diameter of 31 cm. Liv has an irregular shape and is decorated with the flowing floral pattern. Create wonderful, unforgettable moments by teaming Liv with the lovely Kriss ice cream bowl.  Kriss is decidedly romantic in beige with blue highlights, with a gleaming polished bronze stem. Lovingly handmade, this ice cream bowl has a fairytale inspired design and can certainly add a touch of magic to any occasion. Spoil your loved one by serving luscious foods, perfectly presented in Kriss on top of the unique Liv charger plate. Find more designer serveware to get creative with our collection!

Champagne accessories

Celebrate your love with champagne! A stunning tall champagne glass on a hand-polished bronze stem, Amar has a rough cut glass gem in angelic light blue that catches the light in the most mesmerizing way. Every sip turns into a luxurious celebration with the Amar champagne glasses. Add some extra romance with the champagne ice bucket Daka. Handmade in Europe, this sculptural piece has graceful flared rim and polished bronze handles. Daka comes in soft beige marbled with light blue and will keep champagne and wine cold so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Love Served on a Glass Platter

You’ve served your love on a platter, but what about putting it on a pedestal? Aige is a blue platter a polished bronze pedestal and will definitely stand out at 20.5cm tall with a 30cm diameter.  Aige is perfect for presenting cakes, pies and tarts – baked with love, of course. Handmade and designed to stand the test of time, Aige is an investment in style that will pay off.

In the century where everything is fast paced – take some time and prepare for Love Note Day. Put into words what your heart’s been singing and show your loved one how much you care with the simple, yet powerful gesture of a love note.

Still feeling romantic? Check out our ideas for Valentine’s Day or see how sweet you can be with cake plates!

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