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Wine Plates That Hold a Glass for Your NYE Party

Wine plates that hold a glass and champagne flutes for an NYE party.

A stunning table setting, champagne, confetti and a few resolutions we might even keep – what else could you possibly need for a glamorous New Years Eve party? When the clock strikes twelve and that feeling of new beginning is in the air, you want everything to be stunning for a perfect start to the year. Serving hors d’oeuvres, beautiful small desserts is part of the course and presentation matters almost as much as taste! This is why we’ve prepared a selection of designer wine plates that hold a glass and collection of toasting flutes from our champagne accessories range for when the clock strikes twelve! Let the champagne flow and treat your guests to a luxurious celebration they’ll remember.

Gold champagne flutes to toast at your NYE party.
Unique stemless flutes for a glam NYE party.
Unique stemless flutes for a glam NYE party.
Luxury champagne bucket for an elegant NYE party.
Gold wine plates that hold a glass with canapes for a glam NYE party.
Blue wine plates that hold a glass for an elegant NYE party.
Wine plates that hold a glass and a champagne flute for an NYE party.

You can’t have a New Year’s Eve party without champagne and so champagne glasses are a must! Our new collection of stemless flutes is the perfect stylish complement to our wine plates that hold a glass and you can top off your display with a statement champagne bucket that can double as an elegant centerpiece.

Toasting Flutes – Cheers to Elegance!

When you drink champagne you gotta do it in style and Kassi rises up to the occasion. With an opulent solid bronze stem topped with a decorative pink glass gem, these toasting flutes are luxuriously heavy and add a bit of decadence to your celebrations. They come in pairs, gift-wrapped in soft tulle inside a white snap-shut box, making them fantastic as a wedding gift as well! The Gaby set is Kassi’s twin with a rough-cut gem in subtle sandy beige. Together, they make a great combo for an eclectic boho look, bringing handcrafted elegance to the whole set-up.

Be Unique With Designer Stemless Flutes

If you’re looking for something modern and fresh, the Celes set of stemless flutes is the perfect choice for you. These glasses rest atop a freeform bronze base and are effortlessly chic. The champagne glass flutes have an advantage on crystal flutes as they are much sturdier and you won’t have to be too careful while using them. The Catal stemless flutes have a more masculine vibe with their angular bronze base and are fantastic both for contemporary table settings and retro looks.

Wine Plates That Hold a Glass

Since everyone will be carrying around champagne, wine plates that hold a glass are a practical option for your party. The Gaze cocktail plates have a unique dimpled design specifically created for canapes with a comfortable glass holder and they’ll definitely catch the attention of your guests. Matte gold with a swirly pattern, these plates offer a luxurious experience. Thal and Sum are slightly bigger than their counterpart Gaze, but they all sport the same wavy design with a seamlessly integrated glass holder inlet. Thal is effervescent in metallic light blue overlaid with a geometric pattern, giving the cocktail plate set subtle nautical vibes. Sum is Thal is dark brown twin and comes with elegant depictions of chrysanthemums. Gaze is decorated with a swirly motif that elegantly complements the luxe gold colour. This eclectic mix of patterns and metallic tones gives the party a stylish urban edge.

Keep the Champagne Flowing With an Elegant Ice Bucket

Your champagne party definitely needs an impressive champagne bucket and with Sharmi you don’t have to look further! This sculptural piece comes in soft cream and is reminiscent of melting ice with its flowing edge, nicely paired with the warm-toned glimmer of the polished bronze handles and pedestal. Sharmi will help you keep the champagne ice cold and provide your bar with a stylish statement piece at the same time.

Glam New Year’s With Wine Plates That Hold a Glass

All that’s left is for you to enjoy your party and sit back as your guests admire your stylish wine plates that hold a glass!

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