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Galentine's Day Party – Ideas for a Pink Brunch

Galentine's Day Party - Get Galentine's Day ideas for a pink table setting!

It’s February, the world seems to slowly be overtaken by shades of pink and red, everything heart-shaped rules shop windows and we’re busy planning a Galentine’s Day party! This fun and sweet micro-holiday, originally coined by the Parks and Recreations sunny character Leslie Knope, is the best excuse we’ve ever come across to drink champagne and eat chocolate with our girlfriends and we’re doing it in style by hosting a Galentine’s Day brunch with a pink theme. Everything is pink – the designer dinnerware and dinner sets, the champagne flutes glasses and, of course, the champagne itself! This Galentine’s Day party table is accented with gold details and offset by the odd element in white to keep it interesting, but you can check out our collection of designer dinner plates and champagne accessories to create your own unique table setting in whatever colours you like.

This pink table setting is unapologetically feminine and sweet with a mix of heart-shaped plates and different patterns your girlfriends will adore. We decorated the table with low arrangements of flowers in pinks and reds to complete the look and picked our chocolate hearts in colourful wrappings to match the whole table.

Galentine's Day Party Inspiration - Ideas for pink table setting with modern dinnerware.
Galentine's Day Party - Host a Galentine's Day brunch with the cutest pink table setting and a cupcake station to die for!
Galentine's Day Party Ideas - Host a fun Galentine's Day brunch and create a pink table setting your girlfriends will love!
Galentine's Day Ideas - Organize a Galentine's Day brunch for your friends! Go for a pink table setting with floral arrangements in stunning decorative glass vases. Don't forget to get lots of chocolate!
Galentine's Day Table Setting - All pink table setting with heart-shaped plates lots of champagne! Get ideas for your Galentine's Day party from our blog!

The traditional Valentine’s Day pink is king at this Galentine’s Day party table. Charming details such as pink side plates and bread plates in the shape of hearts and matching pink glass coasters are a wonderful way to add a fun twist to the display.

Choose a Neutral Base for a Balanced Galentine’s Day Table

Since our brunch table features pink and lots of it, we had to balance that out with something more toned down and the Staffo glass charger plates were just the thing. Elegant in metallic white with a delicate purple geometric pattern that complemented the pinks nicely. These plates come in a set of two that are perfect for such small gatherings.

Set up a Cupcake Display at Your Galentine’s Day Brunch

We’re always looking for more ways to sneak chocolate into our diets and a Galentine’s Day brunch provides us with plenty of options. Chocolate cupcakes with pink and white frosting and heart decorations were arranged on the elevated platters from the Casey set. In two different sizes, these pink glass platters made for an adorable mini desserts station at this girly table. The swirly pattern seemed to be created for tempting desserts.

Give in to Your Sweet Tooth With Chocolate Hearts

It wouldn’t be a Galentine’s Day party without chocolate hearts and used the Elys glass bread basket to present them. With a comfortable loop handle and a vintage lace pattern in soft shell pink, Elys was a perfect fit for our pink theme. This handmade object comes beautifully gift-wrapped in tulle inside a white snap-shut box and it would also make a lovely gift for your friends who could use it as a glass trinket box or tray.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

No table setting is complete without a centerpiece and you can’t go wrong with flowers. Low arrangements are fantastic for smaller tables where you don’t want things to appear crowded. The decorative glass vase Mari is a stunning addition to this pink tablescape, with a winding polished bronze stand that gives it an almost sculptural appearance. The flash of warm metallics also livens up the table, giving it luxe overtones.

Galentine’s Day Party Pink Essentials – Heart Shaped Plates

We are celebrating love, so of course our Galentine’s Day party features heart-shaped elements in the dinnerware. The Amy small heart plates come in a lovely pastel pink colour marbled with subtle beige highlights. We also added heart-shaped glass coasters from the Park set for an extra dose of sweetness. They are also practical with their soft silicone bumpers and you could give them away to your girlfriends as a cute party favour!

Galentine’s Day Ideas to Show Your Friends You Appreciate Them

We all love our friends and we want to make them happy, so we bet you’re on the lookout for ideas for Galentine’s Day that will make them feel extra special! We suggest presenting them with small beautifully wrapped unique gifts, placed on top of their plates as a sweet surprise. The gift doesn’t have to be anything fancy, the important thing is for it to be personal to show them you’ve noticed what they like. It could be something that reminds them of a fun memory you two share or more on the joke side of things if they’re the type to appreciate such gifts.

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