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Easter Brunch Ideas for an Elegant Holiday Table

Pastel Easter Brunch Ideas - How to Style Your Table With Pink and Purple Tableware for Easter

Easter is one of our favourite holidays to celebrate, as it’s a fantastic reason to get the family together at the table. Planning family events can sometimes get a bit stressful, so why not keep it casual with an Easter brunch? Of course, casual doesn’t have to mean boring, and the holidays are always a great opportunity to get creative with your table décor! We set our hearts on a traditional pastel theme with designer dinnerware in pinks and purples and let our imagination run wild with some unusual Easter table décor ideas. From fabulous bento boxes to re-purposed glass napkin ring holders, our pastel brunch tablescape is fantastic for an elegant morning with your loved ones.


Since an Easter brunch is more relaxed by design, we didn’t go for a full place setting set-up and stayed on the simple side of things with designer dinner plates and minimalistic napkin rings. Things don’t have to be complicated to look good! Pastels have always been a classic choice for Easter table décor and they gave the table subtle feminine charm. Read on and get inspired!

Pastel Easter Brunch Table Setting - Read our blog post and get inspiration for your Easter table decor!
Easter Brunch Ideas - Get creative with your Easter table decor! We used the Kaly bento box as an unexpected Easter centerpiece with a fantastic result. Check out our blog for more Easter ideas for a stunning pastel table setting!
Choose glass vases for your Easter table decor and treat your family to a beautiful Easter brunch! The purple glass vase Flore is the perfect Easter centerpiece.
Elegant Easter table decor with pastel tableware. Host a stunning Easter brunch with unique tableware!
Easter brunch ideas for the elegant host - freshen up your Easter table decor with pastels and modern dinnerware!

The Easter Brunch Table Basics – Classic Plates

Every table starts with the plates! For this laid-back Easter brunch we picked the Adel set of glass charger plates in pastel pink. The simple pattern and classic round shape work perfectly with the theme. These versatile plates are wonderfully elegant and easy to dress up or down according to your styling preferences. A definite must for anyone who loves hosting events and likes to experiment with their décor.
We paired up the Adel set with the Sostra plates for a subtle mismatched aesthetic. This is easy to do with our collections of designer dinnerware and dinner sets in complimentary colour palettes. The Sostra plates are dreamy in lilac with hand-painted cream highlights and are an elegant choice for your Easter brunch table. Perfect for serving up some sweet treats!

Easter Brunch Ideas Your Guests Will Love

We had more than a few Easter brunch ideas when it came to the tableware and we hope you’ll get some inspiration as well! Glass trinket boxes might usually belong on top of your dresser, but have you considered they could be featured in your Easter table décor as an interesting egg basket? The unique Kaly bento box filled with candy Easter eggs made for an eye-catching display that would certainly impress your guests. This elegant creation comes in pink with a delicate chrysanthemum pattern that complemented our flower arrangement. It’s made up of three compartments that can be taken apart if you want to spread them out on the table.

The Easter Brunch Centerpiece

Every Easter brunch table needs its stunning centerpiece! Since we got creative with the tableware at our holiday table, we didn’t want to go overboard with an outlandish centerpiece and opted for classic decorative glass vases. The Flore vase is the more dramatic addition to our tablescape, with its bold purple colour, but the contrast it provided was much needed. This fluted vase stands tall atop a hand-cast bronze pedestal, polished to a warm-toned gold shine. This worked well with the small gold details of the table, such as the flatware and the rabbit figurines strewn about (it IS an Easter brunch after all!). To create a more dynamic look, we added some smaller blue vases in varying heights. Pink flowers were an obvious choice and added a little bit more greenery with the decorative branches we used in place of a table runner.

Get Creative With Your Easter Table Decor

The napkin rings played an interesting part in our Easter table décor. Their function was twofold – as regular napkin rings and as unique egg cups! The Kama and Medo sets share the same minimalistic design in champagne yellow and lilac respectively. The stainless-steel metal ring makes for a fun egg cup and we demonstrated with Kama. The set features 6 napkin rings that come gift-wrapped in tulle, making them an excellent gift for a new homeowner. Kama’s lilac twin Medo was a stunning detail at our Easter brunch with its elegant square glass gem. The colour matched up with the Sostra plates, keeping the table from looking too chaotic.

What’s an Easter Brunch Without Cake?

An Easter brunch without some cake would be unthinkable to us and where there’s cake, there’s cake stands! The Dicra glass cake stand is provides the perfect stage for your cake. With its shiny bronze feet and hypnotic net pattern overlaid on pastel pink, this designer piece enhances even the simplest of cakes.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun at Your Easter Brunch!

With stunning dinnerware, planning your Easter brunch is a breeze! So don’t get too stressed out and remember – the holidays are about spending time with the people you love. Setting a beautiful table should be a fun way to unleash your creativity and an opportunity to show your family how much your care! We hope we’ve inspired you and given you some Easter brunch ideas that will make that task easier!

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