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Love cake plates and trays to fall in love with!

3 beautiful cake plates with heart shaped little cakes for valantine's day on them

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and we have the perfect range of Valentine plates to delight your partner. Whether used to present your handmade love cakes or given as a gift, our Valentine plates are sure to surprise. What better way to show your love and admiration than with an elegant love-themed Valentine’s Day dessert tasting menu, complete with stunning Valentine plates to showcase your creations?

Woman's hands holding large brown cake plates with small heartshaped dessert in it
Woman's hands holding large floral gold cake plates with small heartshaped dessert on it
Woman's hands holding Matte gold cake plates by AnnaVasily with small heartshaped desserts on it
Woman's hands holding 1 of AnnaVasily's brown cake plates on a pillow with small heartshaped dessert on it
Woman's hands holding oval matte gold cake tray with small heartshaped desserts on it
Woman's hands holding wavy gold dinner plate with small heartshaped dessert in it
Woman's hands holding large brown cake plates with small heartshaped dessert in it

Elegant Valentine Plates To Set The Perfect Romantic Mood

Light the candles, pour the champagne, and set the scene for a decadent evening with these elegant round Valentine plates for serving your sweet treats: Bette in dark doe brown and Alisa in impressive matte gold, both featuring our beautiful Vivace design. With a diameter of 32.5cm each, matching chocolate love cakes look stunning when served together on this pair of cake plates!


Love Trays That Delight Your Guests With Whimsy And Intrigue

Continue to astonish your guest of honour with a variety of delectable desserts, meticulously set out on Jenny and Mela. Jenny is an intriguing matte gold cake tray in our bubbly Sixties pattern and is the perfect shape for displaying a delicate petit four selection. With a length of 30cm and a width of 23cm, you can go all out to impress your special someone. Bound to excite and delight your special someone, Mela is a love tray like no other. This piece is a stunning 14.5cm dark doe brown in our Venetian Filigree pattern, attached magnetically to a plush pillow for the truly impressive presentation of your crafted little love cakes. Imagine your sweetheart’s face as you serve a red velvet cupcake on this intriguing love tray!


Impressive Desserts Require Impressive Cake Trays

Your love will feel as though they have been transported to the heavens when you present your next course with Aga and Alexa. In matte gold with Perky Chrysanthemum design, Aga is an inspired choice for showcasing an impressive selection of handmade cakes. At 61cm in length and 11cm in width, this cake tray is a fresh and inspired way to exhibit your culinary prowess. Alexa, a matte gold dessert plate in our retro sixties pattern, is ideal for serving small cakes, or you can mix it up with classic chocolate coated strawberries. Your sweetheart will be overjoyed at your attention to detail in presenting the perfect course on the perfect piece.


A Stunning Glass Cake Tray For A Final Flourish

Finishing strong is important for making this a night to remember. In dark doe brown with Venetian Filigree pattern, Brooke is the perfect cake tray to serve up your pièce de résistance – three beautiful love cakes, made and decorated with care! With such careful attention to detail, your love can’t help but be impressed with the effort you’ve put into making tonight perfect.


Delightful Glass Dessert Plates To Impress Your Love

As you raise a glass to toast the perfect romantic evening, you smile as you imagine your love telling their friends about how you didn’t overlook a single detail in planning tonight. Shop our collection to ensure you don’t miss out on securing unique designer pieces to create Valentine’s Day to remember forever.


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