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St. Valentine’s Day Tablescapes - Dinner for 2

Red satin sheets with pink Valentine's Day dinnerware with heart plates and a woman's bare legs.

The month of love brings romance and passion on focus and colors our everyday surrounding in sensual tones! Create an alluring St. Valentine’s atmosphere at home for you and your significant other to enjoy, by serving the tempting dessert on an elegant heart shaped plate.


Sweet Valentine romantic dessert heart plate on a red satin sheets with a pretty white coconut cake
St Valentine's day Sweet Valentine - lovely glass vase with white flowers
Sweet Valentine condiment caddy Lacy is an adorable condiment caddy with four small bowls in sweet soft shell pink color.

Love Is in the Air and on the Table

Romantic and pretty in pink, the Amy set of heart-shaped plates sets the tone for sweetness. Delicate splashes of cream decorate this gorgeous set, making it perfect for the special day. Serve delicious artisanal chocolates on the Amy plates or use them as tealights plates to create an intimate atmosphere.


A Vase by Any Other Name

What is Valentine’s Day without some flowers? Your favourite blossoms will look stunning in the Mari bud vase. With a delicate flared rim and a winding polished brass base, Mari is can be a centerpiece for an intimate table for two.


Dish up Some Sweetness With Valentine Dinnerware

Get some sweet strawberries and dip them in different kinds of chocolate, served in the Lacy condiment caddy. Lacy is, of course, pink and has 4 bowls that you can fill with melted chocolate or whatever love has inspired you to present to your sweet Valentine!


So celebrate the most romantic day of the year with designer Valentine dinnerware and everything else will fall into place! If you still haven’t found your perfect match, browse our dinner sets or get more tablescapes inspiration from our Inspirations!


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