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Earthy Tones for Your Christmas Place Settings

Brown and Gold Christmas place settings With Glass Christmas dinnerware.

Planning your Christmas table décor and choosing what to serve up to your guests are some of the easiest ways to get into the Christmas spirit. After all, Christmas comes around only once a year and it’s the one occasion where you can go all out truly fill you home with magic. Designing elegant Christmas place settings is easy and fun with the right designer dinnerware and dinner sets and this year we chose warm metallics for a modern and chic table.

Brong and gold Christmas place settings with the Alice set as Christmas dinner plates.
Brown and gold Christmas place settings inspiration with the Hera set of brown Christmas plates.
Brown and gold Christmas place settings with the Zin napkin rings decorated with Christmas ornaments.
Brown and gold Christmas table setting ideas with the Via fruit bowl.
Brown and gold Christmas place settings with the gold Christmas plates Alisa.
Christmas table setting with the Isab bowl as a part of the Christmas dinnerware.

Every well-set table starts with choosing the colour scheme. Traditionally, white, green and red rule the season, but we opted for the unusual for the occasion but otherwise classic combination of gold and chocolate brown. A light blue table runner and lots of greenery decorate the dark table and tie the whole look together. A variety of patterns keep this Christmas table interesting and are bound to impress the lovers of eclectic décor.

Christmas Dinner Plates – Earthy Christmas Table Setting

Keeping things simple is key for creating an elegant Christmas table setting and the Christmas dinner plates are no exception to this rule. The Alice set of designer dinner plates comes in metallic brown and is luxuriously handmade. Perfect for a modern table setting, the geometric pattern offsets the organic shape of the set. The Christmas place settings at our table are complemented by the matching Hera set of small glass side plates that are a scaled-down version of the Alice plates.

Christmas Place Setting Ideas – The Golden Thread

Gold is an opulent colour and a firm Christmas favourite, but it’s also somewhat easy to overdo. Perfect for breaking up the otherwise monochromatic tablescape, the matte gold Zin napkin rings add a little extra festive charm. The rectangular shape of the glass napkin rings contrasted the plates nicely and provided an eye-catching detail. Their swirly pattern is a refreshing element in this earthy Christmas table. We tucked some greenery in with the cloth napkins and decorated them further with small Christmas ornaments to make it look more festive.

A Christmas Table Centerpiece

You don’t have to come up with something entirely innovative to set up a Christmas table centerpiece that will make an impression. The decorative glass bowl Via does the job splendidly and continues the brown and gold theme. With an opulent polished bronze pedestal and retro pattern over dark brown, Via is every elegant host’s best friend.

Christmas Dinnerware – A Luxurious Table With Metallics

Your Christmas dinnerware doesn’t necessarily have to be designed for the holidays alone, it’s always best to choose versatile sets you can enjoy year-round. Consistent with the colour palette, the gold soup plate Alisa is a perfect match to the napkin rings, down to the subtle floral pattern that keeps this Christmas table setting interesting and varied.

Christmas Dinnerware With Style

One way to get creative with your Christmas dinnerware without worrying if you’re breaking any style rules is to mix and match patterns while not straying from the general colour scheme. AnnaVasily pieces are easy to combine, as you have a wide choice of designs and can be sure of an exact colour match. The Isab chip and dip bowls bring florals to the table with their intricate chrysanthemum design overlaid on dark brown. The bowls’ silhouette is elegantly organic with flowing lines inspired by nature’s effortless forms.

Christmas Place Settings You Can’t Ignore

We hope by now you have some ideas for your own Christmas place settings and are looking forward to hosting an elegant meal with stunning dinnerware. Remember to stick to your colour scheme of choice, be careful not to overdo it with the decorations and we recommend you always have flowers or greenery, as those things really help tie the table together and add a cozy vibe to the meal.

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