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A Stunning Festive Table Setting on Mardi Gras

Top view of a festive purple table with mint green dinnerware and a centerpiece decorated with a carnival mask for Mardi Gras by AnnaVasily

It’s time for the most artistic celebration of fun, food and family around a beautiful festive table setting! If you are not catching colourful beads at Bourbon Street this year, make sure to recreate the Mardi Gras atmosphere at home. Use the traditional purple, green and gold colours to adorn your table and express the unique style of the holiday in your festive table setting!



Mint green festive table centerpiece with glass flowers with bronze stems on a purple tablecloth for Mardi Gras
Festive table dinner set with a mint green square charger plate and a purple napkin in a napkin ring with a feather
Square side plate Ruby on a green, gold and purple festive table setting with luxury tableware for Mardi Gras.

An artistic centrepiece for your festive table setting is a must!

If you’re planning a high tea party, Bobi stands 35cm tall and is unique, with 20 removable flower-shaped, tiny mint green plates in the shape of a flower. The base is made of hand polished bronze alloy with a liquid-like warm-toned finish. Of course, any celebration of Mardi Gras would be incomplete without carnival masks and we decorated our centerpiece with one in matched the golden glimmer of the bronze. Bobi is the artistic centerpiece that will help bring your Mardi Gras table setting to life!


A Mardi Gras table setting with an edge!

If surprising your guests is one of your goals, the Megan charger plate and the Ruby side plate can help! Both are lovely square shaped and both are coloured in pearl white with dazzling splashes of mint green. Meagan is 27.5 by 27.5cm and Ruby is a small plate with a length and width of 14cm.

We finished off our place setting with a purple napkin in a gold napkin ring and tucked a white feather in there to match the carnival mask decoration.


Channel your inner baker and tempt your friends. Watch with delight as they admire your fine taste because you decorated your festive table with Bobi, Ruby and Megan. You can see how we’ve decorated our table with mismatched dinner sets for Christmas and our blue tablescape for Easter to get more festive inspiration or let your imagination go wild and create your very own unique dinner set with pieces from our collection!

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