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Blue Tablescapes For a Cosy Easter Gathering

A beautiful blue tablescape covered in blue plates chocolate eggs, and other Easter decorations.

Become a warm and welcoming host this Easter! Create mesmerizing blue tablescapes with our stunning blue pastel plates, bowls and table accessories. Add a touch of cosiness and magic to the atmosphere of your Easter gatherings with your friends and family. Easter is the one time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to put all your eggs in one basket! So, decorate with light blue tableware, pop a bottle of wine and enjoy your day with your closest ones while surrounded by a cosy and warm atmosphere!

Add a touch of charm when serving ice-cream deserts! Alia is a creatively shaped small bowl, decorated in a blissful mix of light dawn blue and cream colours. Serve sorbet or ice cream - Alia is a perfect addition to your home accessories that will make every day feel like a special occasion!
You're ready to try a new menu for your next hosted dinner party and the unique Blair dinner set plate will help bring your imagination to life! Blair is a round plate with our royal Venetian Filigree design over a lovely light dawn blue colour. You'll be the talk of the town for all the right reasons when you add Blair to your dinnerware collection!
Bring romantic feelings to the dining table with our Nina plate! Hand-crafted from the finest glass materials with a beautifully curved edge, it features our tender Vivace pattern in a chic fan shape. Perfect for special occasions and for dessert presentation!
Delight everyone at your dinner party with the gorgeous Liv dawn blue charger plate. Liv is free form, decorated with our delicate Vivace pattern . Create an unforgettable party, serving a manner of luscious foods, perfectly presented on top of the unique Liv charger plate!
It will be love at first sight when you lay eyes on amazing Aela! A small romantic heart plate, Aela is a mesmerizing combination of light dawn blue with splashes of cream highlights. Serve your darling desserts and feel a warm glow inside with the Aela dessert plate!
The lovely design of Kriss will bring you a fairy tale reality of beauty and inspiration. Kriss is an ice cream bowl with an enchanting mix of light dawn blue together with sweet turtledove cream, set on a handcraft bronze pedestal. Serve your ice cream or sorbet in this beautiful tableware accessory to charm your girlfriends and create a magical atmosphere!

A Touch of Magic on Easter With Light Blue Charger Plates

One of the best parts of Easter is spending time with your closest family and friends. Enjoy their company over a home-cooked meal served on a memorable blue table setting! The wonderful light blue charger plates Nina and Liv will add grace and sophistication to your festive blue tablescapes this Easter. Nina is a mesmerizing, hand-crafted, fan-shaped charger plate which will wow your unique guests. It is handmade from the finest glass and patterned in our tender Vivace design. Nina is 41 cm long and 26 cm wide and is absolutely perfect for any special occasion and dessert presentation.

The Liv charger plate will be a gorgeous addition to your Easter tablescape and any other dinner party and gathering. This wonderful plate is 31 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm in height, decorated in our Vivace patter and with a free-form rim. Create an unforgettable gathering or party this Easter and present all your delicious food perfectly with these stunning charger plates.

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Dinner Plates For an Unforgettable Gathering

The absolute best memories are made while gathered around the table and surrounded by the people you love. Blair is the perfect addition to any table setting with its unique and handcrafted design. This wonderful dinner set plate is 25.5 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm in height and will bring your tablescape to life! Blair is a round plate which comes in our royal Venetian Filigree design. Be the talk of all your friends and family when you add Blair to your Easter table setting!

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Dessert Plates for Your Sweet Tooth This Easter

Like any other special occasion, Easter is always better with desserts and what’s better than serving your delicious creations in stunning dessert plates? Add sophisticated cosiness to your table setting with the Aela dessert plate. This small heart-shaped plate is a mesmerizing combination of baby blue with splashes of cream highlight which will bring out the love at your dining table! Aela is 17.5 cm long and 14 cm wide and is a wonderful way to present your wonderful dessert creation! You and your special guests are bound to fall in love with Aela during your next gathering!

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Unique Dessert Bowls For Your Easter Eggs

One of the things everyone looks forward to most during Easter is the exciting Easter egg hunt! The hunt for an amazing dessert bowl is over thanks to Kriss and Alia. Display your amazing Easter eggs, chocolates and other pastries in a memorable footed dessert bowl. Kriss is a lovely, fairy-tale-like dessert bowl with an enchanting mix of light blue and sweet turtledove cream atop a handcrafted bronze pedestal. It is 10.5cm in diameter and 7.5cm in height. Alia is a charming, creatively-shaped dessert bowl with a blissful mix of baby blue and cream colours. This lovely dessert bowl is 12.5cm in diameter and 6 cm in height and is bound to create a graceful yet cosy atmosphere on your blue tables setting this Easter! Bring compassion and kindness to your tablescape this Easter with Kriss and Alia!

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Celebrate this Easter among your loved ones and provide them with the comfortable and warm feeling of an Easter lunch enhanced by a festive and unique blue table setting!

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