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A Mismatched Dinner Set For Christmas In July!

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In Australia, we miss out on the White Christmas traditions of our Northern Hemisphere counterparts. That’s why it is a great reason to get together a group of friends and celebrate a Christmas in July dinner party. And in order to style a stunningly unique Christmas table setting, we invited multi-passionate influencers and creatives Lisa from @missrunwayfoodie, Jazz from @jazzdbell, Bianca from @thesecondrow and Nikki from @statesofstyle. Each proposed a Christmas in July mismatched dinner set to reflect their passions and personality. Selecting from the Anna Vasily range of unique dinnerware pieces, all four of them assembled 4 different styles both beautiful and Insta-worthy.

Exploring the possibilities of colour, texture and shape, each of our influencers created a unique mismatched dinner set, perfect for an eccentric and sophisticated dinner party filled with food, fun and laughter.

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mismatched dinnerware - white and gold table setting - christmas in july
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Bianca’s Christmas in July Mismatched Dinner Set

Combining contrasting patterns in the same shade, Bianca has created a whimsical, yet stylish mismatched dinner set using our dinner plates Fiola, Abha and Laya.

Fiola provides the perfect base. This classy dessert plate is 32.3cm in diameter and comes in a soft cream in our lattice Venetian Filigree pattern.

Abha is a stylish risotto plate with a softly raised rim in our unique Chrysanthemum pattern. This lovely round plate is 27 cm in diameter, and the delicate cream, sandy beige colour adds a touch of sophistication.

Add Laya as an adorable finishing touch. A delicate matte gold side plate in our Venetian Filigree pattern, Laya will add colour and a touch of sophistication to your mismatched table setting.


The Second Row is an online platform providing a daily pop culture fix, travel inspiration and discussion pieces relating to important social issues. With over a decade’s experience in social and traditional media, journalist and founder Bianca O’Neill has developed a visual and writing style all of her own.

Jazz’s Dinner Set – Positive Energy Coming Through

Jazz brought her trademark quirky style and positive energy to our shoot and was delighted to find a plate that matched her outfit! Her Christmas in July combination of Abha and Vega embodies Jazz’s style – keeping the colour palette consistent, and clashing patterns to create a sophisticated, yet uniquely mismatched table setting.

Abha takes on a new personality when paired with Vega, a round side plate in our retro Sixties pattern. Used as a side plate or to serve traditional Christmas pudding, Vega adds sophisticated fun to your mismatched table setting.


If there was a competition to see which of our influencers wears the most hats, Jazz Bell (@jazzdbell) would win, hands down. With a resume that includes model, television presenter, singer, producer, blogger and influencer!

Lisa’s Table Setting – Styled by a Foodie for a Foodie

Lisa selected Vossi as the focal point of her dinner set, adding our Laya side plate and finishing off her setting with Reese, our dessert bowl – repurposed here as a decorative extra. For the ultra-stylish, Vossi is the perfect choice of dinner plate for Christmas in July celebration. Vossi has a diameter of 25.5 cm and is made special with a stunning splash of matte gold. Laya is our versatile side plate with elevated rim that complements the gold in Vossi, creating a beautifully mismatched table setting.


Foodie, Fashionista and Travel enthusiast Lisa Li is not only one of Melbourne’s most friendly bloggers, but she’s also one of the busiest! Aside from running her own platforms and that of her maltese-poodle cross, Chino (@howimetmychino), Lisa and her husband Adrian are the proud owners of new restaurant Rina’s in Armadale, Melbourne.

Nikki’s Mismatched Dinner Set – Fashion With Sophistication Combined in One

As someone who always looks fashionable, yet unique, Nikki’s use of both matching and contrasting patterns made for a stylish table setting using the pieces Alpi, Owen and Eva.

Alpi is a round dinner plate in our Venetian Filigree design in a sophisticated dark navy blue. This elegant plate is 25.5 cm in diameter and sets a sophisticated tone for the rest of the dinner set.

Owen is a round, side / dessert plate with an elevated rim. Decorated with the Venetian filigree pattern in the same elegant navy blue, the combination of these matching pieces will make a divine impression when added to any table setting. Nikki, included the patterned side plate Eva to add a dash of whimsy to her elegant setting. Patterned with a Chrysanthemum design in a soft cream, sandy beige colour, Eva adds romance and sophistication to this unique dinner set.


Nikki Pash is one half of States of Style, a stylised edit of global and national fashion. Run by cousins Nikki and Michelle, States of Style appreciates the distinctive ways individuals can create unique outfits that represent their own personality, with Nikki bringing that appreciation and skill to our shoot.


Enjoy Christmas in July in the company of your nearest and dearest, surrounded by unique mismatched table settings, love and laughter!

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