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Fathers Day Table Setting With Steve Tillbrook

Elegant Father's Day table setting for brunch with a modern 3 tier cake stand Musi and other luxury dinnerware.

Barbequing might be dads around the world’s specialty, but Father’s Day table setting should be anything but ordinary. So how about a casual Sunday brunch with luxurious dinnerware to mark the special day? We asked men’s stylist and fashion blogger Steve Tillbrook and his lovely family to show us what their Father’s Day table looks like using their favourite Anna Vasily products on this special day for Dad.

For their Father’s Day tablescapes this year, the Tillbrook family will celebrate with a brunch fit for a King! We joined Steve, Natalie, Jace and Tasmin to see exactly how they went about their morning. Bagels, pancakes, muesli and more – we can’t decide who enjoyed it the most!

Father's Day tablescapes with navy blue dinner plates with pancakes and a little boy eating them with a spoon.
Boy offering pastries in a blue side plate Owen for a Father's Day table setting.
Father's Day stylish table setting with a blue platter Nelly with breakfast myffins and danish pastry.
Father's Day table setting with navy blue sushi tray Ivory with a geometric pattern with cream cheese bagels offered by Steve Tilly in a suit.
Stylish Father's Day table setting for brunch with a little girl eating sweets off rectangular navy blue plates.
Stylish Father's day tablescapes with a 3 tier cake stand with a bronze pedestal with cinnamon rolls.

Father’s Day Table Setting With Bold Colours and Modern Design

The Kate navy blue dinner plate set is the perfect starting point for our fashionable family of four. The modern pattern and dark tones allow a masculine base that can be lifted with pops of colour with your favourite fresh flowers.

A Match Made in Heaven

Complimenting Kate, the Tillbrook family used the Owen elegant blue side plates to further fill the table. Keeping some consistency in these plates allows for new patterns and colours to be introduced as we serve up favourite savoury and sweet dishes for Dad!

Florals for Father’s Day Tablescapes

Our navy Nelly introduces a floral motif to our Fathers Day tablescape, tying in your fresh arrangements for the day. Hosting their brunch in true style, Steve and the family tucked into tasty bagels stuffed with their favourite fillings and served on these stunning glass trays.

Clean Lines and Vintage Charm

Topped with tasty treats of muffins and fruits, the Ivory sushi plate showed us its versatility amongst our Father’s Day tablescape. The retro Sixties pattern offsets the masculinity of the design and gives it a fresh and stylish appearance, making it the perfect addition to the table on this special occasion.

Natural Textures and Elegant Forms

Family meals often require a range of options to keep everyone happy and the Tillbrook family were no exception to this rule! Serving up a magnificent looking muesli with their favourite fruit and yoghurt, both the kids and parents tucked into the Tessa dessert and cereal bowl more than once. The textured interior of the dish compliments the silky smooth yoghurt and lends artisanal charm to the modern table.

Basic Luxury in Your Stylish Father’s Day Table Setting

As our favourite family sat down to open presents, Carol came to life stacked high with handcrafted marshmallows and served with hot chocolates all round! This classic charger plate kept the theme of the tablescape flowing from one room to the next seamlessly.

An Outstanding Centerpiece

The crown jewel to celebrate our King for the day this year was the Musi high tea stand. Keeping it simple (and somewhat easy to access for little hands), the Tillbrook family opted to present delicious cinnamon scrolls on our hand polished bronze dessert stand for this stylish tablescape. The Musi was moved from room to room as the event progressed and made a statement wherever it stood.

A Stylish Father’s Day Table Setting Inspiration

Finishing the morning on a high (and maybe even a slight sugar rush), the Tillbrook family ticked off their Father’s Day brunch as not only a success, but also as a memorable morning shared for their fashionable Father.


If you want more ideas for a Father’s Day table setting, check out what we did last year with an unexpected burger plate and a little bit of style, or get more navy blue inspiration with modern Japanese sushi plates. Browse more dinner sets and find exactly what you need for stylish tablescaping!

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