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One Daughter’s Cake Stand or One Father’s Burger Plate?

AnnaVasily navy blue and pink cake stands and platters used as burger plates with gourmet burgers for Father's day.

This Fathers Day, present your dad with an unexpected burger plate! Why settle for a traditional dinner set, when you can be different from the rest? Foodie dads will appreciate this unique gift that will take the art of burger plating to the next stylish level. On Father’s Day, put on your chef’s hat and get ready to impress dad with gourmet burgers served on a cake stand – a surprising burger plate. Celebrate this year’s Father’s Day by sharing a fantastic meal both you and your dad will appreciate – mix pink and navy blue and have fun with burger plating! Make his heart swell with pride knowing how much you care for him!

A navy blue pedestal cake stand with a geometric pattern with 3 gourmet black burgers and beers with a black background
Burger Plate Pauli is a glass cake stand in deep night blue colour decorated with our royal
Pink cake plate Dicra with bronze feet used as a burger plate for Father's Day with 3 gourmet burgers with a pink background.
Byrger plate set of two dessert platter in sweet soft shell pink and creatively adorned in our curvy “Vivace” pattern
Burger Plate Nelly is a rectangular dessert platter on glass feet in deep night blue with our

Cake Stands and Burgers

Who says cake stands have to be girly? Place your burgers where they belong – on a pedestal! Crys is a pedestal cake stand that adds serious style to your burger presentation with modern navy blue overlaid with a geometric pattern. The dark colour is contrasted by the polished bronze pedestal – a royal combination that a stylish dad would love. Or go for Pauli and your next cake… errr, sorry, black gourmet double-decker burger, will be a feast for the eyes and the palate. With a diameter of 27.5 cm, Pauli can carry the bamboo charcoal powder burger with class. In gorgeous deep navy blue with a classic pattern, Pauli rests on shiny handmade bronze supports that are a luxurious detail at the table.

Pauli has a twin in pastel pink. Meet Dicra! If you want to match your dad’s burger plate, Dicra is your pink alternative. Try serving white bun with quinoa white bean mini burgers on this unusual plate and we guarantee you’ll feel like you’re in a cutting-edge, super modern burger restaurant. Who says burgers can’t be fancy?

Presentation Platters

Casey is the perfect platter for some mini burgers and a serving of chips. Your dad will appreciate your humour and your distinctive presentation! Casey is a set of two raised platters in pastel pink and a swirling floral pattern, but we’re sure dad will be on board with this colourful piece. The size of the bigger platter is 35×33 cm while the smaller one is 29x28cm. Casey is the perfect solution for a bright and fun mini burger plate design that’s a little bit tongue in cheek. But if you’re a bit more conservative, opt for Nelly and dish out the most elegantly presented burger. Nelly is a rectangular platter on four glass supports in navy blue, decorated with a curvy pattern. Show your dad you know he’s a stylish gentleman with a fascinating presentation of mini burgers that any gourmet restaurant would envy.

Unexpectedly Great Burger Plating!

Who would have thought – burgers on a cake stand! A surprise burger plating gift that will definitely be remembered. Celebrate Father’s Day as a team: choose contrasting Pink and Blue and set the table for two. Crack open a cold one with your dad and talk about the good times! Be #1 for your #1 and share the Love.

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