Japanese Sushi Plates Made to Challenge Your Creativity I AnnaVasily

Japanese Sushi Plates To Challenge Your Creativity!

Elegant navy blue Japanese sushi sets by AnnaVasily with a night time city street seen through the windows behind them

International Sushi Day is approaching and you have the opportunity to celebrate this day at home with unique sushi presentation, which is all about sophisticated minimalism. Traditionally, sushi is served on a square sushi tray and the cleaner the design, the better, with darker colours being the typical choice, as the sushi dish is supposed to let the beauty of the sushi bites stand out. Sushi chefs believe that balance is achieved both in taste as well as in the presentation of the dish.

It’s Magic in the Making!

Our tableware designer Anna has always had this Balance worked out. A balance between Beautiful Imperfection and Effortless Beauty. “Beautiful imperfection” is relevant to the Japanese concept of “Wabi Sabi”, which has influenced Anna’s design approach since the first time she went to Japan in 2001. It’s a concept that exemplifies the impermanent, the incomplete and the transience of things. This beautiful idea is incorporated in her collection and everything she does. Each product is made from the heart and does not try to strive for absolute perfection, which is often cold and even boring. Slight variations in texture, soft curves and rounded edges all follow the Wabi Sabi ideal. At the same time, it’s exactly these small imperfections that bring out the beauty of each piece and give her creations the effortless charm of natural forms.

The heroes of the day

With AnnaVasily’s sushi presentation ideas you can challenge your imagination by with modern Japanese sushi trays such as Thym, as well as sushi plates such as Ivory or Kiara, on International Sushi Day. All of the objects presented are rectangular and tinted in dark navy blue with a stylish geometric pattern.

A set of 2 blue-black Japanese sushi trays with a geometric pattern and different sushi on top.
2 navy blue sushi plates with a geometric pattern and sushi bites.
Small brown Japanese sushi soy sauce dish Faith by AnnaVasily with pickled ginger.
Navy blue Japanese sushi plate a with soy sauce bowl by AnnaVasily and 2 nigiri bites.

Sharing platters

Thym is a set of two sushi serving platters in different sizes. Both are coloured in deep night navy blue with our retro “Sixties” pattern. The size of the bigger platter is 35×33 cm while the smaller one measures at 29x28cm. Achieving the fine dining atmosphere of high end restaurants is easy when serving sushi on the Thym platters! Ivory matches Thym perfectly with a square form that’s 30×23 cm, giving you enough space to unleash your inner Japanese master chef and design a mesmerizing sushi display. Ivory is flat with a slightly raised rim and is a perfect example of Anna’s elegant minimalism.

Japanese sushi plates and soy bowls

Klara is a unique Japanese sushi plate on four glass supports. She is adorned with an intricate chrysanthemum pattern – a flower so respected in Japan, it’s even featured in the Imperial Seal of Japan. The accompanying dipping soy bowl sits securely in an indent specifically designed for this purpose. Klara’s size (27.5×18.5 cm) makes her the perfect sushi plate and your guests will be stunned when they set their eyes on her. Faith is a little miracle! She is a boat shaped soy bowl with a softly raised rim, gently coloured in navy blue. Faith will be right there, next to each one of your guests, elegantly elevating your well-set table.

Japanese sushi sets to set you apart from the rest

You can create your very own unique Japanese sushi set by mixing and matching pieces from Anna’s collection of designer dinner sets and designer serveware, or read our article on Asian High Tea traditions and see how you can incorporate Japanese sushi sets into Afternoon tea parties.

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