Navy Blue Table Setting for Magical Christmas in July! I AnnaVasily

Navy Blue Table Setting for a Magic Christmas in July!

Christmas in July navy blue table setting with navy blue dinnerware and gold champagne glasses with white linen and pearls and Christmas decoration.

Work your magic this July with a lovely new blue dinner set! It’s “Christmas” time, and while it’s getting bleaker and colder outside, the warmth of your home is welcoming friends and family to share a blissful time together. But there is no Christmas without the hostess who creates the magic that makes everyone feel special! Maybe you’re this hostess or you’re looking to buy her a present. In either case, you’ve come to the right place. Anna has selected a stylish white and blue dinnerware collection from the AnnaVasily Winter 2017 range and organised them into a beautiful and flawless blue table setting. It’s a contrast, a Yin-Yang Christmas this July! Unique white and navy blue dinner sets, with blue lovely napkin rings and handmade champagne glasses for a welcome drink.

blue dinner set big round dinner plate with a gently raised rim, in magical pearly white with crackers and dark blue napkin holders on top with Christmas flowers
2 identical Lilla blue dessert bowls with a pattern and bronze pedestal with sugar cookies on Christmas table
Blue table setting - blue wine ice bucket with a bronze pedestal and handles with beautiful glasses on a bronze pedestal and napkin holders in complimentary colours

Blue Crockery to Celebrate

Choose a modern glass dinner plate range, you don’t want to miss inviting Kate and Kelly. These two are the Yin and Yang duo that will create magic in the dinner table and this white navy blue dinner set range is a necessity for your Christmas dinner table celebration. Both are 29cm, have a gently raised rim and are adorned in the stylish Venetian Filigree pattern. Kate is tinted in magic deep night blue and Kelly in pearly white. Your blue table setting will be a visual feast!

Napkin Holder

Of course, these ladies need a gentleman to accompany them and here is where Carlo steps in. Carlo is a stylish deep night blue napkin holder with two round glass buttons gently tied with a ribbon.Welcome drinks.

Champagne Accessories

There is no “Christmas party” without bubbles! You would need to delegate this job to two of your new best blue tableware friends – Gala and Janet! Gala is a gorgeous blue wine ice bucket that sits on a bronze pedestal with hand-casted and hand-polished bronze handles. With the Gala champagne or wine ice bucket on your table, your dinner party is destined to be a success! A gorgeous centerpiece for your home decoration, it will create a jolly holiday spirit and unforgettable time with beloved guests! Janet is a remarkable designer champagne glass on a hand-polished bronze stem, studded with a decorative glass gem in deep night blue. You and your friends will feel special enjoying a chilled sparkling wine served in Janet!

Cookie Bowls

Christmas cookies are a must! It’s Christmas after all. Create great themed cookies with lovely designs, presented on pretty Lilla. Lilla is a chalice type bowl on a hand-polished bronze stem, in dark navy blue, gently adorned with Anna’s “Filigree” pattern. A powerful little detail to make everything come together!

Blue Table Setting – Magic in the Making!

Your choice of dark navy blue tableware will be the magic ingredient for your “Christmas in July” blue table setting. Contrast the navy blue dinner set with pearly white accents and show that your fashion and table setting standards are sophisticated and your choices balanced.Unique personalities go for unique and creative tableware.


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