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Halloween Dinner Party - Elegant Table Setting

Halloween dinner party table setting with blue black plates and platters with squid ink pasta. Bewitching Halloween tablescapes!

Halloween is fast approaching and what better excuse to go over the top and create a hauntingly elegant tablescape for a stunning Halloween dinner party? While traditionally it may seem like the holiday is geared more towards kids and getting your hands on as much candy as possible, that doesn’t mean you can’t host a classy dinner. We certainly are not ones to shy away from a chance to get creative and go over to the dark side with luxurious dinnerware and macabre Halloween table decorations!

So when it gets to the witching hour you can be sure your table will be elegant enough for Coco Channel with food of Lovecraftian standards with these gourmet Halloween recipes and stunning blue-black plates. Stylish dinnerware will definitely do the trick for your gourmet treats.

Halloween Dinner Party table setting with the Selen blue platter with squid ink pasta with chorizo.
Halloween Dinner Party tablescapes with the blue black designer dinner plates Magda with squid ink pasta.
Halloween Dinner Party tablescapes with the Ivory blue sushi plate with squid ink pasta with grilled octopus.
Halloween Dinner Party table settings with the Kristi black pasta bowls with squid ink pasta.
Halloween Dinner Party table settings with the Carol black charger plates with squid ink pasta.
Halloween Dinner Party tablescapes - place setting with black plates with squid ink pasta.

Halloween Dinner Party for a Witchy Night

Dark tones and even darker plates were our choice for this year’s Halloween dinner party.  Black candles, a charcoal black tablecloth, roses in gloomy shades and flashes of warm-toned bronze are at the core of this tablescape, with decadent fruit scattered about to complete the look. We aimed for an aesthetic Morticia Addams would approve of and naturally, we had to dress up for the occasion. It comes as no surprise that lace and velvet make a prominent appearance at our spooky dinner, so we picked a page from the gothic queen’s book and went for some elegant black gloves.

Gourmet Halloween Recipes That Go Bump in the Night

The food had to be just as terrific as the costumes and table décor, so made sure it fit the black colour palette of the night. We prepared a mouthwatering feast for this year’s Halloween with recipes that are horrifyingly delicious, served in bewitching blue-black plates. Stir up some perfectly spooky squid ink pasta to stun everyone with your culinary skills and scarily elegant presentation!

Dark Elegance for Your Halloween Tablescapes

When the sun goes down and the ghouls and witches come out, it’s time to add a little magic to your table with the Selen blue platters. Chic in mysterious navy blue, Selen is a round ribbed platter that is any host’s best friend. Overlaid with a swirling floral pattern, these platters provide an enchanting detail at your Halloween tablescape. You can also use them to serve up all sorts of creative snacks before the meal or as a decorative tray to complement your Halloween décor with dark colours. For our evening of horrors, we dished up some black squid ink pasta with chorizo and basil any foodie would be delighted to try.

Halloween Dinner Plates Take the Stage

We opted for navy blue instead of the more traditional black for our Halloween dinner plates in order to achieve a more sophisticated atmosphere. Some jet black strands of squid ink pasta with fennel, garlic and basil will look mouth-watering in the Magda black dinner plates, so don’t be surprised when your guests ask for seconds! The retro pattern is a bewitching detail that offsets the organic silhouette of the luxurious plate, creating an interesting interplay of shapes the lovers of modern design will adore.

Cook up some grilled octopus over squid ink pasta and tomato garlic sauce for your most adventurous friends and present it in Ivory. Ivory is a dark blue sushi plate that fits our theme perfectly. Handmade from glass, the sleek and shiny plate sports a chic geometric pattern that enlivens the table.

Cross Over to the Dark Side With Black Pasta Bowls

During our Halloween dinner we discovered squid ink pasta with caviar looks mesmerizing in blue-black pasta bowls. The Kristi bowls do the trick marvellously and are definitely a treat to behold. The hypnotic geometric pattern emanating from the well of these wide-rimmed bowls adds impact to the already impressive dish, guaranteeing a supernaturally elegant Halloween tablescape.

We whipped up some squid ink pasta Vongole to really get the party going and you’ll savour every bite in the Carol navy blue charger plates. The warm glimmer of the polished bronze handles creates an eerie effect at the dinner table that adds a little luxury to the evening while the vintage pattern matched the Magda set. You can browse our collections to create a cohesive set of your own or go wild and mix and match to your heart’s delight for an eclectic table.

The Arana chip and dip bowls were an interesting detail at the table. Their curvy design contributed to the overall look and gave the whole setting a contemporary feel. Florals aren’t typical for Halloween, but Arana’s intricate chrysanthemum pattern managed to fit in nicely with the rest of the dinnerware and balanced everything out.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun With Your Halloween Table Settings

Halloween is supposed to fun, so don’t get too stressed out planning your magical night! If you think this Halloween table setting might be a bit too dark for you, you can check out what we did with a few elegant finger food platters for last year’s All Saints’  or go for a more muted, toned down aesthetic with navy blue sushi plates.

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