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Mother's Day Party Waffle Bar

Mint Green Waffle Bar for Mother's Day

Mums deserve the best, which can make planning the perfect Mother’s Day party a bit stressful, to say the least. But you don’t have to scramble to book the perfect brunch weeks ahead of time and celebrate in a crowded restaurant. Organizing something laid-back and low-key can be just as special! Waffle bars are all the rage right now and can turn a sweet breakfast into an elegant and delicious celebration. With the right high tea stand and matching plates, you can create the waffle bar of your dreams! And if you decide to celebrate as a group, perhaps with both your mum and your mother in law or are planning a surprise with your siblings, a waffle bar works very well, as it’s fun and can easily be adjusted to serve a different number of people.


We decided to stick to a light, mint green colour scheme to keep things fresh and fun. To make it a little bit grander, we made sure to have lots of options for toppings (presented in cute glass dessert cereal bowls) and kept the table décor minimalistic. Arranged with love and care, our waffle bar is ready to go!

Create a waffle tower for an elegant Mother's Day party with mint green tableware.
Elegant waffle bar set-up with mint green tableware for a Mother's Day party.
Host a fancy Mother's Day party with a gorgeous waffle bar!
Mint green bowls for toppings at a Mother's Day party's waffle bar.

The Best Time for a Mother’s Day Party

Since the holiday is a family event, the best timing for a Mother’s Day party would be either late morning or sometime in the afternoon. This also allows for the gathering to be somewhat casual. After all, the idea is to have fun and not be stressed. A waffle bar is appropriate for either of these time slots. You can turn it into a brunch or put a fun twist to an afternoon tea party! The choice is yours.

A Waffle Tower to Adore

Serve the waffles in a creative way by creating a waffle tower with the help of an elegant high tea stand. This way you can have afternoon tea vibes at your Mother’s Day party and make it extra special. We used the 2 tier high tea stand Sampa, which is the perfect size for this occasion. Not too big and not too small, this tea stand fit just the right amount of waffles. It comes in mint green with delicate hand-applied highlights in white colour, having a polished bronze handle.

A Mother’s Day Party With Creative Plates

To keep things interesting, we chose two different plate styles for this Mother’s Day party. The square Megan set is effortlessly modern in mint and white cloud painted over the glossy surface. The pastel colours were the perfect backdrop for the generous portion of waffles we had and we decorated the plate with seasonal fruits, edible flowers and fairy floss. It’s all in the presentation!
The Jess plates were the more creative option at our waffle bar. With an organic curvy edge, these artistic dessert and appetizer plates are handmade and match the colour scheme in mint green marbled with white. Each set features two plates that come gift-wrapped in tulle inside a white snap-shut box. So if you’re also looking for a sophisticated gift for Mother’s Day, this is it!

What’s a Waffle Bar Without an Array of Toppings?

Variety is the name of this game and we provided lots of different toppings for our waffle bar. It’s a celebration after all, if you can’t go a little crazy, what’s the point? Berries, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows and coconut shavings were some of our choices, but this part is really up to you and your guests’ preferences. Everything looked super tempting in the Paige bowls and we used delicate glass spoons for easy serving!
Of course, a variety of jams is a must! The mint green condiment caddy Catte is an excellent helper when it comes to this. The round mint green caddy is sports classy bronze handle topped off with a glass gem. Catte works as a wonderful high tea tray as well! You can decorate it further with a ribbon if you’d like or make labels with little messages for the little jars of jam.

Decorate You Mother’s Day Party

Chrysanthemums are traditional for Mother’s Day, so we made sure to have plenty of them on our table! Placed in decorative glass vases amidst the designer dinnerware and dinner sets, they definitely brightened up the table. We also used a small blackboard as a playful detail and a throwback to cafes and diners. The blackboard is also a great opportunity to write a witty message or simply say “I love you” to mum.

Personalize Your Waffle Bar for a Unique Effect

Most people feel the pressure of having to come up with something new and fresh for Mother’s Day every year, but at the end of the day, this holiday is meant to honour the important women in your life and show them how much you appreciate them. The good thing about a waffle bar is how simple it is to execute and personalize. You can decorate with photos of wonderful times you’ve shared with your loved ones, exchange sweet notes and whatever else comes to mind. Your Mother’s Day party doesn’t have to be flashy to be enjoyable – sometimes all it takes is elegant dinnerware and delicious food!

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