A Glass Tea Tray for Winter High Tea Japanese Style l AnnaVasily

A Glass Tea Tray for Harmony in Winter

Symmetrical composition with 2 high tea stands, 2 glass tea trays and 4 rice bowls for winter high tea.

Instead of hiding away this winter, enjoy some time with friends by organising a Japanese high tea at home and discover glass tea trays from AnnaVasily!  Get to know your new handmade glass tea trays, handmade glass bowls and unique high tea stands by hosting a one of a kind Asian high tea home event!

Whether formal or informal, host a unique tea ceremony, a special preparation and presentation of tea, and show respect through your grace and etiquette.  Along with incense appreciation and flower arranging, the tea ceremony has always been considered one of the classic Japanese arts of cultural elegance. Demonstrate your propriety by designing a special winter tea gathering, fusing the rich tea ceremony from Japan with the luxurious English High Tea tradition. Host a high tea to celebrate all things delightful and delectable this winter!

Glass tea tray with chopsticks next to a Japanese style high tea stand with appetisers.
Japanese style high tea stand with a rice bowl and a dark blue glass tea tray with appetisers.
2 glass tea trays Blos with appetisers and chopsticks between 2 round high tea stands with a sunny forest in the background.
Tea tray Alia is a creatively shaped small bowl, decorated in a blissful mix of light dawn blue and cream colours. Artistically designed with a mix of mysterious deep night blue and royal matte gold colours, Reese can be used to serve noodles as well!

High Tea Stands

Nata  is a round 3 tier high tea stand and a diameter of 30cm and is perfect for your Japanese inspired High Tea event. She sits at 31.5cm tall and each glass level is hand painted in deep night blue and accented with splashes of matte gold. Bring some refinement and extra class to your home when you host with the Nata high tea stand! At the same size as Nata, Lei is a Chinese inspired high tea stand also with three glass tiers. Each shelf is hued in turtledove cream with our “Mosaic Disco” pattern. This piece will become cherished amongst your tableware accessories and you’ll be proud to display your little cupcakes or bite-sized sushi on Lei!

Tea Bowls

Add  Alia and Reese to your High Tea table setting and your guests will appreciate your sophisticated style! With a capacity of 200mls and standing at a 6cm tall, both small bowls are creatively shaped and sit effortlessly in your two hands – perfect for serving tea Asian style! Alia is decorated in a blissful mix of light dawn blue and cream and Reese is artistically designed with a mix of mysterious deep night blue and royal matte gold colours. You can use Alia and Reese for Japanese thick or thin teas. Alternatively, they are also great for serving scrumptious desserts, noodles or rice – Alia and Reese are the perfect addition to your home accessories that will make every day feel like a special occasion!

Tea Tray

Designed  with exquisite delicacy, the Blos tea tray is waiting for you to impress your guests. Blos is a 30.5cm long glass tea tray in deep night blue adorned with our glorious “Vivace“ pattern. Your guests will remember your high tea party with blissful happiness when you entertain with Blos!

Beautiful Imperfection at its Best

Discover these handmade glass tea trays, glass bowls and beautiful high tea stands and give your party the edge you’re looking for. Whatever food you choose to prepare and serve, you know your guests are going to love being entertained by you in your home. Like West meets East, create beautiful harmony in winter and be the best Asian high tea goddess you know you can be!


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