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Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo – an event made complete with stylish serving platters!

Luxury table setting with glass serving platters for the Portsea Polo.

Want to book your own private marquee and host your work colleagues, clients or friends at the Portsea Polo? Exquisite serving platters are essential, not for just any occasion, but occasions such as these when you want to impress.


The Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo event offers an experience to remember – fashion, food, wine, love of sport, and a unique social scene. Top Australian and International polo players in a setting that is truly remarkable. Add to this – beautiful people, chic marquees, delicious food & wine on a hot January day and you’ll experience a buzz like never before. The event includes not only thrilling polo matches but much, much more.


Whether you book your own private marquee, mingling with players and celebrities, with the option to self-cater, or you use the event for inspiration to host an event at home, you’ll want to create a stylish atmosphere with amazing serving platters to help set the tone!

Metallic brown glass serving platter with a dipping bowl with breadsticks wrapped in bacon on a white tablecloth.
Beige glass serving platter with a floral pattern and a matching dipping bowl with appetisers on a wooden table for Portsea Polo.
Unique small canape serving platters in the shape of a leaf with a bronze handles with cherry tomatoes appetisers.
Small beige canape serving platters with a bronze handle and cherry tomato appetisers.
Round brown glass serving platter with an insert in the middle with appetisers and a flower for Portsea Polo.
2 beige glass serving platters with appetisers and a dipping bowl on a wooden table with flowers.

Stylish dips served in amazing glass trays designed to impress

Trying to find a stylish way to serve your not so ordinary homemade dips at the Portsea Polo? Elyn and Heme are amazing round serving trays for dips! Your delicate arrangement of freshly cut vegetables or classy crispbread wafers for dipping will look astonishing on these refined glass trays. They are gorgeous round trays, each teamed with a small bowl. Elyn in dark doe brown and Heme in gentle cream, both are decorated with our lively Vivace pattern. Your dips are of such impeccable taste, suiting all occasions, however formal or informal the setting. With a diameter of 39cm and a capacity of 100mls, these glass trays are a stunning departure from the everyday dip platter and will ensure your guests are suitably impressed.


Canapes and delicate finger food have never looked better on small sweet glass plates!

When you host for the Portsea Polo event, ensure your canapes not only taste great but look good too! Cary and Elena can help. They are lovely and petite canape plates and will make a gorgeous addition to your table setting with your glass serving trays.  These sweet plates, with your serving trays, are ready to display your glamorous style. Cary is in delicate dark doe brown and Elena is in gentle cream. Both are patterned with our Perky Chrysanthemum design, with a small shiny bronze handle. With a length of 15.5cm and a width of 9cm, you can gently arrange your delicacies for a sublime presentation of your exceptional party food!

Serving platters filled with sweet desserts for your sweet guests

When deciding your menu for the Portsea Polo, you’re going to want to impress with some delectable desserts. Get into a sinful mood and present your handmade chocolates with a style that is sure to impress. Poly and Rita are two beautiful serving platters for this occasion. Poly comes in a delicious cream colour and Rita in a fabulous dark doe brown. Both have softly raised rims and are adorned with our own lattice Venetian Filigree pattern. With a diameter of 31cms, if you wish, you can even add a small bowl with a dipping sauce to the centre hole to complete the culinary experience! Imagine the expression on the faces of your guests as they dip fresh strawberries into melted milk chocolate. Pure delight!


Glass serving trays to indulge your guests and help you entertain with finesse

Our glass serving platters are perfect for anyone who likes to entertain. Indulge your guests in a private marquee at the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo this year, or host an exclusive party at home. Whatever you do, we know you will do it with panache and our gorgeous glass trays will make hosting a breeze! Your guests will be exposed to the most dedicated hostess, willing to please everyone, with a soiree full of sophisticated show-stopping statements when you entertain with AnnaVasily serving platters!


Shop amazing serving platters today and create an ever-lasting impression on your guests as you celebrate the Portsea Polo this year.

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