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Purple Iris Flower Vases. They Whisper "Style"!

Purple Irises in Designer Glass Flower Vases With Bronze Pedestals in Pink, Mint Green and Beige by AnnaVasily

The Purple Iris Flower Vase from the AnnaVasily designer homeware range, come in three gorgeous and ethereal colours: soft shell pink, pearly white with gently blended jade green highlights and turtledove cream. Simply claim your colours!
Merry, Paris and Thais glass flower vases are 40cm tall resting upon a handcast and hand polished bronze base.

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Symbolic style pieces

You actually have a good reason to browse them, because Iris Day is fast approaching! Irises are named after the Greek Goddess of rainbows and are a symbol of power and majesty. The three petal fragments represent confidence, insight and valour. Moreover, Iris is the symbol of royalty in France; its the fleur-de-lis. And for those of you that have a reason, Irises are also the 25th wedding anniversary flower!

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Transform your Kingdom!

Celebrate the change of the seasons with these effortlessly glamorous flower vases that show your explicit taste for magic. Enhance the way you feel about your home and about yourself.

Large Pink Glass Flower Vase with a Bronze Pedestal by AnnaVasily With Purple Irises
Elegant Large Glass Mint Green Flower Vase With a Bronze Pedestal by AnnaVasily With Purple Irises on a White Table in a White Room
large Beige Glass Flower Vase With a Bronze Pedestal by Anna Vasily for Iris Day on a White Table in a White Room

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