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Pink Plates – Fashion Accessories For Your Home!

Pastel pink plates by annaVasily - A woman arranging a bouquet in a beautiful pink vase

Flaunt your pretty colour this Women’s Day with our gorgeous pink plates and table accessories. You are the goddess of Pink! This stunning selection of pink charger plates, glass bento boxes, heart-shaped plates and vases will bring out the grace, sophistication and elegance within you. Your pink colour represents romance, charm and femininity, so let the world around you see it!

Woman's hands holding fan-shaped pink plates by AnnaVasily as if she is holding a fan
A woman's hands holding a pink bento box from AnnaVasily's pink dinnerware collection and a flower
A women holding a pink charger plate with bronze handles, as if she is holding a clutch
Woman's hands holding a small heart-shaped pink dessert plate over her heart
A woman looking into a pink charger plate as if it is a mirror

Stunning Pink Plates To Represent the Goddess In You

Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the fairest table setting of them all? With our stunning charger plate Adel, it will definitively be you. Adel has a diameter of 25.5cm and comes in our charming Filigree design. Bring out the excitement during a beautiful gathering with your girlfriends and celebrate this Woman’s day, while the Adel plate effortlessly displays your tasty appetizers.

You are graceful and sophisticated and with the stunning, handmade pink plates Judy, the rest of the world will see it too! Every woman needs a fan to emphasize her poise and grace. Judy is a unique, fan-shaped, pink charger plate with a length of 41cm and a height of 2cm.

On Women’s Day, you also deserve a clutch made for a queen, which highlights your wonderful and lovely self. Samy is rectangular, pink charger plate with charming bronze handles, which is 258cm in length and 20cm in width. This mesmerizing charger plate comes in our exclusive Vivace design and is made with exquisite craftsmanship.

Sit back, have a glass of champagne, give a toast to all the wonderful women you know and these astonishing plates will do the rest.

Your Breathtaking Handbag On a Wonderful Day

Every woman knows that handbags equal happiness. What else brings happiness? Kaly, a beautiful, handmade bento box to match your elegant and charming nature. Kaly is a handmade baby pink bento box which is 21cm in length, 11.5cm in width and 20.5cm in height. Its unique beauty comes from its intricate pattern, hand-crafted bronze knob and metal loop handle. Kaly can be used to hold rice, cooked vegetable, sweets or anything else your imagination might desire.

Let your creative juices flow and enjoy your perfect day in the company of your best girlfriends.

Your Heart Will Skip a Beat on Women’s Day

What’s within your heart, is a sweet and romantic soul. This Women’s Day, bring out your pretty pink colour with these wonderful heart-shaped dessert plates. Amy is 17.5cm long and 14cm wide and comes with mesmerizing splashes of cream highlight. These gorgeous pastel pink plates are the perfect way to serve your sweetest and most delicious desserts in style. The Amy dessert plate will not only add style and poise to your events and gatherings but will also bring out the sweetheart within you.

Pastel Pink Vase To Match The Perfect Bouquet

Your loving husband and friends are bound to give you flowers, to honour your remarkable and kind self. Display them in a vase worthy of their beauty. Mari is an enchanting, light pink vase which looks like a blooming flower within itself. It is 19cm in height, 11cm in diameter and has a magnificent hand-polished base. This delicate vase will display the wonderful flower arrangements you receive during your special day. Mari will bring a touch of grace and sophistication into your home.

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Celebrate with the most remarkable women you know and enjoy your perfect day amidst these extraordinary pink plates and tabletop accessories! Happy Women’s Day!

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