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Pasta Bowls for Australia's Friendship Day - Share the Magic!

Top view of a table with brown, golden and white pasta bowls with pasta and people's hands holding utensils.

Friendship day is coming, so organize a three best girlfriend get-together, to celebrate it with a light pasta lunch. Pasta is for friends and a pasta plate is made for pasta, it is a Perfect Match. Make your friends smile with a mix & match of dinnerware display. Sibel, Teddy and Amur are three pasta plates with a large rim and a big personality. They are tinted in metallic dark doe brown, cream and matte gold. Present each of your friends with a special recipe to compliment each pasta plate to show them how much you care!


Brown pasta plate with a wide rim and a geometric pattern with a serving of pasta and a knife and fork.
Gold wide-rimmed pasta bowl with pasta and a matching side plate wih olives.
White wide-rimmed pasta bowl with a small serving of pasta and a matching side plate with bread.
Gold pasta bowl with a salad on a white tablecloth with another pasta bowl and a glass of water.
Top view of 3 wide-rimmed pasta bowls in gold, white and brown by AnnaVasily.

Pasta Bowls

Sibel is a lovely pasta bowl with a large rim, giving it an air of sophistication. It is presented with our modern  “Sixties” design in dark doe brown. Sibel will help you plate for your friends who enjoy experimentation. A lemon pasta doesn’t just look “healthy” but it is also surprisingly delicious. For the adventure seekers and the lovers of the Mediterranean, we have created Amur! Amur’s golden colour is just like a sunset over the sea. It is a pasta plate with a large rim, adorned with an elegant “Venetian Filigree” design. This plate deserves someone like you to combine it with pasta A La Vongole, and serve it to your girlfriends with a passion for nature and travel, just like Anna.

Teddy will be there to balance the presentation for salmon pasta. Slick and simple, in a lovely cream colour, Teddy will create a beautiful backdrop for your sophisticated handmade pasta presentation.

Side Plates and salad bowls

The finishing touches of your La Dolce Vita friendship celebration, belong to side support! Use Hera, Tina and Laya side plates (15cm), to accompany your pasta with aromatic olive oil and spices. Hera side plate is a classy dark doe brown bread and butter plate in a creative form. Having Hera in your tableware collection means you will enjoy creating your gorgeous luncheons or dinner parties even more! Laya and Tina are round side plates with an elevated rim in matte gold and cream colour accordingly. Enjoy the elegance!

Finally, use Ettie the salad bowl in the centre of your table for a fresh salad bouquet of greens. Ettie is coloured in a majestic matte metallic gold and is the perfect salad bowl. Add Ettie to your collection and enjoy the compliments of your girlfriends!

Friends will be Friends!

Created with a special attention to make people smile with love, this unique collection of AnnaVasily pasta plates and accessories in complementary colours will make it more enjoyable for you and your friends to Mix & Match pasta and pasta plate. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes but the pattern stays the same; just like pasta. Friends are like pasta and a pasta plate – they are better together! Celebrate this Friendship Day with a light and sophisticated pasta lunch in style! And remember what Anna said: “I love it when I see someone smile in the presence of my objects. I love it when my objects cast this spell. It feels like I’m the donor.”

P.S. Invite your friends to share your passion for pasta plating. Take the Style Quiz > Find your Style Persona > Invite Friends > Get Loyalty Points.

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