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Glamorous Party Table Setting for a Stylish New Year!

New Year's party table setting with pink new year tableware, champagne glasses and am ice bucket with champagne with a pink background with fairylights.

Gorgeous and utterly glamorous! Pull out all stops this New Year’s Eve and host your very own A-list event at home with stunning party plates from AnnaVasily. It’s the time to bid farewell to the old and welcome in the new. It’s a time that represents hope and excitement for good things to come. Parties vary in size and ideas – some will hold a masquerade ball, others a garden party with tea lights and nibbles. Whatever you decide, bring in the new year in a style to match your elegance and beauty with simply stunning party plates, finger food platters and cocktail plates. You’ll be glad you added that something special to your table.

5 gold champagne glasses with bronze stems for new year tableware with a pink background with shimmering lights.
New Year tableware with a pink glass platter with bronze handles and appetisers on pink glass canape spoons.
New Year tableware with a rectangular pink charger plate Samy with 2 canape spoons with glitter jelly
Party table setting for New Year's with 3 pink canape spoons with glitter jelly bites on a pink serving tray.
Pink New Year's Party Table Setting with gold champagne glasses, an elegant ice bucket with champagne and a charger plate with canape spoons with jello shots.

Celebrate like Royalty with luxury New Year tableware.

Champagne has always been synonymous with luxury and celebrating. On New Year’s Eve, you’ll want both. As you pop the cork and pour the bubbly goodness, your heart will fill with love and joy. Continue the celebratory tradition of drinking champagne, which originated in the royal courts of Europe, and drink to new beginnings. Keep the abundance and joy flowing cold with the adorable Sharmi, a 4litre capacity champagne ice bucket. Sharmi is a lovely cream glass ice bucket with two shiny bronze handles. She stands 26cm tall, on a hand cast and hand polished bronze pedestal, with a diameter of 27cm. Add Kassi, a sensational champagne glass – the only champagne glass in the market which sits on a handcrafted and polished bronze stem! Studded with a glass gem in soft shell pink, Sharmi feels solid and heavy in your hand; you just know you’re holding something valuable. Kassi has a diameter of 8.2cm, a capacity of 170mls and stands at 27.5cm tall. Be feminine, be sassy and enjoy your little bit of luxury with Sharmi and Kassi! They are designed with style and refinement and they will bring an extra delicate touch of sophistication to your event!

Cocktails and finger food platters– life is grand!

Your guests have arrived, they’re enjoying a cocktail and nibbling on some delectable finger food served on amazing finger food platters. You’ve provided a stylish visual addition to your canapes by displaying them on Pheni, a delightful finger food platter. Pheni is a 42cm diameter, magnificent serving tray, in soft shell pink with bronze handles. Perfect for your New Year’s Eve party, Pheni can also be used for a romantic breakfast in bed or accenting your coffee table. You’ll love having this piece in your home decor set!

Canape spoons made for the perfect balance of flavour and texture – Jelly Shots

Showcase your style this New Year’s Eve by jelly shots on canape spoons. This unique party tableware consists of canape spoons just made for tasty little morsels. Ola is a small soft shell pink 8cm long and 4cm wide canape spoon which adds a touch of chic to your party. At 10cm long and 5cm wide, Xen is slightly bigger and her turtledove cream colour plays a major role on the table when it comes to event organisation! You will make your guests feel special when you present them with an array of fun, elegant and tasty jelly shots on Ola and Xen. Both are rare finds!

Appetisers, Canapes and Hors d’oeuvres! oh my!

Champagne or cocktails – you’ve planned an amazing night to celebrate and want to include a mouth-watering selection of appetisers. The charming soft shell pink colour of the Samy charger plate with shiny bronze handles is available in our own vivid Vivace design. She is 28cm long, 20cm wide and 2.5cm high. Or you may prefer Darle. She’s delightful, feminine and sophisticated! Darle is a small petit fours plate, 14.5cm in diameter and 5cm tall, also in sweet soft shell pink. The delicate velvet cushion she sits on is removable, allowing you to use Darle in the dishwasher. Your guests will enjoy your bite sized selection of delectable goodies, will be amazed by your sophisticated sense of style and will feel special that you went to such an effort for them!

Get your party mood on and say hello to the New Year

Don’t sit around wondering what to do this New Year’s Eve. Don’t wait to be invited to someone else’s party. Throw your own amazing and elegant party this year with these lovely party plates and party tableware! Get your party mood on, your party dress on and say hello to the New Year. You’ll be admired by your guests as the best host and everyone will be talking about the best party ever for years to come!


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