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A Glass Cake Stand For A Pavlova – It’s Her Throne!

Different luxurious glass cake stands and cake display stands with bronze pedestals with cakes, a Pavlova, lamingtons and petit fours.

A simple homemade tea cake or elaborately decorated chocolate sponge cake served on a glass cake stand – cakes have always been synonymous with celebration.

Pavlova, Lamingtons or an amazing carrot cake with brown butter cream cheese icing, your cakes will look stunning on one of our glass cake stands. Why not bake up a storm and serve a variety of different cakes to your guests!

Woman offering a dark blue cake display stand with a Pavlova with berries
Fairytale modern 3 tier glass cake stand with a bronze stand in the shape of a twisting tree branch.
Woman decorating a naked cake on a light blue glass cake stand with a bronze pedestal.
The Gane light blue cake display stand with bronze feet and lamingtons decorated with raspberries.
Small navy blue glass cake stand with a bronze pedestal with a petit four decorated with a yellow pansy on a red table runner.

Creating a Great First Impression Is a Piece of Cake!

It is easy to make your heavenly cakes look effortlessly beautiful with Crys! She is your glass cake stand in deep night blue and our own royal Venetian Filigree pattern on a handmade bronze pedestal. Mastering a great first impression has never been so easy. It’s a piece of cake with Crys!

A Glass Cake Stand for One Bite Wonders

Why not bake some one-bite wonders for a decadent dessert option and serve them on Musi! Your table will look gorgeous with this sculpted hand polished bronze pedestal cake stand. Each of its removable glass plates is hued in magnificent deep night blue and adorned with a Filigree pattern. You’ll feel extra special when you host your Cake Day celebration with the Musi glass cake stand adorned with scrumptiously tempting bite-sized cakes!

Festive Cake, Tart or Pie anyone?

The beautiful Aige blue platter, placed on a shiny bronze hand cast stand, is a great way to present your baking achievements on Cake Day. Aige is the perfect glass cake stand for a festive cake, tart or pie. Create a signature event or an unforgettable party using this spectacular platter!

Cake and Bubbles? Don’t Mind if I Do…..

With Pauli and Gane in your treasure trove, your Cake Day event will be something to behold! Present your friends with an exquisite cake, accompanied by some bubbly wine! Pauli is in gorgeous deep night blue and Gane comes in light dawn blue. These stunning glass cake stands are adorned with our Venetian Filigree design and rest on shiny handmade bronze supports. Both are magic!

Sinless Bites to Hypnotise!

If you prefer, you can hypnotise your guests by presenting one of the life’s greatest pleasures – yummy cakes on a cupcake stand with a pedestal! But Miranda can also flawlessly present a variety of other desserts such as macaroons and petit fours. Miranda is a blue footed cupcake stand, decorated with our royal Venetian Filigree pattern. It sits on a hand-polished bronze pedestal. Enjoy every sinless bite!

Your Perfect Excuse to Entertain with Delightful Cakes

Don’t worry about whether the Pavlova is Kiwi or Aussie. Just enjoy it and many other delectable cakes, bite-size nibbles and scrumptious deserts on Cake Day. Create an event to remember while adding some amazing glass cake stands to your collection that will bring you and your guests’ enjoyment for many years to come. No one needs an excuse to entertain with delightful cakes, but if ever there was one, Cake Day is it!


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