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Gift Ideas For Mum Made With Love, Gifted With Love!

A lovely brunch table setting for Mother's Day!

Looking for gift ideas for mum that are as unique as she is? AnnaVasily introduces to you a unique set of Mother’s Day gifts. Prepare a brunch for your mum at home and display your cookery on an array of unique presents, which are all handmade!  These gifts will not only highlight your sophisticated nature but also they will brighten her day and show that you know that your mother is a gracious gift! A gift that keeps on giving!

Your amazing chocolate mud cake will take your guests’ breath away when served on Deana cake stand. Deana is a lovely cake stand hued in cream color adorned with our Filigree pattern on a bronze support. Your visitors will be captivated and you will feel charmed by the Deana cake stand!
You’ve baked another prefect pavlova and it looks amazing topped with whipped cream and freshly sliced kiwi fruit. Duan is a lovely way to display your talents! A cake display stand in cream, Duan is decorated with our royal Venetian Filigree pattern and sits on a bronze pedestal. Enjoy the compliments you will receive from your guests when you serve your pavlova on Duan!
For a truly mesmerizing experience, gently arrange your cupcakes’ on the captivating Amel cupcake tree stand! Amel is a charming cupcake stand with a tree shaped hand cast bronze base on three tiers. Each plate is tinted in turtledove metallic cream and is adorned with our Filigree pattern. Impress your girlfriends with your exceptional sense of creativity and style for a guaranteed great time!
Break your routine and your usual table setting with this extraordinary fruit platter. Zahra is a leaf shaped fruit platter in cream with light dawn blue highlights. Add Zahra to your interior accessories and you will feel proud to display a delightful selection of fresh fruits at your next party.
Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you serve a selection of organic nuts, fruits and seeds from around the world! Hele is a nut bowl caddy with three lovely glass bowls, in soft cream, accessorized with our gentle Lace pattern. The complete set is held together with a loop handle! You’ll be remembered not only as a host with exceptional style, but as one who knows how to serve!
Creating a gorgeous flower arrangement is easy when your bouquet is displayed in our Thais glass vase. Thais is a turtledove cream glass vase having a hand polished bronze base. Make an impressive flower arrangement with Thais to warmly welcome your guests into your home!
Modern champagne glass, set of 2 $149 Metallic CreamPale PinkLight Blue MetallicDark Navy Blue save more with our quantity discounts Add To Cart Buying Gaby will gift you 1,200 points. Anna's Story Gift Box Packaging Testimonials Quality Help DESCRIPTION NOTES & INFORMATION Imagine Gaby, in the hands of your guests, while you work the room to ensure a successful event! Gaby is an exceptional modern champagne glass on a hand polished bronze stem, adorned with a cream coloured glass gem. You’ll be remembered as a host with style when you entertain your guests with Gaby!
Elegant champagne ice bucket, 1 piece $469 Light Blue MetallicCoral Rose Gold save more with our quantity discounts Add To Cart Buying Daka will gift you 3,900 points. Anna's Story Gift Box Packaging Testimonials Quality Help DESCRIPTION NOTES & INFORMATION Bring a sense of romance to an evening drink or your next champagne party with Daka. A lovely champagne ice bucket, Daka comes in a beautiful combination of delicious cream with light dawn blue colour accents. She is complete with two hand crafted bronze handles. Impress your guests with Daka!

Cake Stands Which Are as Unique as She Is

All that we are and all that we ever hope to be is thanks to our darling mothers! They deserve the best, especially on Mother’s Day! Cherish this unique friendship and show her how much you love her and care for her by gifting her a handmade cake stand!

Any delectable pastry or cake would look astonishing when served on Deana and Duan cake stands. These breathtaking stands come in a cream colour and are adorned with a unique Filigree pattern atop a bronze pedestal. Deana is 24.5 cm in diameter and 15.5 cm in height while Duan is 30 cm in diameter and 20.5 cm in height.These magnificent cake stands are the perfect gift ideas for mum, especially if your mother loves baking. She is bound to receive tons of compliments from her guests when she serves her delicious Pavlovas, Lamingtons and other tasty cakes on these handmade beauties.

Amel is a cute cupcake tree stand on which your mother can arrange her cupcakes. This cupcake stand has a delicate tree-shaped hand cast bronze base on three tiers. Amel is 35 cm in length, 13 cm in width, 31.5 cm in height and each little cake plate is intricately adorned in our Filigree pattern and tinted in turtledove metallic cream colour. Seeing your mother happy will make you happy, so embrace her in love and kindness on this special day!

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Graceful Tableware Gift Ideas for Mum – Delicate Fruit Platter & Nut Bowl Caddy

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever. Surround your mother with affection and warmth on Mother’s Day and share the love by gifting her a charming fruit platter.

Zahra is a unique handmade leaf-shaped fruit platter which comes in cream and light dawn blue highlights. This unique fruit platter is 61.5 cm in length and 23 cm in width and is absolutely mesmerizing!

Combine Zahra with Hele. Hele, is a delicate nut bowl caddy accompanied by three lovely glass bowls. The bowls are patterned in a soft cream Lace pattern and the caddy is held together with a gentle loop metal handle. Hele is 31 cm in length, 14 cm in height and 6 cm in width. These mesmerizing handmade tableware brunch accessories, found in the best hotels worldwide, will be the helping hand to her becoming an exceptional and stylish hostess who truly knows how to surprise and treat her guests!

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Mother’s Day Wonder – Flowers in a Flower Vase

Flowers are the music of the ground – unique, delicate and wonderful, just like our mothers. Needless to say that on their special day, mothers deserve a whole garden of blooming flowers to match their calm and colourful nature. Present your mum with an elegant bouquet of white carnations inside Thais, a gracefully handmade flower vase. Thais is a glass vase which comes in a turtledove cream colour and a hand polished bronze base. It is 20 cm in diameter and 32 cm in height with an intricate rim which looks like a flower in itself. It is the perfect gift which will brighten any home with its warmly displayed flower arrangements, especially if your mother adores flowers!

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Toast To a Magical Day With Elegant Champagne Glasses and Champagne Bucket

Happiness is toasting with champagne on a sunny day spent with your mum. Toasting to health, to happiness and to balance. An elegant gift that your mother would appreciate is a set of 2 one-of-a-kind champagne glasses accompanied by a champagne bucket.

Gaby is a set of charming and modern champagne glasses atop hand polished bronze stems, adorned with a cream coloured glass gem. This is the heaviest, most beautiful champagne flute in the market! It is 8.2 cm in diameter and 27.5 cm in height with an intricate and divine design.

Daka, on the other hand, is a unique champagne ice bucket coloured in cream with light dawn blue colour accents and complete with two handcrafted bronze handles. These amazing gift ideas for mum will be the highlight of her gatherings, as she thinks of you every time she cheers to incredible moments and memories spent with her friends.

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Our mothers are the ones to help us up whenever we fall, protect us, advise us and love us unconditionally. Show her your appreciation by giving her a kiss, a praise and a well-thought-out handmade gift for her home!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible, loving and graceful mothers in the world!

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