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Bloom With Grace This Season With Floral Decorative Plates

A floral tablescape with lots of greenery and elegant floral decorative plates by AnnaVasily.

You know that feeling inside? The one that’s just waiting to burst out? That’s your inner goddess and she wants to be released! Every woman has an inner goddess.

In ancient times, Goddesses such as Aphrodite, Athena and Artemis were worshipped and revered for their beauty and boldness. In more recent times, the concept of being a Goddess is centred around women being comfortable with who they are and enjoying being the Goddess of their world.

A Goddess walks her path with passion, purpose, and possibility. She doesn’t think of herself as above others but is at peace with herself and values herself. She designs her own destiny! Such a Goddess designs her spring dinner set up in no other way but with floral decorative plates.

Spring table with moss and flowers with a pink floral decorative plate.
A place setting with a floral decorative plate surrounded by moss and flowers.
Place setting with a large blue decorative floral plate, surrounded by lots of moss and flowers.
A floral tablescape with moss and a pink floral decorative plate with a folded napkin.

Floral Decorative Plates. Your next dinner party.

Listen to your inner goddess and present an elegant fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home with decorative charger plates from AnnaVasily. Each plate is designed with a natural form rim, is 31cm in diameter and is perfect for home dining with class.

Kia is in soft shell pink and our own lively Vivace pattern. Your guests will be honoured to be on the invitee list as you gain a reputation for hosting high-quality dinner parties! Adorn your table with Kia or decorate for a sophisticated dining experience with Doli! Doli is a decorative charger plate in delicious cream colour and our floral Chrysanthemum pattern. Your guests will leave feeling elated and you will be thrilled to have provided them with an exceptional dinner party experience!

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Entertain with this gorgeous Mary plate which comes in a terrific rich palette of gentle colours. Create an unforgettable dinner party, serving salad dishes, desserts, or cold bites, all these looking perfect on our unique Mary plate!

You will delight everyone if you choose the gorgeous Liv dawn blue charger plate, decorated with our delicate Vivace pattern. Create an unforgettable party, serving a manner of luscious foods, perfectly presented on top of the unique Liv charger plate!

Your inner goddess also understands that hosting the perfect dinner party is not only about the food! Dress your table to impress with our Dita cameo rose charger plate. Your guests will be telling their friends about your exceptional entertainment skills when you add Dita to your collection!

Radiate your inner light!

While each plate comes with its own charm, they all have one thing in common – class, style and unforgettable beauty, just like a Goddess! This spring, enjoy the blossoms while hosting a garden party with friends and family. Make it an event to remember and let your inner light shine with these special pieces in your home.

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