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Elegant Dinner Plates for A Fundraiser Dinner Party

Elegant dinner sets and dinner plates, rose gold bread basket and napkin ring

Invite your friends and family at a fundraiser dinner party, hosted by you! Leave your guests speechless with a set of elegant dinner plates accompanied by napkin rings and bread baskets. Prepare an elegant table setting for a noble cause! Adorn the table with some gorgeous table accessories and create an elegant atmosphere to be remembered!


Rose gold elegant dinner plates with bronze handles on a white tablecloth with gold silverware.
Closeup of a glass condiment caddy with 5 small bowls as an elegant table accessory.
Elegant dinner sets from glass by AnnaVasily on a table with a white tablecloth and napkin with a napkin ring
Elegant Table Decorations - A glass bread basket with a brown metal handle on an elegant table.

The Foundations of a Well-Set Table

Any elegant table starts with the perfect charger plate. Nora is a timelessly fashionable rose gold charger plate, decorated with shiny bronze handles and a swirling floral pattern. Nora’s design forgoes the traditional round form for a modern rectangular shape that will make your table setting much more dynamic and interesting.

Give Your Guests a Delicious Choice

As a host, your main goal is to keep your guest happy and at any event the food takes a central place. You can present your guests with a selection of spices or condiments in the wonderfully irregular spice holder Camil. The handmade Camil set of 2 comes in off-white and has 5 small bowls with an organic shape that will bring  artisan element on your table.

Napkin Rings Are the Cherry on Top

You’ve already chosen the perfect elegant dinner plates, but don’t forget the finishing touches! We’re talking about napkin rings, of course, and the Vali set is a prime example of understated elegance. With a classic beige colour and delicate floral motifs, Vali ties the whole place setting together.

A Surprising Element

Beyond designing an sophisticated place setting, you still have plenty of room to get creative with your table. Offer bread in the Candy bread basket, that makes a charming accent at any event. Made from glass with a lace pattern in beige, Candy sports a comfortable loop handle and everyone will be delighted to use it. But don’t let its intended function limit you, you can use this basket to serve small desserts, other delicacies or even fill it with flowers to turn it into a mini centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!

Elegant Dinner Plates for a Cause

Organizing the perfect fundraiser party can be a daunting undertaking, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative with your dinnerware and demonstrate your eye for detail and abilities as a host. Show your guests how important the cause is for you by treating them to an elegant event!

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