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Elegant Cocktail Party Tableware With a Sparkle of Modern Navy Blue

Navy blue elegant cockatil party tableware on a table - a big dessert platter with appetisers with 3 matching rectangular plates with celery sticks wrapped in bacon.

For your elegant cocktail party, delicately arrange some fancy appetizers on the AnnaVasily platters for a truly classy effect. Enjoy the bewilderment and fascination of your guests and get ready to receive well-deserved compliments on your exceptional taste! The Modern Navy Blue colour palette is inspired by the enchanting magic of a dark and mysterious night, full of secrets and surprises!

Closeup of a navy blue elongated platter with matte gold tear dropapetizer spoons with appetizers in them.
Matte gold tear drop appetiser spoon with an appetiser in it on a navy blue dessert platter with a floral pattern.
Cocktail party tableware with a modern petit four stand with a hexagonal metal ring and a gold plate with a petit four on it, on a navy blue dessert platter.

What’s elegant cocktail party tableware without stunning dessert platters?

Nelly is a dessert platter, 50cm in length and 18cm wide.  She sits on glass feet in deep night blue with our glorious Vivace pattern. Serve a variety of heavenly treats to delight your friends’ senses!

Use a gorgeous dessert spoon to add an extra touch of class.

Add a touch of class when serving small cocktail bites or savoury spreads topped with caviar! Zen is a small dark doe brown dessert spoon 10cm long and 5cm wide. At your next elegant cocktail party, delight your guests with finger foods on Zen!

Small stand with a big impact!

Kiss is a small cake stand with a bronze metal ring and a glass plate in matte gold and our delicate Vivace pattern. She is 20cm long, 9.5cm wide and 8cm high. The perfect size for small petit fours. Own the Kiss petit fours stand and you can create a spectacular event!

Your elegant cocktail party will be amazing when you entertain with Nelly, Zen and Kiss.  Get ready, send out the invites and enjoy!

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