Artisan Dishes for a Stylish Women's Day Table | AnnaVasily

Artisan Dishes - The Women Behind the Plates

6 women presenting 6 different artisan dishes on 6 colourful backgrounds.

In AnnaVasily we “do” the dishes every day, and on this Woman’s day we present them to you, to celebrate the flawless and beautiful presence of every special woman in your life with a gift that will be treasured forever. In AnnaVasily we have a word to describe uniqueness and it is “precious”. Created by hand, made with love. Perfectly, imperfect!

Tableware designer Anna holding the Rita brown dessert platter by AnnaVasily for Woman's Day.
Girl with ombre hair holding a pink square charger plate Sammy by AnnaVasily
Girl dressed in black with black hair and bangs holding a designer dinner plate Vossi by AnnaVasily with a yellow background.
Blond woman with short curled hair holding a mint green fan-shaped tapas plate like a fan.
2 women on different coloured backgrounds, holding artisan dishes by AnnaVasily

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