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5 Unique Dessert Plates for a Decadent Chocolate Day

Brown floral dessert plates by AnnaVasily with fancy chocolate bonbons on a moody table setting with matching brown pedestal bowls.

5 reasons to enjoy chocolate today!

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for many; A forbidden fruit that tempts us to sin all too often. It was this sin that God of Wind and Wisdom, Quetzalcoatl from Mesoamerican literature was cast away by the other gods for; the sin of sharing chocolate with humans. Actually, the Latin name for the cocoa tree – Theobroma – literally means “food of the Gods”. But to unlock desire you need first to captivate the eye. The brain desires what the eye longs for. Present your chocolate dessert in a way that is worthy of Gods themselves.

Unique dessert plates in the shape of a flower with a bronze with chocolate truffles.
Brown footed ice cream bowls used as dessert plates with chocolate mousse.
dessert plates-Brown bowl on a bronze base with chocolate dessert in it in jungle decor
The Lydi brown sushi plate set used as a unique dessert plate with chocolate sauce in the soy bowl and a piece of chocolate cake.
Brown floral dessert plates by AnnaVasily with fancy chocolate bonbons on a moody table setting with matching brown pedestal bowls.

Enhance your chocolate presentation by displaying your treats on intricate metallic coloured dessert plates. We have many to choose from but 5 stand out:


Vel. Some desserts just need to stay higher than others. Vel is the temple for petit-fours and chocolate bites. Fascinate guests while they reach with delight for a chocolate bite. Vel is 25cm high with 20 removable tiny flower plates. The base is handcrafted and hand polished and is made of bronze alloy. An exceptional table centrepiece!


Kiera. Did you know that glass is an element that is liquid on the inside? Exactly like your hot lava cakes presented on the Kiera footed dessert bowl. Dip Kalie, your glass spoon, into the hot chocolate and have a bite. Look no further for chocolate therapy!


Lydi. She will bring your chocolate presentation to the next level with her glass boat bowl to be filled with precious chocolate sauce for dipping fresh strawberries in. The accompanying dipping bowl sits securely in an indent specifically designed for this purpose. Enjoy showing off your sublime hosting skills at your next event with Lydi in your collection!

No4 and 5.

Jane and Brooke. These are dessert plates to support your cake presentation. No matter if you choose fluffy or mousse cake – they know what to do because they were made for them!


So there you go… 5 reasons to get chocolate-wasted on Chocolate Day. Plating chocolate desserts was never so exciting and delightful.

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