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Magical Christmas With A Coral Dinner Set & Dinnerware

AnnaVasily's tableware designer Anna setting the table for Christmas with a coral dinner set.

You’ve seen the colourful baubles and bells already start to pop up in your favourites shops, so this year we’re showing you how to extend the colour of the season onto your dining table with our coral dinner set. When there’s no snow to be seen, why stick to traditional red? Break the mould and update your Christmas lunch with our coral dinnerware plates to create fresh memories with your favourite people.

Beige sushi platter from a coral dinner set on an elegant white tablecloth wih gold wine glasses and a beige trifle bowl with a bronze pedestal.
Woman's hands putting a napkin on a plate from a coral dinner set on a table decorated for Christmas with gold cutlery
Napkin in a napkin ring with 2 glass gems on top of a coral dinner set.
Beige trifle bowl Mardi with a bronze pedestal on a table with a coral dinner set and gold accents.
Place setting with a coral dinner set and quirky gold cutlery for a Christmas table.

Sun, Sand and Sushi

In a country synonymous with a hot beach or bush Christmas, serving up Sushi will cool the climate no matter where you are. Break the metaphorical ice as your family arrives with your favourite fresh ingredients served up on our Polly platters. With their delicious cream colour, softly raised rim and our own lattice Venetian Filigree pattern, they are the perfect set to compliment your coral pink plates.

Kicking it off with a Coral Dinner Set: Kylie & Maia

You may have had her CD playing over the past couple of years, but this time we’re not talking about the ‘Kylie’ you watched on Neighbours. It’s time to move on to the Michael Bublé of dinner plates with our very own Kylie collection. Kylie is a round dish with a splash of cameo rose on top of champagne colour. This plate is what will tie in your creams to your corals and hold the colour theme together – a must-have for creating this coral dinner set look.

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Maia is a cute round coral pink side plate with elevated rim and soft cream highlights. These plates will be what brings that real pop of coral to your table and turns into that fresh new feel you’ve been working for.

The Grace of Graci.

To add a true touch of grace to your new coral dinner set, adorn your best napkin set with our Graci. Graci is a napkin holder with two round turtledove cream coloured glass gems, tied with a velvet ribbon. Each guest at your Christmas lunch will appreciate the delicate details you’ve taken into account to create this special day for them as they untie their ribbon, ready to tuck into the feast that awaits.

Make it a Memory with Mardy

We all know that Christmas calories don’t count, so enjoy it as you deserve to. Perfect for your favourite ice cream or sorbet, Mardy is a cream coloured ice cream bowl adorned with our lattice Venetian Filigree pattern on a stem. Don’t limit yourself with what you can serve in this little dish – the possibilities are endless, as are the refills.

As you update your soundtrack and set your table for the big day, Santa and his reindeers won’t want to head off to the next house once they see your spread– they’ll no doubt want to stay for lunch. It might be time to advise him that he needs to update his wardrobe to include a little Coral Pink!


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