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Elegant Dessert Plating Designs for Coffee Cake Day

Top view of table with designer pink tea cups, coffee cake desserts on a glass plate by AnnaVasily and flowers.

The fondest catch ups are always with the closest of friends. On Coffee Cake day they’re even more special with an elegant cake stand and coffee cake desserts and an exciting pack of memories to share.

Rustic Coffee Cake With Berries on a Pink Cake Stand by AnnaVasily
Top view of pink glass coffee cup Urse with coffee and a polaroid picture
Beige glass sugar bowl with a floral pattern, filled with brown sugar.
Chocolate cake with white frosting on a beige glass dessert plate with a floral pattern.

Cake tray and tea cups to adore!

Dicra, our soft shell pink cake tray has a diameter of 27.5cm and is 4cm tall. It is adorned with our royal Venetian Filigree design and sits on shiny handcrafted bronze supports. Also in pink, Urse is a pair of 5.3cm tall glass tea cups with saucers in our own Vivace design. With both, your party will sparkle!

The perfect sugar caddy and side plate for your perfect Coffee Cake Desserts.

Continue with our lively Vicace pattern and add a perfect sugar caddy. Preci has 4 compartments and comes in cream.  Alma also comes in cream and our Vivace pattern. Your desserts will taste even more heavenly when served on the Alma side plate!


The perfect way to display your delicious cakes and enjoy a coffee!

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