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Ideas For A Baby Shower Candy Buffet - Tableware Inspiration

Baby Shower Candy buffet with an elegant lollipop stand by Anna Vasily with colourful heart shaped lollipops.

Create a candy buffet! Spoil your Baby Shower guests with irresistible sweets, served in the cutest manner that no one will be able to resist. Glazed cupcakes look absolutely adorable on the chic Anna Vasily stands and while the colourful lollipops will surely grab the attention of your guests. The desserts on the glass platters will disappear in absolutely no time!

Stylish candy buffet high tea stand Truffle in beige and light blue by Anna Vasily with colourful cupcakes.
Candy Buffet Ideas WithBeige Cake Serving Board with Pattern and Bronze Supports by Anna Vasily with a Covered Cake Stand and Cake.
Cupcake stand Vero with a pink cupcake for a baby shower candy buffet.

Create your very own candy buffet with the help of this extraordinary high tea stand, serving tray and small stand.


Hosting a baby shower is a lovely way to entertain. Your guests will feel like a kid in a candy store with the help of the Truffle high tea stand. With highlights of cream and splashes of light dawn blue, Truffle stands at 23cm tall.


Let your guests know it’s time to celebrate with cakes! Alen is a gorgeous square serving tray 30cm by 30cm, sitting on bronze supports. In a delicious cream colour with our Delicate Lace pattern, Alen is perfect for your party!


Vero is a small stand in a pearly white colour. Decorated with our Venetian Filigree pattern, Vero rests on a bronze hand cast pedestal and is covered with a tall glass cloche with a handmade handle. Your baby shower will be even more special when you add Vero!


Creating an amazing candy buffet for your baby shower will be a piece of cake with Truffle, Alen and Vero.  They will also be a lovely addition to any stylish party!

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