A Sailboat Tablescape for a Romantic Anniversary I AnnaVasily

Nautical Vibes at Your Anniversary With a Sailboat Tablescape

A sailboat tablescape with a blue dinner set, a beige blue champagne bucket, 2 champagne glasses and a light blue jewelry box.

Deep as the blue sea, high as the blue sky – a blue dinner set that’s meant to last forever.  Sail away this wedding anniversary and escape into romantic bliss.   Once you’re officially married you want to commemorate your wonderful time together on your wedding anniversary!  This year, why not do something extra special to celebrate your distinctive connection and love for each other.

Discover this blue dinner set, inspired by endless love! It’s a magical blue table setting accompanied by blue platters. It’s unique designer tableware, a blue dinner set to sail away – magic in the making!


A luxury light blue dinner set Blair with a Mediterranean dish and knife and fork for a sailboat table setting.
Elegant champagne bucket with bronze handles and a bottle of champagne with 2 champagne glasses from a blue dinner set.
Sailboat table setting with a blue dinner set and a glass jewelry box made to look like a bento box with a fancy watch.
A sailboat table setting with a blue dinner set and a matching finger food platter with spiral handles Blona.
Sailboat table setting with a blue dinner set featuring 2 champagne glasses, a blue jewelry box and a an elegant beige champagne bucket with champagne.

Dawn Blue Dinner Plates and Champagne. Its Magic!

You are now ready to try a new menu to impress your spouse for your special dinner party for two! The unique Blair dinner set plate will help bring your imagination to life! Blair is a round plate, with a dimension of 25.5cm in our royal “Venetian Filigree” design over a lovely light dawn blue colour. Your partners’ love will overflow when you add Blair to your dinnerware collection!

Of course, you’ll want to bring a sense of romance to your evening drink with Daka and Amar. A lovely champagne ice bucket, Daka comes in a beautiful combination of delicious cream with light dawn blue colour accents and Amar is a mesmerising tall elegant champagne glass on a hand polished bronze stem. Daka is complete with two handcrafted bronze handles and sits at 28.8cm tall and Amar has a piece of light dawn blue glass gem for classy decoration. Impress with Daka and Amar. Gentle and elegant, this sophisticated ice bucket and champagne glass are the perfect way for you to demonstrate your admirable taste and love for each other!

The Bento Box. Perfect Table Accessory.

Continue to surprise your significant other for your anniversary with this stunning table accessory inspired by Japanese cuisine. Hana is a glass bento box in light dawn blue colour adorned with our luxurious Chrysanthemum pattern. Hana has a loop handle and a beautiful lid on the top compartment with a plated gold handle. Place Hana on the table for your classy boat party and capture attention!

Blue Platter with Handles. That’s Blona.

Add to your exclusive presentation and your cooking expertise with the darling Blona blue platter. Blona is an exquisite finger food platter with handles in light dawn blue with our curvy “Vivace” pattern. She is 40cm long and 30cm wide. Imagine how beautiful your delicious finger food will look when delightfully arranged on Blona!

Celebrate Romance

Now that you have this amazing blue dinner set in your collection, we know you can’t wait to organise your romantic getaway for two!  Whether you choose to sail away or present your delicacies on this wonderful blue table setting in a different romantic location, your life together will only blossom more. Make magic happen!

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