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A Glass Bento Box to Celebrate the Magic of Spring

3 beautiful glass bento boxes in soft beige, light blue and pastel pink with cherry blossom branches on the background

Spring has arrived! Open your glass bento box and host a Japanese inspired Cherry Blossom Festival at home! Japanese cherry blossoms are a timeless metaphor of human existence –  a reminder not to take for granted our family, friends, a stranger’s smile, a child’s laugh, new flavours on our plate or the scent of freshly cut green grass. With their short blooming time, cherry blossoms prompt us to pay attention, stay in the moment and appreciate everything that comes.

We have selected precious items, inspired by the Japanese culture, to enrich your home collection. These unique jewel-like designer bento boxes will help you recreate the perfect spring atmosphere for your own garden party.


Beautiful 3 compartment glass bento box with floral pattern in pastel pink with cherry blossom branches on the background
Beautiful 3 compartment blue glass bento box with floral pattern with cherry blossom branches on the background
Beige glass bento box Harper with 3 compartments with a floral pattern and a loop handle with cherry blossoms in the background.
Fan shaped pink charger plate with a floral pattern held up by a woman's hand with cherry blossoms in the background.

We love Japanese cuisine and that’s why we have a collection of 3 beautiful glass bento boxes in complimentary colours. With 3 compartments for a sophisticated presentation, they are 21 x 11.5cm with a height of 20.5cm. Inspired by women for women, these objects have special value and can be used for more than food. They can, of course, be part of your delightful table setting, they can be used to strengthen your internal goddess in the bedroom to treasure your jewellery or they can be proudly presented as a decorative tray in the living room with an aromatic potpourri and candle arrangement.

Designer Glass Bento Box Collection – Or Is It a Jewelry Box?

A traditional bento box holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, but with our selection you have the flexibility to let your imagination go wild! When you choose between Kaly, Hana or Harper and you’re choosing between soft shell pink, light dawn blue and turtle dove cream.  They each have a lid with a handcrafted bronze knob along with a metal loop carry handle.

Let your creative juices flow at your next Japanese inspired party with Kaly, place Hana on the table of your garden party and capture everyone’s attention and you’ll be happy knowing you are presenting a unique style when entertaining with Harper!

These glass bento boxes are so lovely, you might even want to use them as a unique jewelry box or a fancy trinket box. Brighten up your decor by displaying Kaly, Hana or Harper on your nightstand for a delicate accent in the room.

Charger Plate

Add to your Japanese theme by bringing Judy to the table. Present enticing hors d’oeuvres on Judy, our pink charger plate. Judy is a lovely charger plate in a soft shell pink with our delicate “Vivace” pattern with a full width of 41cm. Judy is inspired by the Japanese geisha fans and is specially designed to enrich your feminine table setting.

Enhance Your Tender Feelings for Spring!

It’s Cherry Blossom time and what better way to let your refined style will shine through with your choice of tableware and accessories. You will be the one blooming with beauty, compliments will flow and your party will be the highlight of the spring season!

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