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A Fantasy Afternoon Tea Dispaly for A Pint-Sized Host!

Afternoon Tea Display with modern Afternoon Tea stand Deu. Ginger little girl in front of dessert bites.

Children love to pretend and with our beautiful afternoon tea stands they can learn important social skills by hosting their very own “adult” spring high tea party! What better way to enhance their developmental growth than allowing them to fully embrace their creativity and developing their sensitivity for style.

Growing up with class is fun so let them be their adorable selves while generating some excitement at the same time. Be the best mum ever and organise an upmarket spring afternoon tea party with yours and your girlfriend’s kids.

Are you in need of beautiful spring tea party inspiration? These modern afternoon tea stands and cake stands for a classy presentation in soft complementary colours will certainly help. It is such a stylish collection that will bring your spring garden alive!


Redheaded little girl behind the round Afternoon Tea Stand Deu by AnnaVasily with small desserts for a High Tea doll party.
Round Afternoon Tea stand Olim by AnnaVasily with pink meringue kisses on a white windowsill with trea leaves seen outside.
Redheaded little girl behind a table with an Afternoon Tea display with flowers and small gold cake stand with a pedestal with chocolate cake.
Redheaded little girl dressed in white holding a rectangular petit fours plate with 3 petit fours.
Afternoon Tea Display with different Afternoon Tea stands and dessertsfor a Spring Afternoon Tea party by AnnaVasily.

Afternoon Tea Stands

For your kids to be great hosts, they’ll need Deu and Olim at their disposal. Two of the most gorgeous and modern high tea stands, they will add a touch of chic style to your tea party. Deu is a large metal stand with four levels. Each glass shelf is in a sparkling champagne colour decorated with our retro Sixties pattern. Alternately, Olim is a three-tier high tea stand with each glass level tinted in cream with the pretty Mosaic pattern. Laden with little sandwiches, scones, pastries and tarts, these high tea stands will make a divine centrepiece on your table!

Afternoon Tea Display With Cake Stands and Petit Four Plates

Add some lovingly baked little cupcakes and slices to your party and they’ll look gorgeous on the Uriel cake display stand. Uriel is an exquisite cake stand in turtledove cream colour and adorned with our Lace pattern. You’ll be delighted when you hear the parents of your kids’ friends shower you with compliments because you allowed your children to entertain with Uriel!

What better way to complete your table setting than with the Rica or Chico petit fours stand and plate. Rica is a petit fours stand with a brass stem and Chico is a petit fours plate with glass supports. Both are decorated in cream with our playful Venetian Filigree pattern.

The small bite-sized confectionery or savoury appetisers you serve will amaze your guests at your children’s or your next tea party! Feel proud knowing you are an exceptional host who creates memorable events in your own home!

One lump or two?

Whether you’re hosting a picnic with the fairies or an adult style afternoon tea party celebration, let AnnaVasily help make your event complete! Set the trend and show you are the best mum by encouraging your children to hold their very own high tea party this spring, or host one yourself for your girlfriends, family and loved ones. It’s now even easier to impress with these amazing pieces in your collection.

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